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It's All In The Public Interest!

Making a spectacle of yourself has become the norm with people sharing their private lives in public.

In 2008 people used to step away to speak privately when they got a call, today they just talk in your face. 390 more words

Human Interest

All The World Is A Stage...or not

School is out and summer is upon us with an abundance of sunshine illuminating time on the beach, paddle board, and bicycle. But the sun is not alone in its illumination. 14 more words

Theatre Trip: Private Lives by Noël Coward

By Percy Eamus

The Oldbury REP Theatre was easier to get to than I thought, eleven minutes from the number 4 bus, on the 120 route and about ten minutes from the rail station. 256 more words

Oldbury Writing Group

Private Lives – Bath Theatre Royal ***

Originally published on Reviews Hub

Noel Coward knocked out Private Lives in just four days, and in the process created one of the great comic plays of the theatre. 610 more words


REVIEW: Private Lives - Theatre Royal, Glasgow

The mere sight of one another from their hotel balconies on their respective honeymoons is enough to tell the previously married Elyot and Amanda that they are still in love. 325 more words


Theatre: Private Lives

This week I went to see Private Lives at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. It had been a very, very long time since I last went to the theatre (the last thing I saw was Dr Faustus at the Citz in 2013… jeez). 480 more words


Review | Private Lives, New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

One of Noel Coward’s most enduring comedies, Private Lives follows the improbable tale of divorced couple Elyot and Amanda, both now re-married to Sybil and Victor respectively, who manage to honeymoon at the same hotel in the South of France, at the same time, and in adjacent rooms. 554 more words