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Waymo LLC v. Uber Technologies, Inc./Ottomoto (Defendants), Anthony Levandowski (intervenor), and Lyft, Inc. et al. (Movants)

Docket No. 2017-2235, -2253

September 13, 2017

Brief summary: Mr. Levandowski’s petition for writ of mandamus was denied because, e.g., he could not show protection under attorney-client privilege or the work-product doctrine. 570 more words


Clutter, Pollution, Privilege

Before I go any further, I’d like to talk a bit about clutter, privilege, pollution and human rights for a moment.  All of these are critical issues today and are important to me in the context of my previous post and our mission to declutter our home and life.  1,492 more words

Simple Living

Gender Subordination and Privilege Questionnaire

This is a very unscientific questionnaire that you may use to help take stock of some of the ways you experience subordination or privilege based on gender. 1,580 more words

Men, Identities, & Other Enigmas

During our daily morning meeting, where we read the service notes about interactions with our clients, we talked about a new enrollment, we’ll call him Sam*. 469 more words



I aspire to evolve, to develop myself through my spiritual pursuits.  But this concept isn’t without its problematic aspects.  Exactly what do we envision when we are told to strive to become a higher or better version of ourselves? 162 more words

Queer in Public vs. Queer in Private

I’m thinking a bit about how queers experience space differently, and I notice that so many of my experiences of being queer are intricately linked with the dichotomy of public vs. 431 more words


Ivey League Trailblazers response

“Ivey League Trailblazers” interested me for the fact that, in a way, it helped me to realize my own privilege. Many of the students who attended Brown, Columbia, or any of the other schools featured work a thousand times harder than I’ve ever had to just to survive in college. 396 more words