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Tip: How To Razzle Dazzle a Frozen Pizza

I’ll never forget the time I bought and left a DiGiorno pizza in my mom’s freezer (3000 miles away.) She called me the next week, absolutely outraged and confused. 357 more words

Between the Arrows

Hey there Rolltech family!¬†Each week we’ll be posting our “Between the Arrows” feature. In it, we will bring you new Rolltech happenings and features, industry news, pro tips and much more. 342 more words


New Adventures!

Hi! On Friday I had mentioned that there were new things happening in my life and that I would be sharing with you all today. 388 more words


Day 121: pro tip

Pro tip, from me to you.

When someone you love comes to you and says “I can finally do a push up! A real one! Not a girly one, a real one! 146 more words

Global: How we all hate to love and love to hate thee

Hey Clashers, Lew Here.

I have been mystified more and more by the behaviors in global. That oddly censored and seemingly ONLY way to find new members in a random, haphazard and demolition derby fashion. 2,061 more words


Hydrating Droopy Vegetables

While it is not ever my first choice, hydrating droopy vegetables is worth the effort if your vegetables aren’t too far gone.¬† I am not talking about trying to save rancid moldy vegetables but rather the carrots I bought yesterday that were crisp, fresh and gorgeous but somehow, within a 24 hour span in the fridge, have gone wilty, maybe even beyond wilty but nowhere near rotten. 371 more words