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Selecting your Wedding and reception Digital photographer

Deciding upon your Wedding and reception Digital photographer is perhaps among the most important choices you’ll make when organizing your marriage ceremony. A photograph will record a second suspended in time, that you are happy to visit again, and remember your wedding reception for several years to come. 322 more words

Guest blogger: Pro Photographer Elisa Bricker

“Film allows me to book more and spend less time at my desk!” – Elisa Bricker

Most photographers I know didn’t get into our field because they love spending time in the office. 376 more words

Film Friday

Fake a Pro Photographer

We get one newbie photographer and have 1-week to train him up to fake it as a pro photographer, then he will face 1 real pro tog in a final challenge where a veteran pro photographer is the judge…will the judge find know which one is real and which one is fake?


Staying in the Moment By Michael Turek

The last time I was in a dark room was probably 2002, and the last time I shot film wasn’t too long after that. By the time I graduated from photo school I had switched to digital with a lot of conviction. 1,003 more words

Film Friday

It's Not About The Photography...

If you got into the photography business thinking that your photography is the reason people are going to use you, you might as well pack up shop and do something else. 1,306 more words

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What It's REALLY Like To Be a Full Time Photographer

Are you new to photography? Maybe you are a hobbyist looking to make a career out of it? Or maybe you have been doing it part time, just doing a session every now and then, and are considering taking the plunge to go full time? 1,788 more words

Photography Education

Is there a photographer in the house?

For the latest issue of PRO Photographer magazine I interviewed Charleston photographer Brennan Wesley about the work he does at the Medical University of South Carolina. 42 more words