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Of Joy and Being Led

It is the nature of objects in motion to stay in motion. We don’t always have to try and steer. 

Friday, I finally managed to get a handful of students outside for a preliminary bit of ultimate frisbee. 781 more words


British royals need to stop pretending they're just like the rest of us

After a day of waiting, the world’s press got their first look, and first photographs, of the newest member of the royal family at around 6pm on May 2. 1,001 more words

Why Singapore needs to avoid a US-Centric view of racism

Of the countless school lectures I’ve sat in, this one stuck with me. It was a crash course of sorts on the concept of racism, and we watched videos of social experiments revealing that many white by-standers would not intervene when a black person is publicly abused. 1,683 more words


Being healthy is a privilege

I’ve never really thought much about it – health. It was just a given. I had six lung infections as a kid and a bunch of other diseases, but never anything serious enough for my parents to be worried about…at least not where I grew up. 367 more words


Twas Grace

By Lindsay Airey. Originally published in the Detroit Catholic Worker paper On the Edge. Lindsay is a marriage & family therapist, radical disciple, and recovering AlAnon member, living and working alongside her husband Tom, the Larkins St. 1,585 more words


What's the conservative version of "mansplaining?"

In the battle to explain the riots over the indiscriminate killing of black people in terms which will appeal to conservatives, we have a new winner! 412 more words

View From The Trailer Park: The Doors of Perception

Apparently The Rapture hasn’t happened after all, because one of the missing cast of characters in this little drama has briefly reappeared.  Cat Lady is speaking of “Jack”, the broker who illegally brought in several mobile homes from a defunct park in Kalamazoo and then vanished, owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in back rent.  652 more words

Trailer Parks