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Abortion Rants From A Pro-Abortionist

I am sick and tired of seeing all this abortion shit on Facebook and how they are wrong. How you’re killing a child and that’s not ok. 573 more words

Why I'm Pro-Abortion

I have long considered myself pro-choice. I bought into the argument that abortions should be legal, safe, and rare, and proudly trumpeted as much.

I leaned heavily on exception narratives in attempts to make the choice to have an abortion seem reasonable.  976 more words

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#ShoutYourAdoption! Pro-lifers fight back against repulsive pro-abort hashtag [pics]

Twisted types are flooding Twitter today with sickening tributes to abortion:

Thank you @thelindywest and @ameliabonow for getting this going! Fearless women right here. #ShoutYourAbortion…

850 more words
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'What the hell is wrong with you?' 'Pro-life men' make this feminist editor gag

Paging all you pro-life guys out there: Don’t bother trying to get a second date with Mic senior editor and über-feminist Elizabeth Plank. Because you, like, totally make her sick and stuff: 513 more words

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Latest horrifying Planned Parenthood video shows what PP actually cares about and it's sickening

Yep. You see, another horrific Planned Parenthood video has been released. Butchering baby parts? No biggie! What IS a biggie to the pro-abortion ghouls at Planned Parenthood? 259 more words

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What if Planned Parenthood Could Profit from Live Fetuses in a Different Way?

Aside from feminist views, it is obvious that the doctors and leaders of Planned Parenthood can be heavily motivated in other, more materialistic ways.  They have been shown to sell both parts of babies, as well as intact babies born alive,  to research companies. 548 more words

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