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The Grand Illusion

We see ourselves as slogging through the dirt
Whilst others upon golden pathways tread
We see them as above mere mundane hurt
Such as we know whom to the dirt are bred

This is illusion, manufactured by
Those who well understand a little hope
Keeps us content, continuing to try
Forever to climb that fictitious slope

They but conduct the very same
Mundane activities as do mere we
They also have places to which they came
Where they would not by pref'rence rather be

Let not the gilding cause you to forget
For all its gold, all life's a lilly yet


Trans Women and "Male Privilege"

There are a lot of things on which the trans community disagrees. One such thing relates to the concept of “male privilege”. As trans women, we live part of our lives as if we were men- at least until we figure it out and do something about it. 831 more words


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Unfortunate Events Leading to Fortunate Outcomes

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On Privilege

Choosing the terrain on which you meet your enemy is of paramount importance. The three truly great treatises on the art of war—Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Art of War… 2,600 more words

Good And Evil

The Problems with Acceptance and Why We should Practice it Anyway

Acceptance is a complicated and loaded term in the counseling world. We generally hold it up as an aspirational value, particularly in recovery circles, but the term, the concept and the practice are laden with nuance and difficulty. 1,495 more words


A New Perspective

This weekend my husband and I returned from a Royal Caribbean (RC) cruise through the Caribbean with some friends. We had a blast! We spent the week not knowing what time it was, eating constantly, laying by the pool/beach, and taking selfies. 487 more words