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How to Create an US Apple ID for iTunes without Credit Card

Learn how to create an Apple ID for the US or UK iTunes Apps Store but without entering your credit card or PayPal information via the brilliant Amit Agarwal @labnol… 20 more words

Pro Tip

What is that smell?

“What is that horrible smell?” I said out loud. It was the pork chops I just opened for dinner! Time for a plan B! Normally in the past this would mean pizza or a dinner out, but now i’ve started to learn to keep a few extra meals on hand. 377 more words

Pro-Tip: After You're Finished Writing

So you’re done writing a piece. What next? Have you edited yet?

That’s the first step, and it’s a step that will be repeated as your own edits and the suggestions of professional editors or test readers begin to reshape the text. 853 more words


Bar Pizza—It's What You Crave

There has never been a more one-of-a-kind pizza like the bar pizza.  For the most part they are never good,  many times they are awful, but that has never stopped anybody from ordering one. 1,164 more words


What Did They Say?

So a few weeks ago my university had some free tickets to a traditional Japanese theater performance. While Kyogen is usually a comedic intermission between longer and more serious acts in Noh theater performances, today they are also performed by themselves without full productions. 89 more words

Pro Tip For Friday

Shake it like you mean it today! Or something like that. Whatever.

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3 Ways to stay In the Now! Pro Tip.

Life is a mess when you can’t get everything organized. We are lazy to read and go through anything that’s not appealing our eyes. That’s quite normal. 280 more words