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Louisiana: Charter Leader Enjoys Fine Dining with School Credit Card

The head of the board of a charter school in Louisiana treated himself to some good meals using the school’s credit card.

A world away from his Central City school, where 97 percent of students are considered economically disadvantaged, the head of a charter school board racked up $778 over six months at an upscale restaurant on St. 204 more words

Charter Schools

D.C.: Charter Consultants Rake in Millions via Cozy Connections

Imagine a firm created to teach charter schools how to get better results. Imagine that the head of the firm is buddies with the head of the D.C Charter School Board. 41 more words

Charter Schools

Embrace the Mundanity

With the rise of technology, everyone is looking for the new genius who will solve problems that currently bother no one. For private industry, this could be a good thing depending on how what is created affects the world as it exists. 466 more words


Trump Administration Says It Won't Sell Off BPA Transmission Lines

The Trump administration has abandoned its bid to sell off the Pacific Northwest’s publicly owned utility transmission lines, according to Republican members of Congress who were briefed on the decision. 40 more words

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The Price of Inequality

Recently, the United States has had a glut of school shootings, and you may be wondering what that has to do with the title. I am going to suggest, quite a lot, indirectly. 644 more words

Provincial Election Fuckery

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to say about the alcohol retailing system in Ontario, but Tuesday’s media conference orchestrated by our soon-to-be-departing Premier really pissed me off. 698 more words