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Tiny bubbles

Yesterday morning my Honors 478 students became the ninth section of their course (and sixth led by me) to put on a workshop on topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion in a modern multicultural society. 397 more words

Is inheriting from your parents a right or a privilege?

We inherit genetics from our parents, and that’s a given. Is it a must that we also inherit what they own? I’ve often thought about this and don’t agree with it at all. 600 more words

The Star-Weekly Column

Feminism is putrid postmodernism in 100 words or less

The advancement of society and science is based on this simple idea called Enlightenment:  

We see stuff, and with effort, intelligence and rational thought we can find out what the rules are of how things work, and finding these things out is better than not knowing. 100 more words


An empowered woman

I am not “an empowered woman”.

I did not see an empowered woman, but a caricature of women, said that TERF. I plead guilty. 505 more words


Religious Terrorism in the US

Any topic that qualifies as a complicated conversation generally contains a lot of heated passion from every side, regardless of the topic being explored. I will of course be talking from my own point of view, so go with the assumption that it’s my opinion. 2,135 more words


Giving and Receiving

The phrase is usually “give and take”, rather than give and receive. This does not seem to be a good way to see it. In taking, there is a sense that the item was not freely given. 180 more words


Don’t Judge Me

Sigh.  I have to realize that growing up in a family like mine, I learned things very young (and am still learning more now) about medicine and psychology that most people have perhaps only recently learned. 622 more words

Mental Retraining