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An Unprofessional Traveller

The Journey So Far

In April I will be moving Oslo, and that will be the seventh city I’ve lived in in as many years. 692 more words

Checking Privilege Checking

In late 2015, I joined an explicitly feminist band, as the drummer. At the time, I didn’t know that at least two of my bandmates had a very different conception of… 1,486 more words

Plastic Free: A Life For The Privileged?

I’ve been ‘plastic free’ for nearly two weeks now (give or take the odd absent-minded slip up). It’s been as annoying as it has fascinating. I find myself asking a lot more questions about what we use in our day to day lives and what we could realistically go without. 522 more words

Everything (Nothing) Changes

I missed Monday. Counter-clockwise air travel back to Mozambique completely devoured the day. I witnessed the hours tick by on my watch, still set to Pacific Standard Time, and felt myself grow distant, slipping into the the loneliness of departure as one slips into a familiar sweater – comforting, but only because it’s cold outside. 1,571 more words


Let's Talk About Tarte: On Why Being Socially Conscious is a Benefit to the Beauty Community

“A smart man only believes half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half”

-Jeff Cooper

Hello my lovelies!

Good news guys, Tarte  712 more words


They Didn't Learn it at Home: they learned it everywhere

I have recently seen a spattering of high school and college kids getting caught on cameras saying and doing racist stuff. The public reaction is most often shock and horror, which is appropriate, and then there is this accusation that this is surely an indicator of nefariousness among the adults who raised these kids. 1,399 more words