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Blessed by Baylor

I am impressed. With everything. Everything about this school has been more than a dream come true for a mother who dreams big for her children. 1,397 more words


Academia Air Concern Over Kerala Private Universities

The New Indian Express | Sovi Vidyadharan | ENS | 15th August 2015 |

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  With an expert committee tasked by the Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) favouring the setting up of private universities in the state, concerns are being raised by a section of the academia on whether adequate checks and balances would be in place to regulate such institutions. 405 more words


NUC releases list of private Universities that have lost their accreditation

      I think I’ve heard of all these universities except Baze University!!! Please where the fuck is that?
The NUC Executive Secretary, Julius Okojie, said the 11 affected private universities were given two years to get their full operational licenses, but failed to get in in three. 117 more words


Letter (or more of a note, really) from Vienna

While I always emphasise that academics do not, overwhelmingly, take anything more than very short summer holidays, it is still a good idea to get some rest, refreshment and perhaps a change of scene. 231 more words

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University closures in Russia - will Central Asia follow?

Although this blog focusses on Central Asia, every now and then something happens in the broader sphere of influence on Central Asia that merits being featured. 204 more words


At Independence up to 1984 Kenya had only one University with student enrollment of approximately 7624 .Years later the number has grown to 22 Public Universities,14 Chartered Private Universities and 12 universities with Letter of Interim Authority (LIA)It is a statistic worth smiling about,but that is not yet still the cream of the cake.Recent  research… 555 more words

Liberal Arts Colleges Where the Most Accepted Students Enroll (US News)

Students may spend weeks, months or years stressing over which college to attend.

Many colleges stress over the same thing, working to maximize the percentage of accepted students who decide to enroll.

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