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Privilege to share

Another lovely end of day
in my favourite place
Sitting in the sunshine
with a big smile on my face
I’d take a little selfie… 98 more words


Smash the patriarchy!

Sometimes the systems that exist in society just seem nonsensical to me.  I am bewildered on a regular basis at how poorly systems work to protect the rights of marginalized folks, children, women, trans folks,  People of Colour, Indigenous folks…I start to wonder who or what the systems do support and uphold. 638 more words

Lena Dunham: Why she made a Giant mistake | Kendrick Williams

     Hello Spartans! For this issue of the Mosaic blog, I will be discussing Lena Dunham’s actions regarding the 2016 Met Gala and why her words are dangerous and how they encourage the “fatal” sexualization of black men. 899 more words

Social Justice

My Way on the Worldschooling Highway

Did you know there is a global community of families who call themselves ‘worldschoolers’?

For these families, learning while travelling and living in other countries is a primary way in which they meet their children’s educational needs. 3,057 more words

Family Travel

A future thought

I’m looking forward to the rest of my life…

This is a thought that has captured my mind for the past few days as I’ve seen some difficult changes to my daily routine as I’ve known it. 452 more words


When you're not sure how to enter the conversation (or if you should even be a part of it...SPOILER ALERT: YOU SHOULD)

In the aftermath of a series of jarring events–the deaths of Terrence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott, violence, protests–throughout the last few weeks, I know that so many people are hurting; are tired, angry, heartbroken. 1,797 more words

Because Privilege Speaks in Experiences

This is how privilege works, for me and perhaps for others in a similar intersection of identity. It is the mechanism that allows you to float through life, even as much as you might pay attention to the world around you, even as often as you realize that your cares and worries are rarely tied to your immediate physical reality. 951 more words