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OSU Oppression and Privilege

On move-in day at OSU in 2015, one house’s “welcome” banner got a little extra attention for all the wrong reasons. One banner read, “Dad’s, we’ll take it from here” and another stating, “Daughter Daycare 2.0”. 555 more words


Personal Privilege

One experience of privilege and oppression I have experienced at OSU involves dorm safety. Over the summer I roomed with a black girl on my team and we lived in a dorm that you needed to use a metal key to lock and unlock the main door. 409 more words

Deconstructing Ideology : "Reverse Discrimination"

So, I am terrible at actually posting anything. However, this morning I started working on a short essay about deconstructing ideologies to help my students think about ideology and race. 589 more words


Checking My Own Privilege

One of the benefits of privilege is that you don’t have to think about your privilege. You usually don’t even notice your own privilege until someone points it out. 1,117 more words

300 Words on Privilege

I struggle. I work hard. But I feel immensely privileged. I had the chance to choose whether to leave Brazil, my home country, and restart my life in a developed nation. 312 more words

The Racism of White Privilege

I am so sick of hearing about “privilege.”  And, of course, nobody cares, because I am a fat, white, cis-gendered, straight guy from a nuclear family. 715 more words

Current Events

Both Oppression and Privilege

As a white female I have experienced and witnessed moments of privilege and oppression over my four years at Ohio State. I am in nursing school which has allowed me to have had multiple experiences with stigma and prejudice. 619 more words