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From 11-9-16

A white adult male felt it necessary to try to “explain” racism to a Latina woman. He also said, “Isn’t it racist to say ‘white’ privilege?” Ugh.

Representation matters

I read an interesting article on Facebook the other day. It was about the movie Rogue One and the effect the accent of Mexican actor Diego Luna had on a woman and her father, who is also from Mexico and has a similarly heavy accent. 572 more words



There is some truth to what Liberals say  about privilege, that it ought to be checked. A proper understanding of privilege would see it as the view that one’s actions go without harm, that one’s lifestyle isn’t at risk of making the world a worse place. 462 more words


toffee buns and caramel drinks

I was thinking about joining a lesbian event in Singapore (I know, I often vacillate between joining or not joining because I am 23 and very stupid) and I came across a buzzfeed article on privilege. 1,022 more words


Identity Politics – A Critical Examination

Identity politics necessitates the acceptance of not a few transparently contradictory ideas. First and foremost, it inextricably ties identity to experience. When I say identity I am referring to both biologically established identities, such as being dark-skinned or female, and abstract or political identities, such as being spiritual or Marxist. 1,216 more words

Feminism And Activism


“Check your privilege”

they say

as if you could step outside

of yourself.

If I’m aware of only a fraction of my privilege

Then I don’t want it… 33 more words


Re-entering the Vampire's Castle (must we?)

cw: discussion of depression and suicide

It was with great sadness that I learned of the death by suicide of Mark Fisher.

My first encounter with Mark’s writing was during the explosive and bitter controversy that followed the publication of his… 1,120 more words