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Why surveillance?

White on rice.

When we think surveillance, we think of the investigator being on top of the person of interest, not letting that person out of his sight. 850 more words


Communication Between Server and Client

Probably one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of service of process is communication.

It all starts with the basics. The client reaches out to us, requesting service on an individual or a business. 485 more words


What if we can't get a paper served?

We are not perfect.

Not every single paper we receive is going to get successfully served. Therefore, it is necessary to explore alternate routes when we run into problems. 14 more words


It's not a pizza.

Who enjoys have documents served on them? My best guess is no one.

This being said, the role of a process server is one that needs to be scrutinized by clients before they assign jobs to be served. 328 more words



We are not stalkers.

Sometimes, people have the misconception that process servers stalk individuals to try and obtain service or go on wild goose chases to create an encounter. 739 more words


Serving in a Gated Community

Did you know that, by law, those working at the entrances of gated communities must grant process servers entry to the property?

According to Florida Statute 48.081 (7), “ 75 more words


It's a constitutional right (to be notified).

We don’t serve papers for fun, and being threatened is less than enjoyable.

If someone is being sued, he/she has a right to know. What recipients of service of process fail to sometimes understand is that process servers are in no way, shape, or form involved in the said case. 106 more words