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Data show a recent decline in the developmentally disabled population in state-run residential care

Data provided by the Baker administration show that the number of residents in remaining state-run residential programs for the developmentally disabled has begun to decline, raising questions about the state’s policy for the future of state-run services. 889 more words

Edelblut, Like DeVos, Gets Appointment as Chief School Officer Despite Inexperience, Potential Conflicts of Interest

Unsurprisingly, former NH GOP State House Representative and gubernatorial candidate Frank Edelblut was appointed to a four year term of office by a partisan 3-2 vote by the Executive Council, the body that endorses gubernatorial appointments to key offices in the state. 489 more words

The tortoise, the hare, and American science

“Put simply, privatization will mean that more ‘sexy,’ ‘hot’ science will be funded, and we will miss important discoveries since most breakthroughs are based on years and decades of baby steps,” said Kelly Cosgrove, an associate professor of psychiatry at Yale University.

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Flowers and Zeese | Visions For The Future

It isn’t sufficient to be fighting against everything. People are inspired when they are fighting for something. And as more people see that there is a vision that will improve their lives too, they will join in and then we have a mass movement capable of real transformation.

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NYTimes Editors Remain Oblivious to the Link Between Choice and Austerity

Today the NYTimes editors took Kansas Governor Sam Brown to task for his wrongheaded approach to taxation in his State as he is reportedly set to leave his state in the lurch as he leaves for a rumored  Ambassadorship to Rome. 353 more words