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Alexia Ciannor & The Risen

Ironically, a bunch of army-painted skeletons are now among my best painted Warmachines miniatures.  Alexia got more time, but even then she was painted up fairly quickly. 129 more words


Last Day of October Promotion!

Today is the last day for the madnessminis.com October Promotion on merchandise and services. Coffin Cases are discounted $25 and all service totals are 25% off. 58 more words


Called to Battle: WORTHY VESSEL

Worthy Vessel now available from Skull Island Expeditions…

In the blighted lands of Cryx, death is the inevitable price of power. 

The fearsome sorcerer and pirate Darragh Wrathe has long terrorized the oceans of western Immoren in the name of Toruk the Dragonfather, but the great dragon’s blessings are a double-edged sword, and the blighted energies Wrathe calls forth to destroy his enemies are slowly consuming him. 122 more words

Publishing History

Battle Report: pThag vs eLylyth [18 Oct 2015]

Played during Devastation Event. 35pts against Gee Hwan.

My Devastation objective the purple cauldron with whip cream in it.

The game started with me trying to position my army for the feat turn. 176 more words

Legion Of Everblight

October Promotion

Howdy Folks!

To boost excitement about madnessminis.com and spread word of its services, I will be running a special during the month of October. All commission work will be 25% off and Coffin Cases will be $25 off their listed prices*. 63 more words


Miniature Mondays: Reznik 2 WIP

I finished most of the work on Reznik. I still have to do a few highlights but that will come later. I’m still having trouble with blacks. 64 more words

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