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In a World Dry as Kindling

Dear Kids,

As you might have noticed, we were born in America.  We come from families with a long history of working hard to beat the odds, of excelling in all kinds of jobs—or not, as the case may be.  1,067 more words


How racism hurts racists

Victims of bigotry have to contend with mental burden from several sources. On top of overt harassment and systemic oppression, they can also face… 272 more words

Cognitive Load Theory

Voting is a Right NOT a Privilege ~~ The Struggle continues

Time to pass the Voting Rights Act, change redistricting rules and make it easier for ALL Americans to VOTE

Dear America

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. 517 more words

United States

Why the phrase "I can always" is indicative of privilege

This is something that has been forming in my mind for some time now. I realized yesterday that not only will it be an important piece for my transition process, but it is also timely, given recent events in the United States. 1,140 more words

South Sudan

No Room for Racism!

I remember discussing racism when I was studying ethics in a college Philosophy class. One of the philosophers had a blanket theory.  He asked you to imagine a giant blanket being put over a diverse group of people, and when the blanket is lifted everyone’s racial identity would be different.   143 more words

The Underground Railroad - Reflection: Privilege

Photo credit: Privilege | Stephen Dann | CC 2.0

This is another hard reflection for me to write. In order to be honest about how The Underground Railroad impacted me, I have to confront my privilege. 1,196 more words



Perhaps the human penchant
for scapegoating,
enemy-identifying, denial, and
refusal to accept responsibility,
would be a little less surprising
if we were willing and able
to admit the struggle between
good and evil going on
in each of our hearts
all day long and
most of the night.
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