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Social conditioning and parental expectations

Yesterday, during Monkey’s therapy session, I found myself trying to choke back tears about his upcoming medical procedures and everything that he’s been through already. He is certainly not the most disabled child – he appears more or less “typical” – but he has been through and continues to go through far more than typical children do. 1,175 more words

Langkawi Mood... Salt and Sand!

The countdown to our holidays is almost starting… yeah!!!

I never thought too much about Malaysia but after a quick search I realized that definitely should be an amazing country, its people, its food, its diversity… I´ll figure out personally and write about later. 54 more words


Eat Yo Fat!

I used to work at a bakery. Yes, as a dietetic intern, I worked at a bakery – it was the first part time job that I was able to get my hands on as I moved into Chicago, and I just went for it. 709 more words


What I really want to know when I ask, "do I look pretty today?"

“I get it now. Holy fuck I get it now.”

My friend B and I had been joking around and climbing, having a good time. She screeches when she free falls from the top of the wall, and people look at me to see if I’m belaying her properly. 408 more words

Doing ONE thing is a Privilege

While listening to the Note to Self podcast the other day, I heard the guest promote an idea that I have heard promoted many times before. 657 more words


White Fragility in Yoga: Privilege, Power, and Posts

Today I’m breaking off from my usual blog, and sharing a post I wrote for a social media group. I’ve only recently (within the last year or so) discovered the use of facebook groups in the yoga world. 4,255 more words


Vern's Venting: Whiteness Will NOT Be Mocked

By Lavern Merriweather:

At this year’s Cannes film festival, a French comedian named Laurent Lafitte made a disparaging comment about noted director Woody Allen. In reference to sex abuse allegations of his adopted daughter Dylan that have recently resurfaced, Lafitte made a rape joke. 1,201 more words