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Pro-Tip: Naming Characters

Whether you’re the type to go for allegory, obscurity, trends, or historical accuracy, naming your characters can take daunting research. It’s a fun job, don’t get me wrong, but it helps to have thorough tools to get the job done. 245 more words


Coconut Oil for Better Hair!

Over the years we have come to discover the many uses of coconut oil. You can oil pull (by swishing the oil like a mouth wash) to clear cavities and reduce bad breath, use it as an eye makeup remover, a body lotion, or a lip balm, but did you know its great for your hair too? 123 more words



Downy Wrinkle Release:

I don’t mind ironing, but I never do it. It’s nice to have a crisp, clean shirt, but what a pain to haul out the iron and board. 1,513 more words


Pro-Tip: Testing

Every novel goes through a test-phase. If it doesn’t, well, I think it should.

A test run of your manuscript means that you’ve pried your hands away from the keyboard, clamped down on your desire to continue editing and rearranging, and actually allowed others to read it. 334 more words


Pro tip: Maintaining the set while you're on the rudder...

When you’re steering around a turn and have to be (hard) on the rudder for two, three, four, five strokes, what does that do to the set of the boat (i.e. 309 more words


How to effectively manage social media marketing? Pro tip.

Freaking! All the buzz created by brands seem to have lasting impression on you why? Contents matter. Yes!

Social media marketing strategies has become an important part of every business enterprise. 418 more words

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