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Unboxing the Inflictor

It’s here!  After a wait of entirely too long, and an edition change, we finally have the Inflictor/Seether kit!  Here’s a quick unboxing before I get to assembling it! 319 more words


Blood and Gears (WarMachine) Oct. 22-23

WarMachine has been exploding in popularity lately (to the point that a lot of stores ran out of product during the latest release) and Edmonton’s lucky enough to have an incredible event that was hugely successful last year and looks to be even bigger this year. 76 more words


Terror on the high seas

Another Gencon has just passed and with that, Gencon ninjas have come through!  I said that once Aiakos went full warcaster, I would be all-in on him regardless of how good or bad his rules ended up being, and so, Captain Aiakos is next up in my caster queue of casters to play. 82 more words


Episode 73: Warmachine/Hordes

I discuss some of my favorite things about the miniature tabletop game that has made me actually enjoy painting for the first time ever.


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