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The Problem with the 'Good Schools'

We live where we live for a lot of reasons. We feel its a good place to grow up for our kids. A big reason for this, the biggest reason we are here, is the schools. 1,248 more words

Alice Writes An Angry Letter

Dear Random Man on the Street Who Kept Talking to Me Until I Finally Looked at Him,

Thanks so much for picking me out of a crowded sidewalk of people to talk to. 421 more words

Alice Thinks Like A Social Justice Warrior

The Problem isn't the Liquor

I was reading an article on the Raw Story today where Stanford University’s answer to Brock Tuner’s disgusting actions is to ban hard liquor on campus. 522 more words

Book Recommendation of the Month: Wasp Queen

Ah, a cheery morning to you, my bipedal comrades! It is especially cheery because I have a book recommendation for you.

And so, I give unto you the thrilling poet Claudia Cortese’s poetry collection, … 91 more words

Good Ideas

Privilege and Femme Identity: Coming Out 

This post is the first in a two-part series written by the same author about her coming out experience.  

I grew up in an incredibly privileged family. 983 more words

White Male American Athletes Fail to Put Hands Over Hearts During National Anthem

Okay just one more post about Gabby Douglas and the Olympics.

I saw this video floating around on Facebook praising U. S. Army Reservist Sam Kendricks for stopping mid pole vault attempt to stand at attention for the national anthem.  40 more words

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New Project: Chapter 8

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Privilege is defined as, “A right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed by a person beyond the advantages of most.” It is dispersed by those in positions of power according to gender, class, and race. 1,445 more words

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