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A Memorial Day Prescription for Curing VA Care

By now, everybody is familiar with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) healthcare scandal with its revelations of physician shortages, perverse government payment incentives, and institutional dishonesty. 679 more words


Wisconsin: Legislature Wants to Privatize Low-Performing Public Schools

A radical privatization proposal has been inserted into the Wisconsin state budget and approved by the budget-writing committee. The plan initially applies to Milwaukee (where the public schools outperform voucher schools and get similar test scores to charter schools), but it could be extended to Madison, Racine and other “large, racially diverse” school districts. 361 more words

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North Carolina: Legislators Plan to Give $1 Million to Rightwing Lobby

Oh, those wild and crazy legislators in North Carolina! What will they dream up next to promote privatization?

Here is the latest:

As Rob Schofield reports in “Progressive Pulse”: 141 more words

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Peter Greene Calls Out the Civil Rights Lie in Newark

Peter Greene writes that student protests in Newark have exposed the lie about corporate reform defending civil rights. Thousands of students in Newark, mostly African American, went into the streets to oppose the corporate reform policies of the superintendent Cami Anderson. 284 more words

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WND Reports that "Socialist Utopians" Control Schools

The Google Alert on Public Education occasionally includes some conspiratorial articles about education policy, and today’s aggregation of articles included one from WND titled “Public Schools Called “Gigantic Criminal Enterprise””. 722 more words

Parables of privatization: a cautionary tale of two telcos

At a time when the Ontario Liberal government is planning to privatize Hydro One and other provincial governments are also planning significant privatizations, it’s instructive to look back and see what the impact of earlier privatizations has been. 980 more words

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Memorial Day: public schools, standardized tests, corporate profits and American values

On Memorial Day those who sacrificed their lives for our country are honored for their sacrifices and their shared belief in American values.


We did not sacrifice our lives for corporate profiteers and politicians who declare non-college ready children as failures. 293 more words