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The Privilege of Choice

If I were handed a list of all the wonderful benefits and advantages I have access to in my life and ordered to decide which I am most grateful for, I believe that my most solid answer would be the privilege of choice. 289 more words

Fool's Challenge 2015

Homelessness: Tears for the Alternative

I was on my newsfeed when I ran into a video taken in NYC of a “homeless” child on the streets when it was 5 degrees. 539 more words


Bitter old feminist is bitter and old.

I think everyone knows who this woman is, Janet Street Porter – interrupting people and throwing her opinion down peoples throats for decades.

Back in medieval England when Janet was born, there was a strict feudal system in place. 207 more words


How to Check Your Privilege

Check your privilege.

Acknowledgement of privilege is one of the most important if not the most effective way to combat oppression. Yet sometimes we suffer from too much self-empathy, and it can be hard to acknowledge just exactly how much privilege we benefit from. 801 more words


Quantifying Privilege

This morning on my facebook newfeed I came across this image:

Image Description: A flyer says “Check Your Privilege
– Man (+50)
-Woman (-50) 1,094 more words

feminism is (not) dead

“not that im a feminist or anything”

and the words ring in my ears because


“not that im a feminist or anything”

and i wonder whether i am… 119 more words


View From The Trailer Park: Cat Lady Just Doesn't Get It

Cat Lady just doesn’t get it.  What is it with all this energy devoted towards anti-gay discrimination in the name of religious freedom?

Well, being gay is against Scripture.  839 more words

Trailer Parks