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Reasons to Choose Going to Probate

As an estate planning attorney, most of my clients are meeting with me to help avoid probate as much as possible. I have written previous posts all about… 493 more words

Estate Planning

5 Estate Planning musts before traveling

It is always important to have your estate plan in order, however, if you will be traveling, it’s a must.  Should anything happen to you during your trip, having your affairs in order will minimize stress for your loved ones. 219 more words

Estate Planning

London High Court: Chancery Division

The Chancery Division deals
with company law, partnership
claims, conveyancing, land
law, probate, patent and
taxation cases, and consists of
17 High Court judges, headed… 158 more words

Understanding Probate - An Overview

Probate is the process used to ensure a person’s assets are passed on according to the terms of their last will and testament. Depending on the circumstances, settling an estate can be simple, or a very involved process. 508 more words


The Estate Information Return

The Minister of Finance has made the job of the executor just a little more difficult by requiring that an Estate Information Return be filed. 365 more words


Is Probate Required After Any Death?

Is probate required? This is a question that should be asked as part of the estate planning process. It is also a question which will be asked by any person whose loved one has passed away. 42 more words

Ways to Avoid California Probate Court

Although most people request an estate plan that helps avoid the lengthy probate process, not everyone actually understands what that means. Avoiding California probate court does not mean avoiding estate taxes. 49 more words