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Alouette On Top!

This second entry in the 2014 year end statistics series is a look at the most prolific commenters for the year.  As the title of this post has already revealed, and for the first time since 2010, Gus was NOT the top lizard.  129 more words

Little Green Footballs

Catholic Church the Last Institution to Pass Judgment on Justin Trudeau

Protecting pedophiles disqualifies Catholic Church from publicly lecturing anybody about abortion

By: James Di Fiore

Let’s face it; Justin Trudeau should have said nothing at all. 527 more words

Canadian Politics

"Tuesday" Reading Roundup

“Ascetic Aesthetics: How Gerard Manley Hopkins Found Beauty in Dogma” (First Things) by Julia Yost. The author argues against the mainstream of criticism which says GMH’s sonnets took a nosedive as he became older and more dogmatic, reminding us along the way that Hopkins was one-of-a-kind: “The slate slabs of the urinals even are frosted in graceful sprays.” 404 more words


"Great mentality you’ve got going there"

LGF is a bastion of anti-Christian bigotry and Pro-Islamist sentiment. Resident Kapo and Christophobe, Aloutte did a thread attacking Dearborn Michigan for apologizing to Christians for arresting them at a Deaborn festival. 88 more words

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The Online Jihadi General plots another war

Fresh off playing online general in the Libyan War, the future psychiatric hospital patient or terrorist Pro Life Liberal plots another war. He is now calling for US intervention in Syria. 84 more words

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Treasonous comment at LGF

Charles Johnson has accused the Right of treason. Yet on his own blog, there are comments calling for revolution in America. Jihadi Pro Life Liberal, is calling for undoing the US and transforming us into Nordic style Social Democracy. 46 more words

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Pro Life Liberal wants an opinion

The mentally unstable Islamists of LGF, Pro Life Liberal is asking people he don’t know personally for a judgement call. Pro Jihad is asking LGFers their opinion of someone he knows in real life. 174 more words

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