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Secret Squirrel Presents A Plan To Run Amtrak On Time.

Secret Squirrel knows considerable about the railroads, and indeed, America’s in particular. Squirrel romped about Europe, taking trains, in Germany, Squirrel made a 5 minute train exchange, as in 5 minutes BETWEEN trains,and Squirrel noted that German trains ran on time, like clockwork, arrival and departure,the Deutsche Bahn. 440 more words

The Seriously Political-Humor Of Secret Squirrel

Social Conservatives, Let's Privatize Marriage

Last week the Supreme Court rejected to hear appeals from five states on preserving their gay marriage bans, essentially paving the way for gay marriage to be legal in 24 states plus the District of Columbia. 867 more words

Social Issues

David Yonngi Cho Church Fraud Investigation? (Part 1)

If Yonggi Cho is not accountable to his elders, who is he accountable too?

The Hankyoreh reported,

Elders act to prevent megachurch pastor from privatizing church assets… 500 more words

Outsourcing Vince.

I hope I’m not getting Vince in trouble by praising him this morning.

I was reading the AAPLE report on the results of outsourcing custodial services at CPS and what a disaster it has become. 220 more words


To Privatize or Not to Privatize

By: Natalie Dodd

As home to Committee of Transportation and Infrastructure chairmen Bill Shuster, it comes as no surprise that Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District focuses most of its efforts on issues involving transportation. 1,490 more words

Defining Issues

April Fools

Here then, a brief comment at the end of this the taxiest month. We are beginning to learn that big tax returns are not such a thing to be celebrated. 185 more words


Capital in the 21st Century

To preface this I haven’t yet had the time to read Piketty’s Communist Manisto in full detail, I have however been able to consume the most salient points of the book.   293 more words