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New Trial Setting Call System replaces Black Line Call in Cook County Courts

Law division cases will now be scheduled for a trial setting date in courtroom 2005 either 15 months or 28 months from the date filed. All litigants will receive postcard notice of such hearings. 1,003 more words

Circuit Court Of Cook County

Pro Se Defendant Garners Reversal of Criminal Conviction

I don’t comment much on criminal cases given my general ignorance in the field.  I do look for things like reversals (which are vastly outnumbered by affirmances); when I saw… 186 more words


State Request Extension of Time to Reply to Petiton for Writ of Habeas Corpus-Granted

The State Attorney’s Office had 20 days to serve a reply to Charles’ Pro Se State Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus.

On the 20th day, the state motioned for an extension of time to file response. 119 more words

My Recent Bar Journal Articles

Here’s a list of links to my recent State Bar of Georgia Bar Journal articles. The upcoming April 2016 edition article is focused on pro bono and law practice management. 78 more words

Civil Justice

9th Circuit Dismisses Corporate Taxpayer’s Pro Se Appeal by LACEY STRACHAN

In an unpublished per curium opinion, the Ninth Circuit recently dismissed an appeal filed by John C. Hom & Associates, Inc., on the grounds that the corporation was not represented by an attorney. 516 more words

If I find out on March 24th that my case has been adjourned again, I will absolutely positively lose my shit.

To the Suffolk County courts I say this: enough is enough. There is no excuse for any of this .  Do not let this  senseless case to continue to drag on. 135 more words


(Op-Ed) — The poster of this blog is not an attorney and thus, what is printed here should not be construed as legal advice.  However, some of the information contained in this piece was “run past” a foreclosure defense attorney, who thought of it as “novel” and thus, I note it as worthy of sharing!  2,151 more words

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