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Mini Ritz

In 2014 I went to one of the many Mini shows that was on the years calendar, at the show there was a raffle as there always is, £1 a ticket and people were buying them in their hundreds. 483 more words


The Winner Of Last Weekend's Smash Wii U Tournament Won A Giant Cup Of Noodles

(Source: kotaku.com)

ZeRo holding a giant cup of noodles after winning Gensis Saga. Image credit: Esports Arena.

At Saturday’s 2GGC: Genesis Saga tournament for Smash Wii U, accomplished Diddy Kong player Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios appeared to stroll through the winner’s bracket with ease, eventually taking the grand finals three games to one against challenger Komorikiri’s Cloud Strife. 350 more words


Esteemed thinker: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A prize is an honor that from the earliest stage of our remembrance we have yearned to receive. Some prizes are earned after long and arduous work and commitment, and then some prizes are received after very little work or accomplishments. 641 more words

God's Kingdom

Ever notice that when you put something written up to a mirror it looks like it is backwards? In the natural, we are born, we age, getting older and older until we finally die. 622 more words



Athletes who all start up on the track at the same time don’t end at the same time. Some get weak on the way, some fall down, and some others even faint. 710 more words