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Austerity isn't just cuts - it's selling everything we own

And when I say everything, I mean everything.

Welcome to end stage capitalism, where even if it it’s nailed down, someone takes title to it. 228 more words


Laura Chapman on the Gospel of Milton Friedman

Lara Chapman has written a valuable analysis of the religious, libertarian case for school vouchers. Thank you, Laura, for doing this prodigious research for the benefit of everyone else. 1,227 more words

Education Reform

Hood River County Votes Against Nestlé!

by Francesca Varela

On Tuesday, the people of Hood River County voted to block Nestlé from building a water-bottling plant near the city of Cascade Locks. 447 more words

LATimes Editorial Oversimplifies Budgeting Realities, Underplays Impact of Charter Outmigration

The LATimes, an unabashed supporter of deregulated for profit charter schools, published an editorial yesterday by Marguerite Roza that grossly oversimplified the budgeting process in democratically operated public schools and, in doing so, misled readers into thinking that making budget cuts could be done algorithmically— in the same way spreadsheet calculations are done. 607 more words

Dark Underbelly

Published in Dawn, February 3rd, 2016

‘Democracy is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder.’ — Plato

AS the democratic process unfolds in Pakistan, one wonders what kind of a hybrid would emerge in times to come. 728 more words


This Just In: Some Cyber Charter Schools Rake in Profits, Fail to Deliver Results

Mokoto Rich of the NYTimes reports today on the fact that some cyber charter schools are making huge profits while experiencing horrific graduation rates. This is not news to anyone who reads Diane Ravitch or progressive blogs like Truthout… and is certainly unsurprising given the privatization movement. 162 more words

Peter Greene: Erie, PA, Considers Closing All Its High Schools

Peter Greene reports on the latest terrible news from Pennsylvania. Because of the highly inequitable funding formula for the state, because of the legislature’s inability to pass a budget for almost a year, because of the burgeoning charter movement, school districts across the state are in dire condition. 545 more words