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Alex Riley Demonstrated His Lack Of Self-Awareness By Taking Shots At 'Tough Enough' On Twitter

Alex Riley is being a weirdo on Twitter again. As you may recall, earlier this year Riley posted a bunch of strange tweets and hilariously bad Photoshops about how he was being held back and… 222 more words


FearlessRiOT’s Tuesday Top 10: Favorite Female Redheads in Pro Wrestling:

The blonde-brunette debate is about as old as time, but somewhere in the middle, probably slicing that hyphen down the middle, is another follicle shade. They are explosive, they are fiery, they just as much fun. 2,512 more words

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Finn Balor

I’ve drawn Prince Devitt before, but never Finn Balor, so I figured I should change that. And since I’ve never drawn Finn Balor, I’ve never drawn the Demon version of Balor, so I figured I REALLY should change that. 100 more words

The Big Show Finally Admitted He And Brock Lesnar Didn't 'Break The Ring'

When you run through iconic moments in wrestling, Big Show getting superplexed by Brock Lesnar and breaking the ring is always going to make the highlight reel, probably somewhere in between ECW fans burying Public Enemy with chairs they had tossed into the ring, and WCW fans tossing garbage into the ring. 406 more words


Watch WWE And Roman Reigns Fulfill The Dream Of A Man Dying Of Cancer

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Ron Fulcher is 71 and has Stage 4 lung cancer. He’s survived a stroke, a heart attack, triple-bypass surgery, a previous case of lung cancer, and colon cancer. 223 more words


Dolph Ziggler Now Says He Hasn't Signed A WWE Contract, May Have To 'Go Away For A Little Bit'

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster trying to keep up with Dolph Ziggler’s WWE status over the past couple of weeks. There were insider reports, and hints from Ziggler himself, that… 460 more words


Here's The Gruesome Neck Scar From Tyson Kidd's Spinal-Fusion Surgery

FACT: WWE tag-team ace and cat enthusiast Tyson Kidd had spinal-fusion surgery to repair an injured neck, and will reportedly be out for around 14 months. 116 more words