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Thank you for visiting my website. About me. My name is Viola, I am Russian, live in Siberia. I started this website on October 15, 2011, and post things which are interesting to me, which touch me. 154 more words


Pew Research Study on Cellphones in Public Spaces

Another report from Pew Research‘s “Americans’ Views on Mobile Etiquette”:

People’s cellphone use has injected itself into public spaces. This has blurred the line between private and public as often-intimate and occasionally blustering phone conversations have now become a common part of the background noise during bus rides, grocery shopping excursions, picnics, sidewalk strolls, waits in airport terminals and many other public venues.

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The difference between public and private debt

Nothing annoys me more than a liberal arguing that the government should borrow more money because private businesses do.

There are clear differences between government and private business in terms of: 31 more words


Back pain

I know Dana thanks to her back pain. I was in Winterthur, that was years ago. In the car park at the train station, I left my car and went in the direction of the stairs. 486 more words



Ich kenne Dana eigentlich dank ihrer Rückenschmerzen. Ich war in Winterthur, das ist schon Jahre her. In dem Parkhaus beim Bahnhof bin ich aus meinem Auto ausgestiegen und bin Richtung Treppe gegangen. 512 more words



So you say you wanna get so high?
 Breathe me in like air tonight
 Let yourself unwind, get lost
 In the garden of my mind… 25 more words
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What's it like to have a private beach?

This is my private beach house. I don’t come here often but we’ve had this place since 2011 and there’s been some major changes. See those two boardwalks? 1,246 more words