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Double Standards

One evening, a while back, Lisa was in the kitchen, washing dishes while wearing her new summer pjs (ordered from the women’s department). She was looking very cute – and very feminine. 925 more words


Checking my Privilege 

First of all, I would like to say that I am very much a work in progress! I don’t claim to be perfect and I certainly haven’t stopped learning where my faults lie. 781 more words


got privilege? : Thoughts on White Privilege in America

by: Terrence A. Merkerson

***This is not written to offend, admonish, or shame anyone specifically. It is purely to acknowledge the systematic privileges afforded to the dominant that creates unfair advantages and puts marginalized groups at a significant detriment. 1,070 more words


"Colour Blindness" is a Cop Out

When discussing racism, a lot of people’s strategy is to claim that they “don’t see colour” and prefer to treat everyone the same.  While this approach is often taken by those with the best of intentions, it is actually a very incomplete solution which oversimplifies a very complex problem.   1,012 more words


I feel more privileged than a rich, white frat kid

…because every week I look forward to 6 more days than they do.

Warning: obvious generalizations are obvious.

Every time I skate back to my apartment late at night from utilizing the school’s software and hardware, it’s inevitable for me to run into a couple party girls and snapback dudes who never fully open their eyes. 677 more words

Knowledge and privilege always bring responsibility

One aspect of human courts of law that often seems unjust is that ignorance of a law is not deemed to be an excuse for having broken that law. 113 more words

God's Will

Haikus, Preppie Scum Buys Some Justice


“In America – you can’t buy love but you can – buy sex and justice”

“Prep School culture of – rape and misogyny gets – exonerated”