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The Reason I Keep Going

I apologize for not writing more lately. I have been busy helping out in practical ways with the pro-life movement. This work is hard, and it wears me out. 331 more words


Rule, Britannia!

Rule, Britannia!

Britain has beaten Charlie Gard.
Hey, that’s what makes Great Britain great!
Against the hordes of “pro-life” hate,
She militates. She won’t be barred… 72 more words

Perspectives: Bill Moyers -- A Catholic Nun on What It Really Means to Be Pro-Life

Under the burden of a Trump presidency and a Republican-led Congress who continue to introduce and pass restrictive legislation against women’s reproductive rights, Sister Chittister’s memorable quote is particularly applicable today as it ever has been in the past. 16 more words

What a Picture Is Worth

U.S. missile strikes disabled a Syrian airfield Thursday night. This action was in direct response to the Syrians having used chemicals to kill some of their own people, including small, innocent children. 162 more words

Christian Living

Dark Donuts of Doom

Dark Donuts of Doom

Once again, Catholic sorry sister Mark
Is telling us that darkness reigns supreme
In Trump’s America. Oh, they are stark,
The boundaries of Mr. 86 more words

The Value of a Human Baby

We encourage you to listen to the video message below by Pastor Jim Bull of Palmcroft Church in Phoenix, Arizona. He says, “God values every single person, even the unborn. 96 more words


Jail Women for Abortion?

In the State of Texas, abortion laws are different than any other state in the U.S.

Texans have some of the most restrictive abortion laws. There are mandatory steps a woman must take before she is allowed to abort, such as viewing an ultrasound image of her baby, a waiting period of twenty-four hours (beginning after the woman’s in-office doctor’s consultation and ultrasound), and parental consent for minors. 673 more words