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My Foray into Skinny Gossip

I was very ill when I joined this site. I’m talking about full-blow eating disorder ill of the anorexia variety. I joined it just to find tips to add fuel to this horrible eating disorder, and looking back, I regret it horribly. 941 more words

Progress #2

After a crazy day yesterday where in the end I snorted raspberry ketone powder (I will write a full entry on that at some point if you guys are interested.) I ended up losing 0.2lbs which leaves me at 161.8lbs. 26 more words


I have made progress in losing weight. Even though I fucked up horribly yesterday I still lost 0.8 pounds so
CW: 162lbs
UGW: 85lbs
Pounds to go: 77lbs

Ignoring Hunger

Let’s all admit that at different points we feel hungry. Now a part of this art is ignoring hunger to the point of forgetting it existed in the first place. 70 more words

Motivation and Binging 

To me, “Binging” is the worst “B” word out there. Jut hearing it triggers me in a small way.

I am an emotional eater. And I have a bad history of binges. 412 more words


Weightless Wednesday 

Do it so your boyfriend can pick you up effortlessly!!

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