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Friday Linkage 12/9/2016

It seems like the announced cabinet for President-Elect Trump, which still makes me vomit a little in my mouth every time I say it, gets worse every day.  272 more words


Cartoon: Trump promises, Trump voters

The quality of forethought of many Trump voters, especially seniors.

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When and what to privatize? Efficient production and export activities

When and what to privatize? Efficient production and export activities

State bureaucracy and the multiplication of state institutions and of levels of public servants in hierarchies have rendered State-owned productive facilities and services very inefficient and uneconomical in cost and trading profitability. 143 more words


Sweeping Privatization? Greece Approves Plan To Transfer State Utilities To New Asset Fund

State assets, including water and electricity utilities, are to be transferred to a new asset fund created by international creditors. The plans have sparked demonstrations and public sector strikes across the country. 219 more words

Economic Report

Democracy Being a Free Good Endangers its Existence

By Con George-Kotzabasis 

Breathing democratic freedom is neither easy nor free; it entails both rights and obligations and most importantly knowledge of current fundamental issues. But in most democracies their constituents tend to uphold and demand more their rights than their obligations, and more deplorably, a sizable number of them exercise their rights in a… 1,016 more words


Inside the Honduran Student Movement

Amid rampant corruption in Honduras, the rising student movement is demanding internal elections and university autonomy against govenment’s plan to privatize education.


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