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No Quarter Presents: Forces of Distinction

Just a quick update regarding Privateer Press’s newest reveal, No Quarter presents: Forces of Distinction – A Theme Force collection.

When I first saw this on my Facebook feed, I have to admit, I almost jumped for joy. 122 more words


New Privateer Press releases for Thursday March, 19th 2015

Its not just Star Wars related products that have hit the shelves today. We also received several new products for Warmachine and Hordes.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit… 603 more words

New Arrivals

Watch "Meet the Community - Jason Jensen" on YouTube

Meet the Community introduces Jason Jensen, Cryx player and formerly of Irelands Team Craic, WTC 2014.


Speculating on the New Colossals: The Helios

The helios is, in my most humble opinion, the most bizarre of the new colossals. Its function appears to involve buffing, by something called a “force gate” and movement antics via its ranged attack. 313 more words


Watch "Meet the Community - Alan Buckley" on YouTube

The Man Cave presents the first in a series called ‘Meet the Community’. The aim of ‘Meet the Community’ is to introduce players of Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes tabletop miniature game to each other.


Speculating on the New Colossals: The Revelator

The revelator is apparently all about stealth, or more specifically overcoming it. It’s a strange addition to a faction that prides itself on an overabundance of sprays and aoes, but the ability to knock out stealth would certainly benefit our other shooting models like the beloved… 301 more words


The Eye Taking a Closer Look: The Harbinger of Menoth

Come and sit by me and listen, followers of the Protectorate,

It is she who opens the road for the coming of Menoth, a person so touched by the power of the Protectorate that will not touch the unclean soil, It is one of our most powerful Warcasters and with a reason, behold the Harbinger of Menoth! 1,375 more words

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