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Pro Digital: Investigative Solutions

November 9, 2015

Pro Digital: Investigative Solutions

Regular readers of this blog know that my professional experience and expertise started in the investigative realm. Ever since I first got interested in law enforcement, I wanted to be an investigator and I’ve been fortunate enough to not only see that goal to fruition, but to do so in a way that allowed me to be recognized by other investigators and prosecutors repeatedly for high output and excellence in work product. 541 more words

Digital Forensics

The Growing Trend of Relationship Surveillance Investigations

We are living in fast moving world. There has been a noticeable change in our lifestyle with the advent of fast lives. Subsequently our thought process has also been altered with the changing times. 484 more words

Private Investigation

Private Investigators - Where Does their Information Come From?

Some people may not know it, but private investigators are not granted police authority or power. PIs are ordinary individuals just like most of us and their line of duty is gather information required by their client to satisfy a specific legal, employment, credit and other needs. 256 more words

How AMX Detectives Help In Corporate Fraud Control?

White collar crimes in big corporate houses are getting very common. With increased dependence on electronic devices, computers and mobile phones have made committing corporate frauds easy. 278 more words


How Does Adultery Impact Alimony in South Carolina

A spouse who commits adultery in South Carolina is not eligible to receive alimony. The only exception is if the faithful spouse condoned the adultery, meaning that they knew about the affair and allowed it to continue. 189 more words


Elements of Adultery – South Carolina

What constitutes adultery under South Carolina law is open to debate. State law says that the two people involved in the adulterous act must engage in carnal intercourse, but state courts have interpreted this to mean sleeping together or frequent meetings that are intimate in nature. 529 more words


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