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Merciful Criticism

I understand feeling threatened by criticism. I mean, at the point where you’ve invested enough of yourself into something to really care about it – and that’s what art asks of us, that we care – that you spend time thinking about it, wondering what each aspect of it indicates, trying to figure out what might have happened before or after, seeking to understand what the artist was trying to communicate, once you pour that much of yourself into appreciating something, it becomes a part of you. 331 more words

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Object Orientation

I’ve been playing around with the Source Filmmaker animation tool a bit; it’s a strange experience. We spend so much time crafting illusory people, characters constructed piece by piece out of textures and polygons and recorded lines of dialogue, and at the best of times we are genuinely emotionally affected by the experience. 2,156 more words

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Fog and Sound

I’ve been having a hard time thinking this week.

This isn’t the real essay. This is a placeholder. The real essay is incomplete, pending a time when I can think, and pay attention, and construct a spine and ribcage to hold the bleeding guts of words. 277 more words

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Tyrannical Play

The discussion of what’s fun and interesting in games is necessarily also a discussion of what’s boring and tedious. Finding the points where a design begins to work against itself, begins to push the player down paths of rote task and mind-numbing chore, and understanding what exactly leads to these problems, is fundamental to designing an experience that is interesting and exciting. 1,758 more words

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A Future

I’ve been thinking. Not on purpose, it just happens. I’ve been thinking about where I’m going, with my work, with this blog, as a person, as an artist, as a symbol representing an artist or person in the mind of someone else. 924 more words

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Regrets and Resolutions

I still feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time.

It’s easy to tell yourself that your future is still ahead of you while you consume it bit by bit, bite by bite. 1,079 more words

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