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the thin commandments

The thin commandments must be followed at all costs. They are the foundation to our skinny lifestyle, they keep us from failing, they keep us motivated. 129 more words

Ana Buddy


(if you want to view categories, click the arrow and the word the second time it appears. for example, there is lifestyle with an arrow, so click the arrow and it will drop down another lifestyle- click the second one.) 332 more words

Ana Buddy

Girl Kidnapped from Pro-Ana Website

This makes me sad! I’ve seen people post on pro-ana boards as “Ana Coaches” but I didn’t realize kids had any interest in that type of thing. 138 more words

Eating Disorder

Goal Weights

Current weight 150 lbs
1st goal weight 145 lbs
2nd goal weight 140 lbs
3rd goal weight 135 lbs
Ultimate goal weight 130 lbs

Rewards… 36 more words


Anorexia Nervosa

Are you aware that Anorexia is a Mental Health Disorder? In fact, it is the number one cause of death from mental illness nationwide.

Anorexia is a psychological and possibly life-threatening eating disorder defined by an extremely low body weight relative to height, extreme and needless weight loss, illogical fear of weight gain, and distorted perception of self-image and body. 996 more words


Frail. She was as fragile glass, her resolve shattering with ease. She was frustrated, as her ambitions were fizzling out in the distance, unreachable. Despite the insurmountable goal before her, she was willing to quit this minor remission to achieve it. 134 more words

Here's To Christmas Eve

I am posting thinspo for myself since I feel really weak. I’m scared for tomorrow since I am eating Christmas Eve dinner at my best friend’s house. 26 more words