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Every year the National Football League has their tryouts of college football talent to see who will make it to the next level of football, professional football. 534 more words


Fitness Spotlight: Zakiya Alta Lee of Z Pro Prep

Hey healthy bunnies! I’m so excited to be bringing back fitness highlights to my blog. I’m even more excited to introduce you to Zakiya, one of the most versitile and multi-talented women I’ve ever met. 504 more words


"Loosen Up, Sandy Baby!"

I don’t know if you’ll remember that particular phrase or not, but I sure do, and it makes me laugh every time I think about it! 374 more words


I ain't mad Bro... I'm broken, but not shattered, cast down, but not destroyed...

  •  The football is shaped really funny, so it takes funny bounces. There were more than … six?… funny bounces on the Kearse catch alone…

    I never realized how irritating the Seahawks are to other fans until I watched the lead-in coverage of the Super Bowl.

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This is the most absolutely imperfect time to say this...


  • Because of the timing, it’ll be easy to say, “He’s just bummed about the loss. Sour grapes stuff.” Well, that’s partially right, but I considered posting this thought during the season, but I didn’t because there were a lot of positive feelings and thoughts going on about this season, and I didn’t want to be a wet blanket.
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Niners traded to the Raiders, Harbawl traded to (insert name here)

   In an unprecedented move, Commissioner Goodell announced today that the owners of the Oakland Raiders and San Santa Cla Clara Forty Niners will trade teams. The deal was forced by Niners owner Edward DeBartolo, who further stipulated that Coach Jim ‘Flop’ Harbawl be traded to a third team. 133 more words

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Jim Harbaugh cured by wearing blue

   A doctor in Michigan has uncovered a new syndrome tied directly to Jim Harbaugh. Doctor Bonnie Boom-Baughm has not yet named the new disease.

   “It’s weird,” she said, “but there’s clear evidence that Jim Harbaugh becomes a completely different person depending on what color he wears. 251 more words

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