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Admiral Rickover and the Roots of "Reform"

Since I retired I have volunteered as a teacher for several courses in the Adult and Continuing Education program at Dartmouth and served on their curriculum committee. 654 more words

“But Who Would Build the Roads?!” A Response to the Age Old Question in Less Than 1,000 Words

(Article by Skyler Miller)

Every self-described libertarian, capitalist, and fan of limited government has probably been asked the question, “But who would build the roads?!” For those of you who are tired of explaining the finer points of free market road construction, I have written this short article that will inspire even the most devout “road socialist” to tear down their local department of transportation. 913 more words


Has Government Become Obsolete?

In an age of world conflict and economic turmoil we as rational human beings must ask the question, has government become obsolete? Many believe that the purpose of forming a government is to create a secure environment so that individuals are not forced to live in a world filled with violence and instability. 1,413 more words


Green Party policy for lifelong learning

Several people recently took part in a Twitter exchange about the policies of the main parties towards adult learning. I expressed the view that all the main parties – including Labour and the Scottish Nationalists – of cutting public favoured reduced spending on what was already a very small field. 405 more words


Prison in a Pure Capitalist System

(Original academic paper by Skyler Miller)

Proponents of a purely free market society are faced with the inevitable question of the capacity in which private defense agencies could potentially fund and operate a purely market based prison system. 718 more words


Irony of ironies for pro-business Gov. Bobby, Louisiana hits rock bottom in survey of best and worst states for business

In the seven-plus years of his administration, Gov. Bobby has pretty much had his way with the legislature in passing his so-called reform programs. The lone exception is his aborted effort to abolish the state income tax a couple of years ago. 981 more words

Governor's Office

Private foster-care agencies: Where government inefficiency, the free market and magical thinking collide

By Matthew E. Milliken
Feb. 27, 2015

On Thursday, Mother Jones published a lengthy look at private foster-care agencies, some of which are nonprofit, others of which are for-profit. 1,025 more words