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Observances - Post Action - Post Everything?

That is my front walk, right inside my gate.  That, ladies and gents, is the face of white privilege.  Because, my gods, I “got” to buy a house almost 30 years ago.   1,730 more words

Feminism & Humanism

Your Privilege is Showing

Tell a white person about their white privilege, and more often than not they get defensive. Tell a person of color they have privilege and many times you’ll get a list of their suffering and mistreatment. 866 more words

Blackademically Inclined

When being alive is a privilege

Our state of mind determines how we interact with our world. Imagine being so grateful, that you see life as a privilege. How would that look like and how would you be? 376 more words

Personal Evolution

My attitude towards Pride has changed from dismissal to respect

I used to think privilege was a nonsense concept, and I used to think that Pride was unnecessary. These two misconceptions are related.

Privilege, loosely defined, is what some people have when they enjoy social advantages by virtue of belonging to a certain group. 744 more words

Here Are the Real Reasons Why We White People Struggle to Admit That Racism Still Exists — Everyday Feminism

Constance:  there is a lot of this sort of talk running around these days…WASP types complaining about racism.  This article addresses that sort of thinking and does it very well. 243 more words


white people be hella optimistic

In only the last few days (let’s not even begin to count the months) I’ve heard more than just a few white folk telling me that “things are getting better.” I’ve had white men telling me that within the last ten years people are changing their ways of thinking, becoming more open-minded. 817 more words


Sudden privilege 

Examples of male privilege from a trans guy’s perspective: http://everydayfeminism.com/2015/05/male-privilege-trans-men/

This list isn’t surprising, and yet somehow really is at the same time. After a while you really have to wonder sometimes if all the things we sort of complain about as women really are unfair, or if it’s “just us” – because we’ll never really know, right? 331 more words