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View From The Trailer Park: Affluence, Privilege, and the Anti-Vax Movement

Today Cat Lady would like to talk about how the anti-vaccination movement fits in with the culture of affluence and privilege and what its effects are on the poor. 974 more words

Trailer Parks

Internalized Audism

Content note: ableism, audism, communication access, disability rights, ADA, institutionalized oppression

Back in February, Congressman Glenn Grothman, R-WI, encouraged his constituents to pry into the lives of citizens on government assistance. 801 more words


Two YouTube Stars Make A Cartoon About Privilege [VIDEO]

Two incredibly intelligent and entertaining YouTube stars, Franchesca Ramsey and Kat Blaque joined their powerful forces to create a cartoon about privilege. Franchesca wrote the dialogue while Kat used her illustration skills to create the most adorable lesson-teachers the internet has seen in a long time. 435 more words

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What Are You Thankful For?

Some events that happened today got me thinking: What are you thankful for? What are you grateful for, in spite of everything else. Through hatred and grudges, annoyances and disappointments, misfortune and misery. 304 more words


Measuring Privilege the Wrong Way

This thought-provoking and problematic “check your privilege” list has been circulating on Twitter this morning, seemingly at least partly originating from this tweet

Normally, I am all for discussions of privilege. 499 more words

Thoughts & Perspectives

Is It a Privilege to Be An Environmentalist?

One theme that has had a impacted me to get involved with environmental reform or even pursue environmental related major is the issue of food. To answer this question I am going to use my own community that I was brought up in as an example and try to explore how it changed my perspective and definition of conservation and food.    331 more words