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¿Privatizar 11 y 22? (televisión mexicana)(TT: Privatize 11 and 22?) (TA: Mexican television): An article from: Proceso

This digital document is an article from Proceso, published by CISA Comunicacion e Informacion, S.A. de C.V. on March 23, 1997. The length of the article is 848 words. 83 more words

The worst creeps in Congress want to privatize the VA -- Vets are pissed!

Some members of the commission established by Congress to evaluate the Department of Veterans Health Administration have proposed drastically reducing the size of the VHA by closing its health facilities and transferring the care of the nation’s millions of military veterans to the private sector.

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Nestle is Trying to Privatize our Water

By Conner Bulkeley-Crane

CatlinSpeak (Portland, Oregon)

Nestle is currently working on a plan to privatize water in Oregon, and the ecological impact could be disastrous. 914 more words


Did You Feel A Pinch?

So NATCA has endorsed Privatization legislation. Starting with first things, let’s talk about what NATCA is today – not NATCA from 1987, but NATCA today. I’ve got a NATCA gold card. 750 more words

Charter schools are a Gravy Train for the unscrupulous

The policy framework for U.S. charter schools encourages “privatization and profiteering,” a research institute said in a report released Thursday.

Charter schools are able to siphon off large quantities of public money for private gain — and only substantial changes to state policies regarding charter schools can stop this, according to the authors of the report…

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Puerto Ricans can pay their debt to the US, by selling their Bodily Organs

The US business elite is bursting with ideas for Puerto Rico. They want to privatize the island’s schools, prisons, water supply, electrical grid, highways, public housing and airports. 339 more words