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Trollblood 75pt List Project: Week 1

So we mapped everything out in the first post. The only complication was my local store had to order almost the entire list. I just picked up Mulg, the second batch of Whelps and the Runebearer today. 57 more words


June = Malakov Month (WIP)

(I should have planned this more carefully so I could say “May is Malakov Month”)

Thrall Warrior will be #2 for Alexia 2, Winter Guard grunt will be Malakov2’s sucker target.  10 more words



What a weird tentacle monster.  Purple ink -> Entrail Pink -> Bubblegum pink skin.  Alien flesh head and spine.  Entrail Pink tentacles.


Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire (Alexia2)

horse is nightmare black and walnut brown, entrail pink on the “undead” parts.  alexia has imperial tunic, midnight blue/aquamarine blue cape, blackened steel armor, leather white hair and green ink+metal medium on the sword.  13 more words


Current WIPs

Proteus is starting to look good.  I particularly like how the tentacles came out, plus it was a rare opportunity to use my pinks.  Bubblegum Pink made a nice mix with Drow Nipple Pink for the veins, as well as a good highlight for the Entrail Pink around the eyes and on the tentacles.  71 more words


Battle Report - Company of Iron - Trollbloods vs. Menoth 'Payback'

Owen from Gaming with the Cooler brings his Menoth Company of Iron to face Valka and his retainers in the high mountain village they are sworn to defend!

Guerrilla Miniature Games

The Troll Must Go On

Wait, that sounds terrible. Oh well, on with it.

So for the 75pt list I am going to go with a Power of Dhunia buid, this one was designed by one of the more accomplished players out there and has a lot of character filled models to get on the table. 499 more words