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Give and take: the spending review and housing benefit

Originally posted on November 17 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

Two separate reports over the weekend claimed that housing benefit is being targeted by George Osborne for £2bn worth of savings to fix his tax credits debacle. 1,273 more words

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Rent control moves closer to home

Whether you’re for or against measures to control private sector rents, it’s going to be worth watching closely what happens to new legislation in Ireland. 895 more words

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Housing hunting with pets - the challenge

If you ever want to create yourself a challenge, try to find a one to two bedroom property in and around Southampton for under £600 a month. 326 more words


Back to the future

Originally posted on September 15 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

The first Communities and Local Government questions with a new opposition brought some familiar faces – and issues – back into the limelight. 885 more words

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So, my colleague came over to me today at work, and told me about a news story that she had heard about abusive landlords. Apparently, Shelter had found that an estimated 125,000 tenants in England have suffered abuse at the hands of their landlord, and, in the last year alone, the charity has received over 17,000 complaints about the matter. 1,118 more words


Scotland goes its own way on private renting

Originally posted on September 2 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

Rent control and increased security of tenure are back on the government agenda for the private rented sector for the first time in 30 years. 698 more words

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Sold out

Originally posted on August 17 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

Can the government afford to be complacent about the rate at which right to buy homes are falling into the hands of private landlords? 748 more words

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