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New Week, New Writing Leaf

Last week I wrote about a writing wobble, and you were all so lovely, giving me encouragement and reminding me what it is I love so much about this blogging community – thank you all so much for your support. 288 more words


There You Go Again: Trans Enlistment and the Cycle of Inequality

Today, the world was brutally reminded of the inequality that continues to ravage the transgender community when the President announced a plan to ban transgender individuals from enlisting with the United States military. 884 more words


Queerphobia is Justified

There is a meme that floats across my newsfeed, from time to time, that reads “It shouldn’t be called ‘queerphobia.’ You’re not afraid. You’re an asshole.” 236 more words


The place, date, or reason where, when or why we are born isn‘t predestined and it certainly is not chosen by us. It is thetic, it is random. 91 more words


What Is Minimalism?

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is an attempt to live with less.

The general principle is that everyday life is filled with clutter and minimalism is a refutation of the clutter. 818 more words

Better Life

Day 8

A little behind at the moment with the posting, but I’m still writing every day. Day 8’s prompt was to write about something that’s coming to an end, something that you love like a play, a shop closing down, or something light. 243 more words




And your ‘educators’ …


through some old newspaper cuttings this afternoon I happened across an article from the ‘New Zealand Herald’ dated March 1988. 277 more words