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Where Does Clinton Stand on Charter Schools?

At a policy forum in Miami before the Council of the Great City Schools, surrogates for Trump and Clinton clarified their views, sort of.

Carl Paladino, remembered in New York for his racist and sexist emails during his campaign against Cuomo, promised that Trump would not put an educator in charge of the Education Department. 520 more words

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Carl Petersen: The Shocking Decision by the LAUSD Not to Renew Five Charter Schools

Carl Petersen is a candidate for the Los Angeles Unified School Board in 2017. He is also a close observer of school board meetings and a strong supporter of public schools. 564 more words

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Private Long Term Care and Home Care Zombies

First published in the Winnipeg Free Press Oct 25, 2016

By Pat and Hugh Armstrong

UBC economist Robert Evans calls user fees in health care zombies, a policy option that keeps surfacing despite being killed over and over again by the evidence. 733 more words


Laura Chapman: Who Protested at the NAACP Meeting?

Laura Chapman lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where the national board of the NAACP held its annual meeting and approved a resolution calling for a moratorium on new charter schools. 892 more words

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Pennsylvania: Charter Sharks Zooming in for the Kill with HB530

Pennsylvania became an ATM for the charter industry under Republican Governor Tom Corbett. He is gone now, but the legislature remains indebted to the fat, happy charter owners. 537 more words

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How Do You Reach the Public? Fly a Banner over the Big Football Game!

It is always hard to explain complicated issues to voters, especially when you don’t have much money.

Take Georgia, for example. Governor Nathan Deal wants to change the State Constitution to allow the state to take over low-scoring public schools and hand them over to charter operators. 78 more words

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Fiscal Impact of Two Charter Schools on Public Schools of Worcester, Massachusetts

In the battle over Question 2–whether to expand the number of charter schools by a dozen a year indefinitely into the future–sentiment is running against the proposal, despite the millions of dollars spent on television ads by the pro-charter groups. 388 more words

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