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It goes without saying...

To my delight, I have decided to jump on the wagon and create some content (relevant or not,) aimed towards Warmachine and more specifically the Cryx faction. 145 more words


On Writing Godless

Well, it kind of crept up on me, but today is actually the release day of my very first novel, so if you always wanted to read a novel by me, you’re into Warmachine, or you just like the idea of devout religious types with big robots burning heretics and fighting monsters, you might want to… 563 more words


Hordes - Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest Begins

It’s always exciting when an entirely new faction gets added to a long standing game. Offering a fresh start for existing or retired players, while also giving newly interested parties a great avenue to get started. 1,519 more words


Nephilim Bloodseer

New warbeast for my army

I used the airbrush to shade his armor, but I was too timid and lost most of the contrast when I put the wash on.  Oh well, live and learn.


Blighted Nyss Shepard (x2)

New ones

And the old one I apparently never took any pictures of


Miniature Mondays: The Blood of Martyrs

The Blood of Martyrs

During MKII, I wanted to run a fun Thyra list but didn’t have any of the models. I was playing a lot of Kreoss1 and Severius1 lists which had mostly Zealots and Exemplars. 92 more words


Bulletin - Loki Unboxed

Beast of War have put together a great video showing off the new Loki miniature for the Circle Orboros faction from Hordes. The video includes a good look at all the details of the miniature as well as a quick discussion about some of it’s statistics in game.

Source: Beasts of War