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Building the case

Originally posted on October 19 on my blog for Inside Housing

Sometimes powerful arguments for a change of direction in housing policy come from unexpected places. 1,167 more words

Social Housing

What next?

Originally published on September 13 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

As Theresa May’s government busies itself trashing the legacy of David Whatsisname and George Wotsit, what about housing? 1,123 more words

Private Renting

Repairing the safety net

Originally published on August 18 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

Today’s report by the all-party Communities and Local Government Committee recommending significant improvements to the homelessness safety net is getting a warm welcome – and no wonder. 1,239 more words

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Lining their pockets

Originally posted on August 24 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

Something about the rash of stories this week about ‘private landlord subsidy’ left me feeling very uneasy. 1,000 more words

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'No DSS'

In two months’ time, I am going to have to move again. I had thought my flat, which is extremely nice and spacious and which I got by an enormous stroke of good fortune and generosity after a stint of homelessness and hostel living, was a forever home. 740 more words


A right to own?

Originally posted on June 13 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

What should we do if we really want to reverse the decline in home ownership? 1,368 more words

Private Renting

HMOs and Emojis

We have a new housemate.

Unlike on TV where when one housemate is leaving, the others group up, advertise and perform interviews for a prospective new roomie in a montage of scenes to a soundtrack of funky cheesy music, unfortunately in our house there was none of that. 804 more words