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Protesting Pro-lifers on Campus

Today I organized an impromptu protest of the presence of the All Black Lives Matter Pro-Lifers (not affiliated nor associated with the #blacklivesmatter anti-police violence movement) and their graphic display of misinformation today with my wire coat hanger and homemade “not your body, not your choice” sign. 897 more words

From Your Instructor

On The Journey--Kaph!

My soul faints for Your salvation,
But I hope in Your word.

My eyes fail from searching Your word,
Saying, “When will You comfort me?”

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Christian Living


More children die of starvation every year than are aborted. Know what would’ve saved their suffering?

1.) Being aborted.

2.) Pro-lifers putting as much effort into feeding starving children as they do into making sure people can’t have abortions. 299 more words


Words With Adversaries

Yesterday, a thought: I’m a college-educated, middle-class white American male with a loving family—how sad can my universe be? Yes, I have an illness, but it’s not who I am. 188 more words


The War of Words on Facebook

I’d be willing to wager that no one has won an argument on Facebook. We have the Right to Lifers and Pro Choice defenders at each other’s throats with neither side giving an inch while the NRA and the citizens who support various types of gun control villainize each other. 507 more words


Control Over Women

The preservation of life seems to be a slogan than a genuine goal of the anti-abortion forces; what they want is control. Control over behavior. Control over women. 25 more words


When Children Leave The Womb

The same groups who so forcefully denounce abortion have cheapened their claims to morality by actively opposing policies that might help poor, single mothers support their children…They love children fiercely right up until the time they leave the womb. 25 more words