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Day 198: Questions

Sometimes I remain disturbingly calm.
Sometimes I am annoyingly dumbfounded.
I was both for the last few hours.
He talked to me and shared some of his thoughts and questions. 74 more words

Favorite Friday: "The C.S. Lewis Five" (a one-scene screenplay)

Mind you, this was a gazillion years ago, so I’ve used creative license liberally in the following screenplay. But I do remember this encounter, and how I wanted to show Pastor Ed I was interested in conversing about things like books and literature — so above the fray of the typical college student. 462 more words

Book Recommendation

Year of Reading Lewis: The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain was written in 1940. According to Lewis’ preface it was written as a result of a request by Ashley Sampson, who was a publisher at the time and who had requested this book as part of a series he was publishing on the Christian Challenge. 1,312 more words

Book Review

Dismissing Pain

“Well, it’s part of God’s plan.”

And so the Christian negates the problematic tragedy of pain. Your very real and perplexing struggle boxed up and dismissed in one statement that so many of us, as Christ-followers, roll off our tongue as if it’ll make everything alright. 627 more words


Animal Pain

I am extremely sensitive to the startling brutality of Nature and animal pain. Let me share an experience with you.

When I was younger I was outside on my porch reading and looked down and saw a baby bird, about half the size of my palm and frail as could be. 1,364 more words

CS Lewis

The Master's Theodicy

I take MacDonald’s theodicy to be spelled out most clearly and shortly at the end of his last book, Salted with Fire (in fact in the last paragraph), though you can find the same elements latent in several other things he wrote. 611 more words

CS Lewis

Turning Finite Creatures (with Free Wills) Into Gods

Yes, my last letter was one-sidedly practical. I want now to unpack more of the intellectual solution to the problem. You said, in very Pauline fashion, “is it really so hard to believe that  the travail of all creation which God himself descended to share, at its most intense, may be necessary in the process of turning finite creatures (with free wills) into – well, into Gods…” 1,693 more words

CS Lewis