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Prevent #frizz and #static and get bouncy, curly #hair

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From womb to tomb what you do in between matters. Do good today.

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Al Melchiorre wants your #hair to #shine

If there is anything that shines on you, let it be your hair.

I developed the Semplifi Hair Care System for the clients I see every day.

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Pro-Tip For Foodstuffs, #1

Maybe this is already a pro-tip, but I just did it all by myself and it worked good, so.

When you want to squeeze lime juice into/onto things, do this. 78 more words

Dry Shampoo, just for you!

Dry shampoo is the saving grace to late mornings and to freshen up after the gym! A few spritzes and off you go, bouncing onto another day. 260 more words

Meet the man behind your hair ressurection

Al Melchiorre is a classic stylist with a modern sensibility. He began styling hair in New York with his brother in the 70s. Together, they created the dé-al Salons. 321 more words


Why Don’t You? #108


Why don’t you make perfectly clear ice cubes with boiling hot water? It may sound counterintuitive, but this is the only way to make ice. 584 more words