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Fuck Your Colorblindness

Rarely do I ever hate classes. When I pick out my new schedules for the semester, it’s exciting to have so many classes to choose from to fulfill the last few GE requirements I have left. 1,019 more words

Advanced boiling it down

If you have been poor, you are never un poor. We all have seen movies—or maybe even have it in our families—where the ancient ones who now live in Malibu still save toilet paper tubes in case they ever need to start a fire, because they used to pick up coal in the railroad tracks to heat the house during the Depression. 781 more words

Note to Self for the Average White Person

by Alexis Levato

Who are you? Look at yourself. When I look in the mirror I see my visible and invisible identities. I see that I am a womyn with blonde hair and dark eyes, and white. 1,129 more words


#448 Lovely #sunsets at Cuddesdon remind me of how privileged I am to be able to afford the time to bask in the beauty of #God and #creation. #grateful


Inclusion: getting on with "just learning"

Eight years ago, a long time before I was officially diagnosed as autistic, I was a mature student studying full-time for a Masters degree. One of the best years of my life – a year of total immersion in learning, with minimal worldly distractions. 1,786 more words


Blue is for Losers

I was taught, growing up, that one did not discuss religion, sex, or politics in polite company. Definition of “polite company” aside, I still ascribe to this. 348 more words

Day 18 - Counting blessings

Warm showers,

Strawberries in December (totally unnecessary by the way),

Multiple mobile devices connected to internet,

A passport from the Schengen zone,

A bed I don’t have to share, 386 more words

October 2016