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Where is home for you?

Where is home for you?

This is a question my mother-in-law asked me once, thinking perhaps that I would answer “Bemidji” where my grandparents had lived, where I spent my summers growing up, where my parents had retired. 1,236 more words

Personal Story

Of Course I Mean Awesome... No Duh!

That poor woman… but also, I love this story…

Thanks to all my friends, family, loved ones, and everyone else along the way… you all continue to teach me new things about myself and the world around me. 375 more words


Trash & Empathy

Thanks for tuning in folks!

I start this episode by adding a new segment just to appreciate some of the men in my circle; men that I know that are making strong attempts to being better. 61 more words

The Idea Of Manhood Podcasts

On not being fined by the police

This week, we were stopped by police three times in two days, and we weren’t fined any of those times. Despite what I’ve written about negotiating the police in Tanzania… 275 more words

Written By Tamie

TIBERIAN THOUGHTS – The Case for Constance Clarke

If you have been following me and my colleagues’ writing, you have probably realized that we all hold the opinion that 2016 is a year of utmost importance as far as Who is concerned – as the Wilderness Years have proven before, it sometimes is when Who steps back that the most interesting explorations of its identity and possibilities take place. 1,382 more words


Just Start...

I gotta say, I really like going through my old posts.  Thank you for joining me – I am truly grateful that you are here. 886 more words


Bad Days

So, a few days back I saw this beautiful video on Facebook. The video, in an experiment, very eloquently explains how privileged some of us are and we don’t even realize it. 404 more words