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Configuring SSH with putty

Recently i joined a project where i had to access multiple servers. We had almost 20 linux boxes which include Development, QA and production databases. I had to frequently login and out of these servers and entering the username and password everytime has become a pain. 590 more words

What is a Bitcoin Address and How Do You Sign It?

Short Answer: A Bitcoin address is a unique number that “holds” bitcoin currency. You use the address to receive and send bitcoins.

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How to check your SSL private key for bit strength

The command below will allow you to view the contents of the SSL private key, the contents will still be cryptic for most users, but one useful info you can get out of this is the strength of the key (i.e. 41 more words


How to use Bitcoin Key to create offline private keys

The Bitcoin Key app (discussed here) takes the place of rolling dice when creating offline private keys. This is a tutorial of how to use it to create your offline keys. 902 more words


Bitcoin Key app: Better than rolling dice?

As a result of the apparently poor numerical distribution observed rolling my hex dice (see this earlier post), I was inspired to create an app to take the place of hex dice for the purpose of creating off-line Bitcoin private keys. 394 more words



Is Bitcoin really secure? How can we trust in something that is “public”? Well, James D’Angelo has the answer.

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A sender encrypts the data for security with its private key. Comment on its data security

While using Asymmetric cryptography for encryption ( not for digital signature) of data only public key is used. No security if data is encrypted using private key data can be easily decrypted by using public key of same node . 11 more words

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