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Why I Don't Date White People

“Reverse racism!” someone chants in the distance. Before someone threatens me with a pitchfork, just know that I don’t subscribe to a racial hierarchy. A white person’s life has the same intrinsic value of a black person, a latino person, an asian person, an indigenous person, and so on. 1,118 more words


Privilege is a Responsibility

Privilege is something that I find myself thinking about quite often. As a white, cisgender man, I have immense amounts of privilege. I have the privilege of not worrying about my safety if I am walking alone at night. 222 more words

Talking From Privilege

McNair v. City & County of San Francisco

The litigation privilege immunized a doctor from being sued by a bus driver, after the doctor refused to certify him for a commercial driver’s license and wrote to the DMV that plaintiff posed a risk to himself and others due to specified cognitive deficits.  163 more words


Never too broke to observe.

I think I may have reached the end of this credit line extended by middle-class privilege. Credit that has nothing to do with money itself but is sustained by the unwavering belief in the monetary system and all the values it purports. 1,168 more words

Anthropological Perspective

Self Publishing- 2

So far, the biggest issue I have had has been

A)  Planning to secure an ISBN, beyond the point of time when I cannot obtain free ones… 481 more words


Love Your Luck

Yesterday I resigned!  After eighteen years of owning a permanent position with the same organisation, I bit the bullet.  I will soon say goodbye to my salary, superannuation, annual leave, long service leave and an accumulated 34 weeks of sick leave.  716 more words


joining the fight for justice

If just one aspect of my life was changed …
If I was born somewhere different

Like in one of the world’s developing nations instead of the affluence of Australia. 501 more words