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Democracy Compromised II: The Insidious Effect of Philanthropy on Public Education

A few days ago the Naked Capitalism website included a link to an Intercept article by Michael Massing titled “How the Gates Foundation Reflects the Good and Bad of Hacker Philanthropy”. 915 more words

Legislator: Scott Walker Continues the Destruction of Wisconsin

State Senator Chris Larson regularly reports to his constituents. This newsletter describes the latest assaults on Wisconsin’s public institutions and traditions by Governor Scott Walker and his allies. 769 more words


Who Funds Jeb Bush's Education Foundation?

It is common knowledge that Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Educational Excellence supports charters, vouchers, and digital learning. When he announced his run for the GOP nomination, he stepped down and brought in Condaleeza Rice to lead FEE. 560 more words

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Democracy Compromised I: The Insidious Impact of Money on Elections and Public Policy

I was disheartened to read two recent articles describing the impact of money on public policy, an impact that is undercutting the ability of our country to function as a democracy. 906 more words

A Paradigm Shift in Human Services Delivery in the United States: A Change in Approach From the Government to the Governance Model

By Shabu Varghese, University of Central Florida

Organized societies experienced dramatic changes in their methods of solving public problems since the mid-nineteenth century. Salamon (2002) has described this movement as a “revolution” that has taken place in the United States and in other countries that has been going on for more than 50 years. 2,655 more words

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Efficiency and Privatization in the NHS

On Question Time this evening (2015-11-26) the ‘Should we privatise the NHS?’ question came up again. It was stated that the German and French health services are more efficient (whether this is true is open to endless debate) and that the reason was private sector involvement. 467 more words

November 25, 2012: California Rice Growing; 1988: Britain Selling Waterworks

November 25, 2012: The Desert Sun headline—Calif. Commercial Rice Growing Hits 100 Years. “California is celebrating 100 years of commercial rice production this year, marking the anniversary of a commodity that has evolved to become one of the state’s largest agricultural exports. 499 more words