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White Gay Men: Privilege, Oppression, and Horizontal Hostility

For my Introduction to Queer Studies class yesterday students read a variety of articles on the theme of White gay/queer men and how they are both privileged and oppressed (and these, of course, vary according to the relevant intersectionality).  505 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives



I’ve been absent and dealing with











and the end is in sight


Today in my voting theory class I gave students space to be, just be, given how we’ve spent the semester having hard conversations about political philosophy and given how we all had some pretty strong opinions in the wake of this past Monday’s debate. 132 more words

Dear Privileged Students...

To privileged students from a privileged student.

We are all in the same boat. We are all trying to better ourselves through tertiary education. For some of us, it means we are come from a long line of graduates, for others it means we are the first to be getting a tertiary education. 797 more words

White Feminism in Politics

Rachel Joy Larris and Rosalie Maggio attempt to explain sexism in political media coverage in their article “Name It. Change It.” They offer a feminist critique of current media surrounding women in politics, and discuss the harm it can do to their campaigns and the ways to fight against it. 601 more words

Peer Leader

The Whole Wide World

As an election year in the U.S., 2016 has certainly seen a plethora of hashtags on social media. One of the less political ones this summer was #firstsevenjobs. 729 more words


Who Gets to Judge: On the Editor and Diversity

A few weeks ago UK writer Tony Rock wrote a blog about our policy on diversity. In it, he seemed to be making the case that by encouraging diversity in our pages, we were making it more difficult for certain writers to be published. 1,769 more words


The Whitest Thing I Could Do

Let me tell y’all what it’s like
Being male, middle-class, and white
It’s a bitch, if you don’t believe
Listen up to my new CD…

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