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Ben Carson compares abortion to slavery

By Eric Bradner


(CNN) — Ben Carson on Sunday compared abortion to slavery, saying he’d like to see the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade overturned so that the practice can be made illegal. 232 more words


Abortion Rants From A Pro-Abortionist

I am sick and tired of seeing all this abortion shit on Facebook and how they are wrong. How you’re killing a child and that’s not ok. 573 more words

Why I'm Pro-Abortion

I have long considered myself pro-choice. I bought into the argument that abortions should be legal, safe, and rare, and proudly trumpeted as much.

I leaned heavily on exception narratives in attempts to make the choice to have an abortion seem reasonable.  976 more words

Social Justice

What if Planned Parenthood Could Profit from Live Fetuses in a Different Way?

Aside from feminist views, it is obvious that the doctors and leaders of Planned Parenthood can be heavily motivated in other, more materialistic ways.  They have been shown to sell both parts of babies, as well as intact babies born alive,  to research companies. 548 more words


Ross Douthat: There is No Pro-Life Case For Planned Parenthood

New York Times — I’m hoping to do something broader about the abortion issue in this space soon, given the prominence that the debate over Planned Parenthood funding has suddenly assumed. 143 more words