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C.S. Lewis Quote.

Lewis, C. S. (1940). The problem of pain. London: The Centenary Press.


Why is sex fun?

Why is sex fun? Reproduction surely does not require pleasure: some animals simply split in half to reproduce, and even humans use methods of artificial insemination that involve no pleasure. 238 more words

G. K. Chesterton


This is the blog release of my latest short story, which can also be found on my home site. Feedback is welcome. Please enjoy!

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Bonhoeffer's Solution to The Problem of Pain

Dietrich Bonhoeffer saw and experienced the unmistakable face of pain and suffering during the reign of Nazism in Germany. During his time at Berlin-Tegel Bonhoeffer exchanged letters and wrote notes that are now known as… 758 more words


Hope in the Face of Tragedy, Another Victim of ISIS

Today, I read a¬†letter¬†released by the family of the most recent victim of the ISIS situation, Kayla Mueller – a humanitarian aid worker… 473 more words

Christian Experience

The Problem of Pain

His works never fail to amaze me with their deepest insights– those that seem to be not of this world but another, those that arouses awe, wonder, and infinite concession in me. 385 more words


Secularism has not solved human needs

It is when we stop believing that religions have been handed down from above or else that they are entirely daft that matters become more interesting.

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Original Sin