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The Dark Side of Positive Psychology

I have been a wellness coach for almost exactly 10 years. And along the way, I have gotten thoroughly immersed in positive psychology.  Which, if you didn’t know, is a fairly new field of study typically said to be pioneered by Dr. 611 more words


Centring marginalised voices... geographically.

As a follow up to a reading for Planning Theory and History that I enjoyed, a chapter from Cities for Sale by Leonie Sandercock, my tutor went the extra mile and emailed me… 462 more words


A Small, Closed Wooden Box

It was the last place I wanted to be.

Whenever it had come up in conversation, I would always tell people that I had never had to spend a night in the hospital. 1,117 more words


A privilege of sex or gender

I sorted through some old browser bookmarks today and found this exchange, in which a user on tumblr challenged others to to name and prove male privileges. 2,134 more words

Skepto Opines

On Tricky Words like Privilege

Ah, internet comments; the definition of a love/hate relationship for me. My vague New Year’s resolution of not scrolling through them is but a fuzzy memory, lost behind the indignant rage they so often incite. 1,651 more words

Women's Sport

Re: Jenni Murray on Trans.

I wrote this article in response to Jenni Murray’s comments. I’ve had it in my drafts for a while because initially I sent it to The Times asking them to host it, to further the discussion. 1,879 more words


Pursuit of Materialistic Success.

Life is not a bed of roses.

What constitutes as success differs for every individual. Our society is steeped in ruthless competition; ruthless in the sense that we are often not aware of the lives we step on in order to attain what we think will bring us contentment. 601 more words