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I've been a wreck

Hello everyone, it’s me k.
I finally have gotten through my small mess up, and my slight family issues. I’ve been eating so much lately I’ve been feeling like a fat pig. 160 more words


Should more be done to help those who Disappear yet still remain?

I would just like to add this at the beginning to say this is not to offend anyone, I have tried extremely hard to ensure there is nothing said to harm anyone who may feel targeted or that I am saying anything I should not, I am only trying to prove more needs to be done. 1,255 more words

Summer Bummers 

Okay, so we all probably had the same weight loss goal in mind GET READY FOR BIKINI SEASON!!!! But sadly for most of us (including myself) we just don’t get to where we want to be, and instead of flaunting our size 0 bods on the beach, we’re grumpy and hiding our size whatever bods under blankets while binge watching Netflix. 192 more words


Group Chat 

Hello skinny bitches.

If you’d like to join my group chat, my kik is bitemeow

I will be putting together the group chat later today :)


Group Chat 

Hello skinny bitches ☺️

I decided I’m going to start a group chat on Kik

If anyone would be interested in joining, please let me know!! 24 more words



Hello Ana’s

Current weight 153Lbs

I just got out of the hospital, and believe me, I’m more inspired than ever to lose weight.

I feel fat, my clothes are started to get too small. 221 more words


Motivation and Binging 

To me, “Binging” is the worst “B” word out there. Jut hearing it triggers me in a small way.

I am an emotional eater. And I have a bad history of binges. 412 more words