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Private Placement Programme. Private Placement Funding


We are direct to several platforms available in Europe and Hong Kong.

Funds never leave the investors account and are blocked for the duration of the trade. 15 more words

High Yield Investments

Cash Holding / POF - trading Program

Program Details:

  • Returns: 200%
  • Blocking Period: 15-60 Days
  • Payment Mode: RTGS / NEFT
  • Minimum Amount to Enter: INR 10Cr / USD 2.5M
  • Processing Time: 10Days Maximum…
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Account Blocking

Monthly Profit Programs

These are also for about one year or less. Minimum investment from US$50,000 (Rs.25 lakhs) possible. Monthly profits from 50% to 100% historically. Some programs are done by banks. 14 more words


Weekly Profit Programs

These provide fixed profits on a weekly basis. Bank instruments are contracted for one year and monetized and so these programs are usually agreed for 40 weeks. 29 more words


One Time Profit Programs

These are also known as Bullet Programs. These are for a short duration of a few days to a month. A multiple return is guaranteed for investment blocked for a period. 76 more words


Myths About Leased Guarantees


  • A leased guarantee can easily be placed into a trading program.
  • A leased guarantee can be used as a credit enhancement for a loan.
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