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Mass. Crim. Dig.: Commonwealth v. Sheridan

Commonwealth v. Sheridan, 25 N.E.3d 875 (2015)

I. Facts

Early one morning, the defendant, Matthew J. Sheridan, was pulled over by Officer Sean Glennon for an unilluminated headlight. 820 more words

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Judge Finds Probable Cause for Murder Charge Against Pig Who Killed 12 Year Old Tamir Rice

A Cleveland judge on Thursday found that there is probable cause to charge two police officers in the fatal shooting of 12 year old Tamir Rice. 175 more words


The Effects of Unlawful Restraint of Global Blacks

I’m just so tired of this:

Predators roaming the neighborhood in their identifying colors and accouterments. Armed with oversized weapons. Sweeping the streets for unarmed victims. 347 more words

Black Codes

College Degree Basic Requirement for COPS

Understanding Probable Cause (PC)

Officer discernment |dɪˈsəːnm(ə)nt|
noun [ mass noun ]
the ability to judge well: an astonishing lack of discernment

‘Blackness is not probable cause.’ 339 more words

Black Codes


Siari’s Bore
Mer Dinévál Countermass Station

“Excuse me, ser. Enforcer Jynne Cerron, Watch Constabulary; my colleague, Pén Cieng, Throat-Grip Defense. I’m afraid we require a word with you.” 524 more words


Ten Things Not To Do If Arrested

I have been practicing criminal law for 24 years and have seen a wide variety of reactions by people who are being arrested. Some of these reactions are unwise but understandable. 1,293 more words

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