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GIVEAWAY! Win a ONE Month Supply of Hydrant

Win a one-month supply of Hydrant

Ever feel like no matter how much you sleep or how much coffee you drink, you still feel tired and lose focus during the day? 314 more words


When The Last Leaves Fall (~chapter ten~)

*This is a short companion story to the novel The Reputation of Booya Carthy.
It may contain spoilers apropos to the original story.

As the day continued to drift towards darkness, the Englishman had told Hunter of the link between Helland and this house. 1,916 more words

April 18th (bigness)

Today was good, although I can’t really comment on any specifics. Since yesterday, I’ve been kind of overwhelmed by the enormity of time, and how small each moment is in comparison to all things. 55 more words


It's a So Lucky Scarf!

I just LOVE my happy new Lucky Scarf! I don’t win contests very often, in fact, I never win so this is a true happy day:). 142 more words

Giving your best!

I took my school children for an inter-school music competition today. About 20 schools participated. We gave our best but didn’t get a prize.

I have always believed that we should make giving our best our habit and not winning. 121 more words


A Splashing Win!

The main reason I comp is so I can win items and experiences I wouldn’t normally be able to afford or do. Toys for Jack & Max are always on the top of my comping wishlist and this month we received a rather fantastic prize :D… 251 more words