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Goose Me, Baby, One More Time

Pro tip: PRESS. Press ALL the things.

Press the seams, the sleeves, the joins, the skirts. Press it good. Press it again.
Press as you go, and your clothes will fit better and go together more easily. 240 more words


The Big Decision More Homeowners Are Making

Upsizing on the Upswing: The Big Decision More Homeowners Are Making

Find out the decisions homeowners are making here: Downsizing? That’s so 2016


Sous Vide Rosemary  Chicken Everything Bagel

Sous vide. If you are not familiar with sous vide, put food in plastic bag or vacuum sealed bag, emerge in water, sous vide machine maintains a precise temperature and cooks the food through. 77 more words

In The Kitchen

Claude Shannon's 1952 Lecture on Creative Thinking

A lecture by Claude Shannon on Creative Thinking is buried deep inside of his Miscellaneous Writings edited by N. J. A. Sloane & Aaron D. Wyner in 1990. 1,087 more words

Pro Tip

R.W. Hamming On Creativity

In 1995, R. W. Hamming taught a course at the Naval Postgraduate School titled “The Art of Doing Science and Engineering.” The textbook is here… 656 more words

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The Dentist

Pro tip: Don’t talk about how much your student load debt is on a first date.

I went on this HORRIFICALLY bad date not long ago. 255 more words