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Warmachine: Prime and Hordes: Primal are now FREE from Privateer Press

The rulebooks for the award-winning Warmachine and Hordes tabletop miniatures games, Prime and Primal, are now available in PDF format for free download. 229 more words


PP: Khador Juggernaut - Update 1

I decided to not stress about this Juggernaut… because he’s just a Juggernaut.  After putting on a directional highlight, I decided he should be red and applied some MSP Briar Rose (you can still see this on the back) with the airbrush, but the first coat was a bit dark, so I then put on Khador Red, just from the front/top.  132 more words


What An Ordeal

Following the painting masterclass we attended a few weeks ago, we decided (upon recommendation from our instructor Meg Maples) to try out some of the P3 branded range of paints. 194 more words


2015 P3 Grandmaster winners

Privateer Press run an annual painting contest, named for their P3 range of paints. You don’t have to use their paints to enter but the entries need to be Privateer Press models. 81 more words


Let's Make an Army!: Warmachine, pt. 1

Let’s Build an Army! is where you get to join me as I delve the depths of nerdom and rise a conqueror! Actually, it’s more like a hobby progress blog that focuses exclusively on game, where you can follow along as I put together a functional army for just about every game I love. 581 more words


PP: Khador Iron Fang Pikemen (plastic)

I didn’t get these guys done in time to get them on the table this week, but I finished them up shortly afterwards.  This kit was a paint to put together (with an average of 8 pieces per model, and 12 models), but I can only imagine how much worse it would be if they were metal.  56 more words


PP: Khador Beast 09

Here we have Beast 09, which I managed to clean, assemble and paint in about 4 hours.  Although the paint job is not much more than primer, I’m very happy with how good he looks for that amount of effort.  124 more words