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Daughter cut out of will loses to animal Charities

Supreme Court landmark decision:

The long awaited judgment in the saga of Ilott v Mitson & Ors[i] is a landmark decision by the Supreme Court. 1,302 more words


Will of John William Wiegman (1851-1924)

John William Wiegman wrote his will on 2 December 1922 in De Graff, Logan, Ohio. He died a little over a year later on 17 Jan 1924 in Logan County, Ohio. 130 more words


The Steps in Handling the Probate Estate

In the event of a loved one passing away, the property left in their estate must be distributed to the right individuals. Usually, that means the estate has to go through the probate process.  47 more words

Probate Changed Our Lives

My first post… wow. A new chapter in my units life. My unit is small, my Fiancé (Shane) and I, my Mother and our three dogs. 1,186 more words


New probate fees: a guide for the public

What is probate?

When someone dies, you need to get the legal right to deal with their property, money and possessions, and to do so you need a grant of representation, which is known as ‘probate’. 766 more words


4 Ways Probate Can Help You

1. Court Oversight of Personal Representative. Probate is a Court supervised process. The actions of the Personal Representative are reviewed by the Court. The Personal Representative has a duty to act in the best interest of your estate and is accountable to the Court for its actions. 298 more words

Estate Planning

Ilott –v- Mitson: Back to Square One

it was not enough to demonstrate a close family connection only, but that must be ‘some sort of moral claim…beyond a blood relationship, some reason why it can be said in the circumstances, it is unreasonable why no or no greater provision was in fact made . 1,182 more words