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It's never too late

Even if you lost a loved one just yesterday or many years ago and discover that there is an asset out there in that person’s name, you can still go through probate. 129 more words

Estate Planning

The New Connecticut Uniform Power of Attorney Act: Advantages

Preserving powers of attorney as an inexpensive means of incapacity planning that is flexible and private is one of the objectives of the new Connecticut Uniform Power of Attorney Act. 514 more words

Estate Planning

Preparing to Meet with a Connecticut Probate Lawyer

A Connecticut probate lawyer can help you to be prepared for the legal process that goes along with the death of a loved one. You need to ensure that you understand what steps must be taken after a death has occurred. 39 more words

NL Member Law Firm, Dabney & Dabney, Is Oldest Law Firm in Mississippi

For more than 35 years, The National List of Attorneys has been honored to have as one of its members the oldest law firm in Mississippi, Dabney & Dabney. 819 more words

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Solemn or common form grant?

In this recent judgment Peter Lyons J discusses the differences between a common form and a solemn form grant of probate.

Read Re Toulitch here.

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Who Should Be Represented by a Burlington Probate Attorney?

A Burlington probate attorney should provide representation to parties who have a vested interest in the outcome of probate proceedings. Probate occurs following most deaths, and it is a formal process for transferring assets. 49 more words

Probate Attorney Explains the Steps of Probate - Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys Louisville KY

Settling the estate of a loved one is the purpose of the probate process. If you need help, your probate attorney can explain the steps required in probate.