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Transcript of the will of William Burrow

William Burrow is one of my 8 times great grandparents.  He lived in Crosthwaite, Westmorland, England, a place I was lucky enough to have been able to visit a few years ago now. 773 more words

Transcript of the will of Betty Mousedale

Betty (or Elizabeth as she was born) is one of my 5 times great grandparents, the daughter of John Middlehurst and Mary Ollershaw, born in about 1770.  870 more words

Transcript of the will of Reginald Strickland

Also see previous post for a tuition bond here.  There are documents attached to the will which gives Reginald’s wife, Beatrice, control over the children’s affairs, and an inventory. 791 more words

Tuition bond for children of Reginald Strickland of Rusland - 1734

Sadly, some ancestors happened to die before their children reached adulthood.  In such cases, provisions are made for the children sometimes.

Reynold or Reginald Strickland is an 8 times great grandfather via his daughter, Elizabeth who married Nicholas Holme in Lancaster, Lancashire, England in 1741.  463 more words

The Florida Probate Process

The Florida Probate Process from Robert Kulas In a testate estate the person named as “Executor” in the Will oversees the probate of the estate. In an intestate estate someone must be appointed the “Personal Representative” of the estate. 35 more words