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Wednesday Wisdom - Thinking Words, #26, 2015

During her evening walks with Aggie through the snowy village, Clarice Watkins continued her practice of gazing into lit windows of kitchens and living rooms.  Often she saw people sitting around a table under a hanging lamp, plates and glasses spread out before them like a deck of cards; or she saw the silhouettes of people watching wide-screen television sets on which one bright silent image swiftly replaced another, even battles or conflagrations cheerful-looking in their brevity.  

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When I was six my father became the Provost of Queen’s College and we moved into the Provost’s Lodgings. At that age I had no sense of the privilege implicit in that last sentence. 1,041 more words

Victoria Blake

My diary was once private. So was yours.

Disclaimer: This post does not refer to people who are distraught after suffering abuse and use the internet as a last source of comfort. It refers to the far more numerous who have incrementally been trained by our culture to bring every detail of their lives into the public arena, exposing small grievances as important and almost annihilating the notion of privacy, to their own detriment. 1,499 more words

Who would you rather see in a movie? Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor or Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart?

So just when did people start avoiding movies that starred certain actors or actresses that they couldn’t stand?

1920: Way Down East?  Not interested.  Lillian Gish might be America’s sweetheart, but she’s not mine. 1,337 more words

The thing about online privacy – Part 3

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In most democracies, we go about living our lives without a care in the world – sharing our personal data, views and opinions, photos and videos, joys and fantasies, locations and moods online (some of it instantly). 293 more words


The thing about online privacy – Part 2

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The strange and scary thing is, our online lives are not private. The moment we log on to the internet, various internet companies and even government agencies are tracking us. 350 more words


Coward's way in: Gender roles in "Private Lives"

Listening to: Clair de Lune – Claude Debussy

This weekend, I had the privilege of being able to see a production of Noel Coward’s comedy  919 more words