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$4 million dollars of education fund money was made as an “improper payment” for “undelivered” delivered software. Of course the Brevard County Board of Education members were aware of and approved this. 563 more words


"Education, Inc.": A Stunning Documentary about the Dark Money Behind "Reform"

Brian Malone, documentary film-maker, has self-funded a film about the corporate assault on public education.

His film is a MUST-SEE. It is titled EDUCATION, INC. 373 more words

Charter Schools

Chapter 2.3 – On Investment and the Public Sector


Apart from the usual fault finding while, on the one hand, explaining the reason why countries are so deep in debt in the first place and why, on the other hand, the measures dictated by the institutions do not show the desired results, a couple of things spring to mind. 726 more words


Save Your Public Library!

The move is on to privatize every public service and to squeeze a profit out of its budget by cutting staff and services.

The watchdog group “In the Public Interest” reports on the library privatization efforts and pushback by communities that love their public libraries: 374 more words


Going Postal (Op Ed)

Hidden just below the surface of many of today’s news headlines in the United States, is the privatization mania that is tempting American movers and shakers. 881 more words


Mitchell Robinson: What You Need to Know about "Achievement School Districts"

Mitchell Robinson, Associate Professor of Music Education at Michigan State University, has compiled a handy guide to the bold idea of “achievement school districts.”

There is the Recovery School District in New Orleans; the Education Achievement Authority in Michigan; the Achievement School District in Tennessee; and more on the way in other states. 639 more words

Charter Schools

Going Home

A year after college, I quit my job and accepted a fellowship. I was placed me at an organization in NYC to work with Korean tenants in public housing, so here I am in the city. 651 more words