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Your Childhood is a Demon that You Hide from Yourself

Content Note: This contains discussion and a video of discussion of potential sexual assault

Does anyone remember ‘Chums’? It’s a very British institution, a parody of Friends that was broadcast on ITV as part of the Saturday morning kids programme SMTV:Live. 928 more words

Personal Thoughts

The Doctor is in

Yertle the Turtle

by Dr. Seuss

On the far-away island of Sala-ma-Sond,
Yertle the Turtle was king of the pond.
A nice little pond. It was clean. 976 more words

Civil Rights

A Whole-Body Gospel

Preached at Head of Christiana Presbyterian Church, March 1, 2015

Genesis 17:1-11, 15-16
Mark 8:31-38

I took a class in seminary about improvisation in worship – borrowing from improv theater to push our own thinking about what worship could look like. 1,719 more words


Getting In: Rachel Reflects on Education Equity and College Access

Part of the Treehouse mission is not only to have foster students graduate at the same rate as their peers, but with a plan for the future. 1,554 more words

Shinnyo Fellows For Community Leadership

I work out

Well, sometimes.  This morning I did.  A friend inspired me. She said that she doesn’t approach exercise as something she has to do.  Instead, it’s something she gets to do. 59 more words

Blogs Like This Need NOT Follow Me

@MixdGrlProblems on Tumblr: I may be mixed, but I’m not sure why you just followed me. I am not down with the HOT-MESS you are talking in your bio. 154 more words

Privilege: Institutionalized Attitudes and Behaviors

For one of my final papers, I wrote about racial profiling, prejudices, and social class. Today, I found this article on  Facebook Why it’s important to think about privilege – and why it’s hard… 916 more words