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Various Myths of Estate Planning and LA Probate Law

There are numerous myths regarding La Probate Law and estate planning. It is important to clear these misconceptions so that people are not afraid to opt for probate and estate planning. 154 more words


LA Probate Law Protects your Precious Property

Life is an extremely uncertain affair. We do not know what is going to happen at the very next moment. We have no idea what to expect next. 165 more words


LA Probate Law to Safeguard the Interest of the Elderly

Why should you be looking at the LA probate law? Are you an elderly person living in LA worried about what will happen to your belongings and assets after you have died? 161 more words


Understanding the Significance of the Probate – LA Probate Law

The probate procedure becomes one of the most important issues after the death of the testator. Although, the state of emotion is extremely high over the death of the head of a family, the assets and estate of the loved one have to be taken to the probate court following the norms of LA probate law. 131 more words


What Happens If A Person Dies Without A Will?

Continuing our look at the specific estate and probate planning articles available on the website, today we will discuss the Intestacy provisions in Nebraska.

First, intestacy is the legal term for when a person, hereafter called a decedent, dies without a will.  468 more words


Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and My PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This blog post includes a video about elder and dependent adult abuse, and below the video you will find a link to my PowerPoint slides from a recent elder and dependent adult presentation for an attorney bar association section. 48 more words


Probate in California: Basic Questions and Answers

Probate in California: Basic Questions and Answers from Timothy Murphy After someone dies, you can begin a probate case by filing a petition with the local Superior Court clerk’s office The petition asks the court to start a new case.  16 more words