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Post-birth abortion?

An article that appeared in The Telegraph is a sad commentary on the logical progression of evolutionary, feminist, pro-abortion, and progressive thought.  So-called medical ethicists concluded that killing an already born infant was no different than ending their life in the womb.  310 more words


Matthew Cassady: The "My Body My Choice" Delusion

Chanted at women’s rights marches, shouted during pro-choice rallies, and screeched in protest toward pro-life advocates is the epic 1970’s political anthem . . . … 1,967 more words

Who's Truth is Right?

Our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs develop over time. Is there absolute truth regardless of our maturity? Absolutely. 

True confession: I used to be Pro-Choice… 1,029 more words


Donald Trump Revokes U.S Pro-Abortion Law

U.S. President Donald Trump has revoked the Presidential Memorandum on Mexico City Policy and Assistance for Voluntary Population Planning, which allowed voluntary abortion in the U.S. 264 more words


Catholic pro-lifers at the Women's March? Get used to it.

Were you surprised, even shocked, to see Catholics and other pro-lifers joining in at the Women’s March — the march that was funded and organized by pro-choicers, and which backed out of partnering with pro-life groups? 843 more words