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Strider Scouts (including Officer and Musician)

First minis completed in 2017!

I started these guys during Christmas vacation.  Batch painted them, but ran out of steam about 3/4 of the way through, and had to grind out that last 25% over the course of the last few weeks.  19 more words


Strider Deathstalker (#2)

I batch-painted a bunch of Legion of Everblight striders, including my second deathstalker.  They are FA:2, so that is the full allowance.  Also included is the one I painted about a year ago.


Current WIPs

I haven’t been good about posting WIPs, but I have been good about getting a least a little painting done almost every day.  Here’s what’s currently on the table. 65 more words



So, I’ve been a little scarce the past couple of weeks months, for reasons both good and (more often) not-so-great. Some of them you already know–I’ve been working on a long freelance project, I had a tonsillectomy–while others (both good and bad) I’ve been keeping under my hat. 290 more words


Privateer Press - Embracing the Digital Age

On 21st December 2016, Privateer Press put out an Insider Article which brought all kinds of info.

It’s was a long one, linked here, and had two parts, though I will be focusing solely on the second announcement for today – the end of printed unit cards being included in the box with models. 1,456 more words


Man o' War Shocktroopers (plus Kovnik)

I’ve been working on these shocktroopers for a couple weeks now, and they’re finally ready to hit the table.  I probably put 40+ hours in on these guys, which was more that I was originally planning on, but they are basically light ‘jacks, so it’s not so bad.  55 more words