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Professional Development: Are You Waiting on Your District?

When I first entered the teaching, I was awash in professional development. It seemed like there was no shortage of money to request training either. Then the housing market crashed, the cash flow slowed to a trickle, and professional development was scaled far, far back. 448 more words

Blogging Pro Tip For Wordpress: Don't Delete Pics

One of my best friends contacted me and asked why are there pictures missing from my blog. And to my dismay there were pictures missing. Not a large number, but a fair amount. 127 more words

Brandon C. Hovey

Extra Groups v1.0 released!

Made by the great Julien Duroure on his quest to improve rigging and animation in Blender he created this add-on a perfect companion for every animator, it’s very similar to the Bone Selection Sets add-on that comes in blender, but 100 times more powerful, fully featured, among some of these, the ability to select, add or subtract selection of groups, has a quick access with the Q key, you can import and export selection groups for when you’re using similar rigs ( i.e: multiple characters rigged with blenrig, or rigify ), you can solo controls, key a group, and even come up with your own setups! 36 more words

The best thing I ever discovered about editing a novel

Assuming you survive the heart-wrenching, glorious process of writing a book, now you just need to destroy it.

Okay, perhaps I’m being a touch dramatic. 196 more words


Pro Tip 23567.3

Being focused, intentional and hard working can make for a good worker or something like that.

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