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Mercedes Schneider: More New York Millions Arrive in Massachusetts to Sway Voters on Charters

Mercedes Schneider has been watching the money flowing in to Massachusetts from out of state to influence voters to lift the cap on charters.

While more than 100 school district boards have voted against Question 2, while the teachers’ union opposes it, it has the passionate support of hedge fund managers in New York City. 74 more words

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Leonie Haimson: How DFER Hijacked Public Education

This post was written in 2014, but it remains relevant today. DFER (Democrats for Education Reform) raises large sums of money from hedge fund managers to promote charter schools. 283 more words

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Muslim After School Clubs Illustrate Problems Mixing Religion and Schools

Alpha News, an “…advanced social media and online technology platforms to deliver important news programming to audiences everywhere in Minnesota,” published an article on the increase in the number Muslim Student Associations in public schools in Minnesota, posing the question in the title “Are Muslim Student Associations in Public Schools a Concern?”. 625 more words

Massachusetts: State Commissioner Booed in Brockton When He Mentions Charter School

Mitchell Chester, the state commissioner of education in Massachusetts, is a huge supporter of charter schools, Common Core, and PARCC testing (he was chair of the PARCC group). 298 more words

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Maiaco In Gary Update - 24 Sept

A meeting held on 15 September at St Timothy, hosted by the Gary Downtown-Emerson Spotlight group was titled Understanding Maiaco and promised “some key City Department Heads” along with the Redevelopment Commission. 170 more words


Mass Demonstration at Presidential Debate on September 26 in New York

The Journey for Justice is working with other civil rights groups to bring thousands of people to demonstrate at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York, where the first Presidential debate will take place on September 26. 858 more words