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Dáil Privilege and Publication - You Can Publish and not be Damned

Dáil Privilege and Publication | Constitution Project @ UCC.

Really interesting piece by a noted constitutional lawyer. Can the media publish the Dail proceedings with the allegations of Catherine Murphy TD? 369 more words


Does Money Make You Mean?

“You will never know if someone is an asshole
until he becomes rich.”—Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
The Bed of Procrustes (revised version)

After years of being an overweight sweetheart, this guy I knew in high school started working out, lost all of the weight, and eventually looked like Brad Pitt in… 343 more words


Abuse and What Forgiveness Isn't

Content note: sexual abuse, power, privilege, abuse in the news, abuse narratives

Most of the blog posts I’ve read that defend a Christian accused of a sexual crime against another person (or persons) get the concept of forgiveness really, really wrong. 846 more words


The Privilege : A Story of Two Worlds on One Page

Of late, I have been coming across quite a few webcomics which are so powerful in their context, that they leave me in a stasis of thought for the rest of the day. 318 more words


Visa, Art and Ukulele

So, as you all know I had to reapply for my visa. Well that process was exhausting and long and they made us stay out in the humid 110 degrees for 2 hours for a 2 minute interview. 239 more words

Watch "The power of privilege: Tiffany Jana at TEDxRVAWomen" on YouTube

Privilege is not a crime. We cannot change the fact that we are born with an advantage, whether it is by race, social standing or even innate skills. 29 more words


View From the Trailer Park: The Village Has Started Proceedings to Close Mushroom Acres

Last night Cat Lady went to the Village Council meeting.  Normally the Council meets on Mondays but because of the holiday, the meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday.  805 more words

Trailer Parks