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Property or Travel?

Ideologies are cobbled together. They come from compromises. When it comes time to prescribe for the real world, ideologies rely on observations that are drawn from history, which is doubtful, open to interpretation, and inductive. 1,501 more words


Road Safety on Privately Owned Roads

In this post, I’m going to discuss how private roads can be made safe for drivers, motorcyclists, and other road users. First of all, when I say ‘road safety’ here, I mean the use of rules to determine how someone travelling on a road should use it to avoid as much danger as is possible. 417 more words

Maybe the best case for private roads yet: No more Justin Bieber

You’re against the privatization of roads?  You must love Justin Bieber!

Yes, that is a false dichotomy, but it is nice to turn that fallacy around on the road socialists to poke a little fun at their many appeals to it. 571 more words


What if the road owner doesn't give you access to the roads? The revisited Chris Christie Edition

I’m sorry, but I’m smiling about this Chris Christie “Bridgegate” scandal. I’m smiling because one of the most loved reasons to reject private ownership of roads is the chance that an owner may not give you access to his road for some reason, maybe because he doesn’t like you. 84 more words


What if the owners of roads decide they don’t want anyone to use them?

If you’ve truly accepted the principles of libertarianism, you’re interested in privatizing everything.  In your conversations with people about privatization, you’ll inevitably end up talking about everyone’s favorite topic—roads.  329 more words


But who will build the websites?

Mention the possibility of doing away with government and the cries go out — but who will build the roads? My reply from now on will be, “Have you seen them try and build a website?” 695 more words

Knowing vs. Thinking

Often, after someone hears of anarchocapitalism, all sorts of objections on practical grounds are raised. How would the roads be built? How would private defense… 493 more words