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Spice Cabinet Explosion

Eating healthy can be a difficult endeavor.  Particularly, healthy food can either taste terrible or is bland.  I have recently discovered that learning to season food well makes eating healthy so much more pleasurable. 305 more words


#sewphotohop Day 12: Tips and techniques 

#sewphotohop Day 12: Tips and techniques. My tip is to always fill your bobbin up completely with the colour you require – don’t just top up a half full one! 18 more words


#FYI: Gift receipts - they're lifesavers.

Pro Tip: next time you get someone clothes as a gift, get a gift receipt. 232 more words


Break Free From Submission Paralysis: Building an Agent Database by Allison Aubin

Even after the writing is finished—after your characters have done amazing things (or ordinary things in amazing ways) and you’ve told the story in a great voice that will connect with readers—the hard work has just begun. 925 more words


Seattle I'm Coming For You

So this is it. For so long this day seemed so far off. In reality, as soon as Christmas was over time started to fly by, but I’m certain this happens every year and I’m just hyperaware this year. 1,144 more words

Silence please.

If you are going to cry, cry in the library.

Cry in the library. Due to the universal silence policy, you can cry all you want and no one would say a thing. 233 more words


Lady Business

Hello all! Womean, girls, men trying to help their teenager daughters. And to simply the curious reader.
Today we are talking about that thing people dont want to talk about. 204 more words