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Eduardo Porter Calls Out Our Unwillingness to Invest in the Future

In “Considering the Cost of Lower Taxes”, a NYTimes article published earlier this week, columnist Eduardo Porter effectively calls out our nation and voters for their unwillingness to raise taxes to ensure that future generations will have the same level of well being as my generation– the baby-boomers– experienced. 560 more words

Jeff Bryant's Analysis of the GOP Tax Bill... as it is NOW

While I try to avoid reading and blogging about bills that will not pass as they are currently written because I view it as “gossip”, I’m making an exception this morning because I believe the so-called “tax reform” legislation reveals the unvarnished priorities of the GOP. 1,021 more words

The Mass Firing of Teachers After Hurricane Katrina Demonstrates TFA's Achilles Heel... But a Recent USDOE Grant Demonstrates Their Connections

Following Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans in 2004, President Bush and the GOP leadership in Louisiana seized a once in a lifetime opportunity to re-make the public education system in one urban area. 677 more words

Don't Like the Term "Voucher"? How About if It's Called "Student Centered Funding"? Would THAT Change Your Mind?

In a world where “branding” is crucial, if your organization’s name is tainted because it is associated with a failed Presidential candidate you can change it and no one will notice and, more importantly, you can change the name of the product it is selling to make it more acceptable. 740 more words

Strange Times in New York

Our first entry in The Metropole/Urban History Association Graduate Student Blogging Contest considers “A New Season,” the contest theme, through an examination of New York City Mayor John Lindsey’s creative attempts to reshape the public sector. 1,654 more words

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The Economist Discovers that Dark Money Funds School Board Elections... But Misses What is at Stake

Earlier this month the Economist featured an article on the massive sums of dark money being funneled into school board races across the country. The article offered some examples of the sums spent on local board races: 495 more words

Big win for "Tennessee Is Not For Sale" campaign

Leaders of four campuses that belong to the University of Tennessee System announced on October 31 that they would not participate in the state’s plan to privatize the jobs of workers who provide grounds keeping, maintenance, and landscaping services at their campuses. 880 more words