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Is a Fair Tax the Key to the Kingdom?

Here’s the thing. If we reset to a fair tax (a tax on consumption only) and abolished ALL OTHER TAXES (including tarrifs) this in and of itself would force the reforms on government that I believe to be necessary. 332 more words

This is the smartest, ballsiest response I’ve seen to the omnipresent nonsense about how what’s wrong with philanthropy and charity is that they’re too soft-hearted and how all the problems of the world could be solved if they were just more rigorous and did their “due diligence” and brought other failed concepts and consultant buzzwords over from the for-profit sector. 9 more words


Another place to hear from the Nonprofiteer

The Nonprofiteer has begun tweeting under the name of KellyNFP.  (A.A.Milne: “Winnie the Pooh lived in the forest under the name of Sanders.”  “What does that mean?” asked Christopher Robin.  39 more words


In other words

Another day, another idiotic Top 5 list, this one purporting to identify marketing trends in philanthropy. As it turns out, the list actually identifies what its author believes to be methods of fostering planned giving. 272 more words


What Price Democracy?

There’s an old joke about a man who asks a woman to sleep with him for $1 million. She agrees, whereupon he asks her to sleep with him for $1. 517 more words


Dear Nonprofiteer, Whose money is too filthy to take, and why?

Dear Nonprofiteer:

I’d be interested in your take on the Tucker Max/Planned Parenthood issue. That whole issue, which I’m sure you’ve touched on before, of NPOs making tough decisions about accepting donations is one that constantly comes up. 350 more words


Dear Nonprofiteer, How dare they tell me what to give?

Dear Nonprofiteer,

Maybe I’m just being pissy.  It’s possible.  But….

I’m on the board of two smallish non-profit arts organizations, and a regular financial supporter of several others. 967 more words