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Syn-chrome-icity: Unifying Your Gear-drobe in the Name of Steaze

Have you ever been jaunting along, whistlin’ a ditty on your favorite weekend trail, when suddenly something catches your eye up ahead? You squint, get your bearings, and as you continue hiking, skiing, or “xyz-ing,” you zero in on the bright spots many meters ahead of you. 492 more words

Gear Advice

Pro-Tip: Characterization

How do you talk to your friends? To your family? Bosses and coworkers?

For every person and situation, there is a way we present ourselves. Why should this be any different for each of your characters? 1,027 more words

Writing Tips

Should you buy a house with a friend?

Nearly three years ago, my husband and I bought our first house – with a mutual friend. This isn’t a common option, but with housing becoming ever less affordable in most parts of the world, it’s an option that more people will consider. 1,216 more words

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Pro-Tip: Setting

It’s important to ground your writing in a time and place. This isn’t just for fiction writers, either. Every discourse needs a context. It’s not enough just to say that someone is in Philly on a Saturday afternoon. 815 more words


Matte Magic

Matte is in! And those deep berry, plum and raisin tones are the new fall trend. Sometimes I fall in love with the color but not the glossy finish, so I hacked my favorite shades to get a different look. 69 more words


Pro-Tip: Clarity in Paragraphs and Transitions

It’s easy enough to say that each paragraph you write should make sense. It’s an obvious thing for me to say, and all of you reading this are probably thinking,”Well, that’s not advice.” And you’re right. 636 more words


Trail Running 101, part 2

Welcome to part two of my Trail Running 101 series! In part one you learned trail etiquette (don’t be a jerk!) and all the fun gear you get to buy (more sneakers, yay!). 616 more words

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