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The Absurd Reality of Every Believer

There’s a truth seeking to intrude the everyday moments of life Рboth the mundane and the monumental. A truth I let slip into the daily drama every once in awhile but would do well to let drench the difficulties and decisions and dilemmas that arrive on my doorstep each morning. 1,048 more words


Civilian - You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Costs

And in a strange way, it would be better if the morning didn’t come.

10. 21. 16

Bands/Artists decide what to place at the forefront of their music. 399 more words

Week To Week - 2016

My Privilege, My Voice

I never understood the concept of “white feminism”. As a multiracial self proclaimed riot grrrl, I spent much of my teenage years idolizing Carrie Brownstein and Kathleen Hanna. 272 more words

What I Gave Up-- Sacrifices of Privilege

Submerged in student debt, I traded my desire for privileged peeves my entitled ego cannot vent in anything other than verse.

I picked my path, 247 more words


Herschrijven, horror of lust?

Vandaag werd mijn privilege duidelijk, ik kreeg feedback over mijn inzending voor een literair tijdschrift. Natuurlijk leg ik dat niet naast me neer, maar trek het me aan. 138 more words

To Some, Access to Books is a Luxury.

Hello guys,

If you’re on Book Twitter– or what I like to call the Online Soap Opera for all the drama it holds, you’re probably aware of the talk and debate that was going around a few days back about… 1,168 more words

Bookish Talk

Men: Use your privilege to help us

Typically, we hear about male privilege – and especially white male privilege – in the context of how it hurts everyone else. Today, I want to point out that – whilst we don’t have to like it – that male privilege can also be used to help women. 521 more words