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Coffee Log, Day 145


Coffee: India Extra Bold Roast, Cafe Crema; the most expensive cup of average coffee I’ve had.

I’m getting pretty good at stir-fry. It only took two years. 282 more words

I Am Afraid of Men

I am afraid of men. Mostly white men. Specifically white, cis/het men. They instill fear in me.

This shouldn’t be a controversial statement to make, but I know it is. 1,659 more words

The Privilege of Objectivity

Section four of Song of Myself piqued my interest because the voice describing the actions in this section seems to be much more removed than in others. 582 more words

Leaves Of Grass

Hating your body is a privilege!

It’s a privilege

Let me put this into perspective for some you and I’m apologising at the beginning, but I’ll use a harsh comparision and you might not like what I’m going to you tell you, BUT…

549 more words

Anatomy of a Bigot

Meet John. He was born into an era that put him three rungs higher than half the nation because he was born with a Y chromosome instead of two meagre X’s. 433 more words


I Eat Fish On Tuesdays

That was a tip I picked up from Bourdain’s essay, the one that put him on the map. I’d guessed some f the other stuff (back of the house are all on drugs, lots of undocumented people make our food, the work is back-breaking and never-ending) but I didn’t know to skip ordering fish until Tuesday. 691 more words


a lesson in privilege

As I sat in a tent with the hot sun beating down, I thought of Jonah sitting under the gourd vine. When יהוה made a worm attack the plant so that it withered, Jonah suffered – and received what may be one of the first recorded lessons in privilege. 452 more words