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Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

Bad and Ugly left Good at the station, made their own team and called it Wrong Eye & Snapjaw. Wrong Eye is largely known for his dedication to his faith and practices, and for being a murderous gator with a hair trigger for a temper. 17 more words

Painted Miniatures

Delving into the think tank - How to avoid support bloat - part 1

This ADR season has really given me a lot to think about¬† With SR2016 right around the corner, and the latest errata just dropping, there’s bound to be a fair bit of a shake up.¬† 3,691 more words


A sad day...

Today, February 6th 2016 will go down in history as a sad day. Today, we mourn the passing of a faithful companion. No, not a family pet, or old school friend. 434 more words


Warmachine and Hordes trays from KR Multicase

There are a myriad of case and tray manufacturers on the market these days, from the stalwarts like Figures in Comfort or Feldherr, to the more recent but now veteran Battle Foam or KR Multicase and even a few new kids on the block who have found a gap in the market and crowd sourced their funding. 1,820 more words


Captain Jeremiah Kraye - Cygnar Cavalry Warcaster

Even before refining his warcasting talents, Kraye earned a reputation as a recklessly daring scout both for his many exploits behind enemy lines and for arriving at the right time and place to lead flagging defenders to sudden victory. 26 more words

Painted Miniatures