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Chiara’s birth

Lola had wished for her child very much. The pregnancy went without any difficulties, apart from the occasional heart arrhythmia. Lola lived like she had done so far, she only completly quitted drinking alcohol and smoking. 638 more words


Die Geburt von Chiara

Lola hat sich ihr Kind sehr gewünscht. Die Schwangerschaft verlief abgesehen von der ab und zu auftretenden Herzarrhythmie ohne jegliche Schwierigkeiten. ‎Lola lebte so wie bis anhin mit Ausnahme der vollständigen Abstinenz was, Alkohol und Zigaretten betrifft. 626 more words


hello whomever you are!

Right-o. I may not actually have time for this, but for many reasons I am deciding to give it a shot. After all, one more project to run :p won’t harm anyone ;)


How to View facebook locked profile picture in full-size

According to my experience old tricks don’t work anymore. Well you are thinking ” So how we should show the Facebook private profile picture in full size… 52 more words


HP、統合システム「Helion Rack」を発表--プライベートクラウドの展開を支援 [ #cbajp ]

Hewlett-Packard(HP)は米国時間3月24日、「OpenStack」と「Cloud Foundry」をベースとするプライベートクラウドソリューション「HP Helion Rack」を発表した。HPの狙いは、エンタープライズ向けラックシステムでプライベートクラウドを提供することだ。



Three That Should Be Invisible (2015)

1. Name.
2. Address.
3. Phone number.
Havoc to see-
When you cash in your
winnings with the lottery.


Church Beef: Kirk Franklin Accuses Creflo Dollar Of Having “A Shortage Of Character”

What is going on ?


Kirk Franklin Slams Creflo Dollar Private Jet Campaign

Creflo Dollar isn’t preaching to the choir these days. Gospel sensation Kirk Franklin slyly slammed the pastor in a recent op-ed he wrote for… 226 more words

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