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Published by FamilySearch: Probates Are Where the Fun Is

Why did Jonathan Stark leave his prized pocket watch to his nephew, instead of his son? To solve the mystery, turn first to probate records, the legal “last words” of a person’s life. 28 more words


The Three Biggest Obstacles To Completing An Estate Plan

Although everyone should have an estate plan, I am constantly amazed at how many people procrastinate about following through with this key responsibility.  When I was new to the practice of law, it was much easier for me to look at the planning that many people fail to do, and dismiss it as irresponsibility and selfishness, but nearly a decade and a half of practicing law has softened my perspective, and I have an empathy for people who haven’t yet executed documents that will make life easier for those they leave behind when they pass away.   1,376 more words

Pieces Of The Puzzle

Will or Trust? A Decision, Not Dilemma.

When I am doing estate planning for clients, often my biggest obstacle is someone I’ve never met.  That person is “My Buddy…”

I’ve discussed this person with attorneys who practice in other areas of law, and surprisingly enough, “My Buddy…” has often contributed free advice to their clients as well.   1,022 more words


Jerome C. Scowcroft, Esq.

Title: Attorney at Law
Company: Jerome C. Scowcroft Attorney at Law
Location: Seattle, WA United States
Notable Member 68 more words


FREE 45MIN-Probate Real Estate Online Crash Course

Thursday Jan 22nd,  7pm (PST) –   I will be hosting a Crash Course Online Class where I’ll be laying out the Basics of working probate real estate. 113 more words


Born & Bred Blog


The duo at Born & Bred were honoured to be showcased in the fantastic Autumn issue of Frankie magazine. Phoebe discussed her love of genealogy and the uncovering of family skeletons and Lee talked about her intrigue over creepy mysteries and stories with no ending. 64 more words


Initiative 594's Inheritance Trap

I-594 isn’t just a compounding of previous violations of the Second Amendment, it is also fraught with traps for the unwary, including one for those who inherit pistols. 304 more words

Pieces Of The Puzzle