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What if Planned Parenthood Could Profit from Live Fetuses in a Different Way?

Aside from feminist views, it is obvious that the doctors and leaders of Planned Parenthood can be heavily motivated in other, more materialistic ways.  They have been shown to sell both parts of babies, as well as intact babies born alive,  to research companies. 548 more words

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Curious! Hey libs: Care to explain THIS about the protest Planned Parenthood rallies?

You’ll snicker in a minute when you see what sparked that. You see, wing nutty wing nuts with wings peacefully (what?!) protested Planned Parenthood over the weekend. 158 more words

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'Well played': You'll love how Bobby Jindal kept pro-abortion protesters off his lawn [video]

You out-trolled the trolls, sir, Huzzah! And thank you for standing up for life. #DefundPP https://t.co/jwyXysEyYg

— The Foo (@PolitiBunny) August 21, 2015

Pro-abortion protesters were at the Louisiana governor’s mansion yesterday, but Bobby Jindal knew just how to keep them far away:

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'I dare you!' Planned Parenthood threatening to sue pro-life group behind videos

Planned Parenthood might be tired of failed damage control after seven videos have been released which expose @PPact’s role in the harvesting and sale of baby parts. 175 more words

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Fringe FAIL: Did the DNC seriously just tweet this about Rubio and abortion? (See them get schooled)

What sparked that snark reply? Well, it is a day ending in “y,” so the DNC did something moronic. Take a look at its tweet about Marco Rubio and abortion: 316 more words

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Ross Douthat: There is No Pro-Life Case For Planned Parenthood

New York Times — I’m hoping to do something broader about the abortion issue in this space soon, given the prominence that the debate over Planned Parenthood funding has suddenly assumed. 143 more words