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Building an Army

Malaria. Typhoid. Yellow Fever.

The words themselves sound like nightmares. Like tiny, unseen monsters that threaten to sneak up on innocent bodies and ravage them simply because they can. 336 more words


White Privilege (Is An Illusion)

Interesting week so far. Been called a racist a couple times, reminded of my “white privilege,” and described as “callous” – all by a guy with a blog called “ 637 more words


Thoughts on privilege, chance, and being a woman in America

I love books that make you more aware, that open up your mind to the happenings of this unbelievably large world. I’m currently reading a beautifully, tragically eye-opening bestseller called… 658 more words


endorsement as acceptance

if we live in these systems without actively resisting them, if we move in them, are influenced by them, we accept them, and thus we endorse them. 116 more words



I’ve been out about everything else, may as well be out about this.

I’m physically challenged, disabled, differently abled. Specifically, I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and have since I turned 27 (a long time ago). 704 more words


The Privilege of Getting Away

Last week, we made the trek up to the Black Hills of South Dakota for our triennial family reunion. Especially since becoming a parent, I look forward to these gatherings. 657 more words


This inquiry into Queer parenthood has resulted in more rabbit holes than I even knew existed and led me to some unexpected sources.

One of the most interesting of those sources in this whole endeavor has been the memoir The Argonauts, by Maggie Nelson (2015). 416 more words