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Catholic pro-lifers at the Women's March? Get used to it.

Were you surprised, even shocked, to see Catholics and other pro-lifers joining in at the Women’s March — the march that was funded and organized by pro-choicers, and which backed out of partnering with pro-life groups? 843 more words

Yes, I Am a Man. Yes, I Can Talk About Abortion.

I’ve heard the line from my liberal friends, abortion availability advocates, and even my own mother, that I do not have the right to talk about abortion because I am a male. 457 more words


Mind Your Own Vagina (or Shut the Fuck up If You Don't Have One)

Recently, I have had a heated argument with a guy about whether abortion is acceptable or not. In a country where abortion is both illegal and taboo, it is hard to debate its pros to someone, especially if that person… 1,615 more words


No Thank You Very Much!

You do not want a soul tie to anyone who thinks the brutal demolition of a full-term baby is “reproductive health”.  Period.

In all elections, in all issues, take the life stance.  722 more words

Exposing the Lies of "Catholics for Choice"

The leader of the pro-abortion lobby group calling itself “Catholics for Choice”, Jon O’Brien, is well used to misleading Catholics by wrongly asserting that abortion and contraception can be compatible with the Church’s teaching and ought to be promoted by the church under the banners of such euphemisms as “women’s reproductive health care”. 482 more words

This Might Shock You. I Used to be Pro-Abortion.

Angela Chininin Buele

Most people don’t know that I used to be pro-abortion.  Actually, I was more than politically in favor of abortion; I could have been the poster child for what seems to be “right” about the movement.  769 more words

The God Of Life