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I´ve ruined Ruin ;)

I´ve painted the new Khador Character Warjack Ruin for a friend of mine.

This is just a quick paintjob in the colorscheme of his army. 45 more words


WIP Warmachine Retribution Warcasters

Here are some quick shots of a gaming standard Retribution warcaster commission: Dawnlord Vyros, Issyria Sibyl of Dawn, Lord Arcanist Ossyan, and Vyros Incissar of the Dawnguard. 54 more words


Completed Khador Conquest

He’s a big fella now that he is all done (well still want to put some scenic stuff on the base!) Even though he’s taken years to get around to finishing I still managed to glue the round base on back to front! 37 more words

Privateer Press

Privateer Press Khador Conquest

Have had this kit for what must be years and now finally have undertaken a great push to get further on than just washed and primed pieces! 56 more words

Privateer Press

Privateer Press Circle of Orboros Warpwolf Stalker

This was another recent commission to go along with the Riphorn Satyr. I’m glad to have been able to paint this model and the Satyr so I have some idea about what they are like while I make plans for my own Circle of Orboros army as I’ll probably include both models in my list options.

Miniature Painting

Spotlight - Iron Lich Overseer (Part 1)


Ah the Iron Lich Overseer. Definitely the ugly duck of the Cryx family, the Iron Lich Overseer (ILO) brings a lot of unique abilities to the table, and yet, is chronically maligned pretty much across the board. 7,356 more words


Battle Report: Warmachine at The Appraisery

We had an informal tournament at The Appraisery last Saturday. Since we only had one 4×4 table free, we had to improvise on our format. We’d pair up, then winners would be matched up to vie for 1st and 2nd place, the first round losers would fight for 3rd and 4th. 1,599 more words