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About that mitre saw

I bought the cheapest mitre saw I could find, because I’m still paying off the en suite. It was good enough for the job, but if you’re buying one and have some extra cash, there are some things worth paying extra for: 176 more words


Pro-Tip: Purpose

Every text begins with a purpose which its author must decide.

  • What do you want a particular piece to achieve?
  • What do you want your reader to get from it?
  • 182 more words

Pro Tip in Pictures: Handheld Bottles

I hate running with anything in my hand (mostly because my arm gets tired and it reminds me how weak my upper body is). But buying the right handheld bottle can make all the difference on the annoyance scale. 113 more words

Trail Running

Pro Tip: Top 10 Skin Care Mistakes

As an esthetician people are always asking me for advice. The questions range from simple to complex. And that’s the thing… skin IS VERY COMPLEX. Our skin is our biggest organ and with that should come a LOT of attention. 988 more words


For all you students (and writers) out there, I have a tip for you:

If you’re doing printing at home (since most colleges and libraries charge to print) remember these fonts when printing to conserve your ink and to save you some money. 302 more words

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Pro Tip: Whom

Here’s the how-to on when and where to use the word “whom”.

Turns out it’s not just thrown into a sentence to make oneself sound fancy! 161 more words


Pro tip: Size Matters

At least it does regarding this thing.

Slow cookers, particularly the brand we’re not supposed to mention because I don’t want them to email me demanding royalties or what ever, come in various sizes. 225 more words