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Pro Tip!!!

Originality consists of trying to be like everybody else – and failing!


They’re Watching

Pretend you’re somewhere between 8-12 years old. Who do you look up to? Maybe a professional athlete or super hero? Now, picture yourself as a high school kid? 248 more words

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Pro Tip!!!

I never see any home cooking. All I get is fancy stuff.


5 Tips for Starting the New Season Right

For us mid-westerners the start of baseball season has just begun. For my family it’s the best time of year! No matter the season you are about to start or have just began we compiled this list to help you start this season on the right track (see… 609 more words

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5 Baseball Drills Using Stations

Here are 5 drills that Todd utilizes at baseball practices to keep everyone involved and productivity maximized. Lots of reps to work on mechanics, athleticism and adjustability. 100 more words


Winning isn’t Everything

I have three kids that play sports, so inevitably I can’t always be at every game. Though, this kills me, its virtually impossible to be everywhere. 148 more words

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Sample Baseball Practice Plan

Below is a practice plan that Todd uses for his baseball teams. This is just a sample to get you started to make sure you’re using your time and players wisely. 114 more words

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