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The 7 Things to Check When to Grasp a Probability Distribution

  1. The random variable
    • Check whether the variable discrete or continuous
  2. The probability (Mass/Density) Function
  3. The cumulative distribution function
  4. The expectation
  5. The variance
  6. The standard deviation…
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Probability Theory | MA | Course

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Codejam - Password Problem

This is an oldie but goodie. The problem statement can be found here.


This is a really cool problem that I found back in the day when I was getting started on CP. 757 more words


Probability of a Probability?

Is it possible to guess the probability distribution of a random variable by just observing it a finite number of times? This post discusses the issue of assigning a probability to a probability distribution (under some assumptions). 233 more words


Elves Shall Die

In many fantasy stories, elves are creatures that are immortal unless killed by somebody or something. But does it imply they get to live forever? Probably not. 133 more words


University Maths for A-Level Students: Applied Probability

I’m writing this particular series of posts with a specific aim in mind: I want to show A-Level maths students some of the interesting things that I have been able to study during my third year at the University of Oxford. 1,562 more words


Probably Probability

Probability is a subject that we often teach without even calling it by it’s name. An example of this is our Bear Pride reward drawing that we have Washburn Elementary school, where I work. 409 more words