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I took a vacation.

This vacation ended up being artificially extended by a nasty cold and some other medical issues at the start, so now as I sit here it’s been two weeks of more or less complete non-productivity at varying degrees of enthusiasm. 657 more words

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Going Viral

I got zero works done this week due to being sick. Sorry no words today. Here is the now-traditional consolation music:

I’m going to be traveling next week so I might not be able to write then either, but I’ll see what I can do. 18 more words

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The Earnestness of Importance

Television has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. No longer bound to the yoke of short run times and advertisements, TV shows have started becoming more like movies: Longer, more intricate, with a consistent story told between episodes. 780 more words

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Adventure Time

Adventure Time feels like a very lonely place, and I don’t think that’s happenstance.

Adventure Time takes place in a world where everyone is unique. Everyone is created in some special way and shape, special made for the specific destiny of being themselves. 404 more words

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We aren’t ourselves, really. Over our lives, a persona is constructed around us. For some of us, that role fits us well, and for others less so. 537 more words

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Three years ago this month I started this blog. It was a hot Summer day like this, because that’s how years work, and I’d had a few solid shots of vodka for no reason in particular, but that probably contributed substantially to Problem Machine actually coming into existence. 496 more words

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Team Colors

It’s useful knowing what team you’re on. Red vs Blue, Shirts vs Skins, Us vs Them: In game design, we try to make that difference obvious on first glance, we make the shapes different, tall and thin vs short and bulky, add distinctive hats, make everyone on one team red and everyone on the other team blue. 484 more words

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