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Destroyer #2

One of the quickest, if not the quickest, ‘jack I have painted up. Directional highlighting, red ink, attempting to highlight to yellow (and losing nearly all of it when I attempted to red back over it), then highlighting with off-white and putting orange ink over that. 38 more words


Battle Report - Company of Iron - Menoth vs. Mercenaries

The Menites have discovered a band of cutthroats beneath one of their temples and must be silenced before they can raise the alarm!

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Annyssa Ryvaal and Blighted Nyss Raptors

These guys took my FOREVER to complete.  I started cleaning up the metal back in August, got them primed in Oct/Nov and have been slowly working on them ever since.  74 more words


Farrow Valkyries

Wow, these ladies were fun to paint. The hair in particular was fun. RMS Carrottop Red, Harvest Brown and Blond Shadow, all of them highlighting up to Blond Highlight. 85 more words


Battle Report - Warmachine MkIII - Trollbloods vs. Menoth

My freshly painted Northkin Trollblood army takes on Owen’s Faithful Masses in this game of The Pit II!

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Battle Report - Company of Iron - Northkin vs. Cygnar

The Northkin retreat is under attack! The Cygnarans shouldn’t have come here and we will make them pay!

Mike brings his Cygnar Company to face my freshly painted Trollbloods in this 25pt game!

Guerrilla Miniature Games