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Khador Gun Carriage - Update 2

Brave sons and daughters of the motherland, rejoice!  No longer will we be tied to unwieldy man-like constructs of metal and magic for waging war!  Behold, the nearly completed “armored box with guns and wheels!” 111 more words


Nausicaa 10 - Vostroyan / Khadorians comparison

I went on buying a box of Khadorian riflemen, a field gun blister and a Kovnik to use as a Commissar or Official. Here I just want to spend a few words on the riflemen and post a picture of a couple of them alongside a Vostroyan so that you can compare the style and the scale, since some of you brought the issue up. 197 more words


Skirmish Games: Tabletop War gaming.

Well I did it, I got back into miniatures after nearly 6 years of minimal activity. What got me back into miniatures was not the same old formula of massive armies, 700.00 starting price tag and so on (roughly, you need army books, rules, dice, and of course the soldiers and paints with brushes and knives to do some good work), but rather some changes that Games Workshop made to one of their lines, and the discovery of skirmish-type games. 505 more words

The Rhetoric

Khador Gun Carriage - Update 1

The Gun Carriage has some cool rules, and I like some aspects of the model, but hate other aspects.  I suppose horse-drawn is appropriate for Khador, but feels like such a let-down vs well… all the other battle engines.  215 more words


Winter Guard Riflemen

Got these guys done to tabletop standard a few weeks ago.  They’ve participated in several games, and it’s surprisingly nice to have an actually-painted unit on the field.  36 more words


Miniature Mondays: Reznik 2 Update

Sorry This Took So Long

After taking months off of painting this miniature I finally got some inspiration to finish it. With the release of Warmachine “MK3” I want to finish as many miniatures as possible. 56 more words


Summer is back and so is Madnessminis.com!

Howdy folks. Been a while since we had any major news so I decided to give the website a good overhaul. That being said, everything has been updated! 118 more words

Commission Work