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Kell Bailoch

I quickly painted up Kell around Feb 27th so that I could have 10 points in February for “A Tale of Warmahordes 2017” (paint 10 points a month). 10 more words


Miniature Mondays: Testament of Menoth (Finished)

Testament of Menoth

I finally made some time to paint and Testament is finally finished. I know it’s been awhile since I posted painted models but I want to make this a more frequent segment. 44 more words


Lord Tyrant Zaadesh

A friend of mine asked me to paint a recent model that he had picked up.  Unfortunately, I think he asked me to do this about 3 months ago… and I just finished it.   748 more words


Bulletin -Privateer Ends Press Gang Program

Another big announcement from Privateer Press this week, with the revelation that they will be closing the long standing Press Gang program. The program was originally focused on providing representatives throughout the wargaming community who would actively support both Warmachine and Hordes in their local area. 210 more words


Bulletin - Privateer Press Phases Out Printed Stat Cards

Pretty big news has broken from Privateer Press. In a recent press release, the company announced they will be removing printed stat cards from the game and focusing instead on digital distribution. 340 more words


Privateer Press Launches Community Integrated Development Program

Privateer Press has announced that they are implementing a new process called Community Integrated Development or CID, for playtesting the Warmachine and Hordes tabletop miniatures games. 288 more words