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Time to do something

It has been a while since I have wrote. I told myself a year ago that I wanted to write every week in graduate school. Yet I didn’t. 333 more words

Passports, power and privilege

On the side of one column in London’s Migration Museum is a list of countries, ordered by their ‘Global Passport Power Rank’. At just 4 foot 3 (and a half!), I can barely see Germany at the top, or the UK in 12th. 968 more words

Culture & Integration

Lest We Forget

I emphasize:

  • Union
  • Domestic Tranquility
  • Common Defense
  • General Welfare
  • Blessings of Liberty

It’s not YOUR PRIVILEGE against MY PRIVILEGE. It’s OUR RIGHTS measured against the purposes served by their exercise.


On Potatoes, Cleanses and Hunger

I’m almost certain everybody reading this has heard of the potato famine in a dietary context. It’s also called potato ‘cleanse’, but the very notion of cleanses is pseudoscience bullshit. 1,185 more words


#Outsideisfree and other lies

I spend way too much time, scrolling through outdoorsy images on Instagram.

Sometimes I get inspired by the images I see.
Sometimes I add places to my travel wishlist. 2,307 more words


On the Benefits of Procrastination

We’ve all been there: There’s that dreaded deadline coming up, and you know you’ve got to get stuff done before then. But instead of doing what you’re… 316 more words