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White, Male, 5’ 10”, 165lbs

When I walk into the room I don’t draw attention


No one thinks I am dangerous


I can reach for my coat pocket as fast as I want… 142 more words


How To Introduce Your Trans Friend

Cis people, we apparently need a guide for how to introduce our trans friends/relatives/acquaintances. I’m going to do my best here to put some guidelines together. 515 more words


Being Conscious Sucks... [short]

Recently, I realized that generally, I am an angry person. But I don’t think that I’m angry just to be angry. I think I’m angry because I understand the world around me in a way that most other people don’t; conscious if you will. 517 more words

Generally General

Nature, Nurture and Oxbridge Entry.

Blimey, two blog posts in a day!

I’ve been reading some of the coverage this morning of the Cambridge Union debate on the question: “This House Believes Oxbridge is a Finishing School for the Privileged” which featured, amongst others, the writer, journalist and former Tory MP Louise Mensch – a person I rather admire, as it happens. 1,089 more words

Pre-Education: Cultural Appropriation - What’s Yours is Mine?

In this edition of the Pre-Education blog, we are going to give you some resources to check out around the topic of cultural appropriation. 504 more words


How I Learned Education is a Privilege

I recently left my job (more on that later) to pursue my own interests. After a week of unemployment, I present my very first animation. Excuse the bad sound and video quality. 172 more words


Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Let’s talk about bubbles.

I have been seeing a lot of talk about bubbles lately. Washington legislators and their minions live in the bubble of Washington politics. 2,074 more words