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WOW: Israel Invents Awesome Gift For Pro-Life Movement: Smartphone Device Showing Mothers Their Babies' Ultrasounds — Daily Wire

Pro-lifers have been gaining ground in the war against abortion ever since women began viewing ultrasounds of their babies; now a new Israeli invention may signal another tremendous piece of ammunition against the murder of innocents: a device that would let women view an ultrasound of their babies on their smartphones.

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"Pro-Life" = Pro-Death (Barbara Ehrenreich is utterly correct)

Barbara Ehrenreich has a great new piece in The Guardian, “Let’s call the pro-lifers what they are: pro-death.”

It’s good to see someone else — Ehrenreich, one of the most astute observers of the contemporary American political and social scene — point this out. 240 more words


Supreme Court to Consider California Law Forcing Pro-lifers to Promote Abortion

Nov 13, 2017  by  Michael Tennant

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it has agreed to hear a case challenging a California law requiring crisis-pregnancy centers, under the threat of heavy fines for noncompliance, to tell their clients how to obtain state-subsidized abortions. 639 more words