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California: Chaos as More than 500 Students Flee Two Charter Schools

The public schools in Livermore, California, got a big surprise when more than 500 students fled the district’s two charter schools to return to the public schools. 262 more words

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Mike Klonsky Explains Peter Cunningham

Perhaps you don’t know who Peter Cunningham is. I didn’t know until he went to Washington as Arne Duncan’s chief PR guy (Assistant Secretary for Communications). 172 more words

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Civil Rights Organizations Pushing Back Against "Reformers" Who Advocate For-Profit Charters

After years of reading that “school reform” is rooted in and allied with the civil rights movement, it is heartening to read that three civil rights groups— the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, and the Southern Poverty Center— are pushing back.  464 more words

Julian Vasquez Heilig Debates Howard Fuller about School Choice

Julian Vasquez Heilig, professor at Sacramento State, researcher, and prominent blogger, debates Howard Fuller, leader of BAEO (Black Advocates for Educational Opportunity). BAEO is funded by the Walton Family Foundation, the Bradley Foundation, and other rightwing foundations. 78 more words

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Julian Vasquez Heilig Spars with Steve Perry over Charters and Privatization

This video shows a panel discussion at the meeting of the National Urban League’s annual meeting.

There are four members of the panel, but the fireworks happen between Julian Vasquez Heilig, a noted scholar, and Steve Perry, who calls himself “America’s Most Trusted Educator.” Perry is opening a charter school in Harlem this fall. 71 more words

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John Oliver Explains the Frauds and Scams in Charter World!

John Oliver, who has a regular show on HBO, devoted a big chunk of his program last night to explaining the frauds perpetrated by unregulated and unsupervised charter schools. 143 more words

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