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A Different Disorder

Good evening, Romantics! I heard the funniest joke the other day. It went, “So what’s your occupation?”

Hilarious, right?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either. 241 more words

Pro Ana

Bringing Up the New Year

How was your winter/summer, trashlings? Awful? I hope not!

I’m canning the preaching today, because it’s all about a new chapter in all our lives. Yaaay! 322 more words

Pro Ana

Should more be done to help those who Disappear yet still remain?

I would just like to add this at the beginning to say this is not to offend anyone, I have tried extremely hard to ensure there is nothing said to harm anyone who may feel targeted or that I am saying anything I should not, I am only trying to prove more needs to be done. 1,255 more words

Dear Ana

I have a friend named Ana

Who gets inside my head.

She doesn’t like it when I eat

And puts sad thoughts in my head. … 175 more words


Pro-anorexia; to love or not to love?

All across the internet on every form of social media there are people who express there pain by creating accounts & blogs for themselves; or rather their alter ego – the one dealing with the mental health problems. 320 more words


Welcome, Welcome.

So, I’ve never been great at doing bloggy stuff, but I though I’d give it a blast. I feel I need to have an outlet for my emotions as I was recently discharged from hospital treatment for not co operating with the treatment they were offering me. 67 more words


Pro-eating disorder online communities normalize eating disordered behavior

Pro-eating disorder online communities normalize eating disordered behavior

Stacy Cacciatore

Queens University of Charlotte



The advent of the internet has introduced a new media environment surrounding the pro-eating disorder the community. 6,394 more words

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