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State Takeovers of Schools Enable Legislators to Sidestep Real Issues: Poverty and Racism

“Would a State Takeover Help Chicago’s Troubled Schools”, Atlantic writer Lauren McKenna’s February 11 post, oversells the success of charter schools in urban areas but offers some insights into the dilemmas public education faces when bureaucracies swell. 580 more words

Think tank and union claim province could lose millions privatizing liquor stores

REGINA – The province’s plan to privatize more than half of the publicly-owned liquor stores has the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) saying that trouble is brewing. 298 more words


Walton's Acknowledge Failure of On-Line For-Profit Charters... But STILL Believe in the Business Model

The Walton Foundation, major investors in for-profit charter schools, recently commissioned three reports on cyber-charters each of which concluded that on-line learning was a failure. As reported by Alternate blogger Steve Rosenfield and cross-posted on  589 more words

Seattle Parent: Emails Show How the Gates Machine Works

Dora Taylor, a parent leader in Seattle, has written a post about how the Gates machine has stepped up to protect the state’s fledgling charter schools that are not currently eligible to receive public funding. 346 more words

Charter Schools

Budget decisions

With an abundance of thought bubbles emanating from Government sources, the future appears to be as confusing as the past has been.

Fixing our Economy seems to be high on the agenda, and so it should be. 137 more words

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Two Profs and Provost Who Protested College President's Call to Drown Cuddly Bunnies are Dismissed

In a reprehensible action, the President of Mount Saint Mary’s (MSM) College dismissed two professors and the college provost who protested his request that teachers submit lists of incoming Freshmen who were likely fail their classes after only one month on campus. 238 more words

Fred LeBrun: The Opt Out Movement is Parents' Most Powerful Tool Against Bad Education Policies

Fred LeBrun, a columnist for the Albany Times-Union, wrote a terrific column about the power of the parents who opted out.

Without the pressure they exerted, Governor Cuomo would never have appointed a commission to review the Common Core standards and testing. 606 more words