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Fortunate acquaintanceship 

I own and run my facebook page, where I have not that many likes, around 800. Recently, I’ve posted that I am not in a relationship, and looking for one, looking for a girlfriend. 91 more words


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Dear Followers!

I owe you all an Apology and a Thank you.

The apology for not putting out regular content, and the thank you for you guys still following me and supporting me! 174 more words


Scene Of The Week

Take a watch of this scene, and then think, real people actually did this. 4000 dead on the first day, but we still won the war. 56 more words

Now (part 2)

You may be asking, what about that girl, sister’s friend, father’s friend’s daughter? Well, let’s call her Q. Oddly enough, I haven’t seen her in my life before that day when we met, although I was aware of her existence and so did she, we just did not meet before on any event or at each other’s home. 526 more words


Now (part 1)

Well, let’s begin.
Few months ago I met my old time schoolmate (girl, let’s call her Z) after a long time of not only not seeing but not having any contact! 498 more words


Poteau électrique

Quand j’étais petite, les poteaux électriques me fascinaient et m’effrayaient à la fois… Je m’inquiétais quand je voyais de petits oiseaux s’y poser. Et quand il pleuvait, j’avais peur de me faire électrocuter par des gouttes tombant d’un câble… :P