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Circle of Orboros Commission Extended Update #1 - Assembled

The MK3 Battleboxes for Warmahordes are out now and to extend the Orboros commission, a box has been added. Unfortunately, the Argus has 2 of the same halves for his face. 24 more words

Army Building

Journeyman League

Privateer Press has recently released it Mk3 version of rules for its popular miniature skirmish game Warmachine/Hordes.

My local gaming store Worcester Wargames  has decided to run an escalation style league where over a predetermined period of time you will add to your chosen faction gradually building up and painting models for larger games, with the aim to have a fully painted army for a tournament at the conclusion of the league. 477 more words

Mk3 Cryx Review - Warjacks

One thing MidnightCarnival and I discussed pretty early on in the Mk3 Cryx release was trying to do something of a comprehensive faction review of Cryx in Mk3. 8,629 more words


Miniature Mondays: Reznik2 and Durst

Finally Finished

After months of procrastination and loss of interest in painting, I finished my two Protectorate Warcasters that have been sitting on my table. I found some painting inspiration and they were completed in no time. 188 more words



Painted this guy months ago, but forgot to take pictures of him.


Circle of Orboros Commission Update #5 – Morvanha the Dawnshadow

The completion of Morvanha marks the end of this commission! How exciting :D Morvanha is a pretty model, it might be a coincidence that I made her lips juicy too :P… 31 more words


Circle of Orboros Commission Update #4 – Tharn Chieftain

Almost done the commission. All that is left is Dawnshadow. She is going to look awesome.

Speaking of awesome, the Tharn Chieftain is done and ready for the fight.