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The Problem of Pain // C.S. Lewis.

In this, one of C.S. Lewis’ earliest works after his conversion, Lewis tries his hand on the troublesome problem of pain. Taking a much more classical Christian philosophical approach, Lewis begins with Divine omnipotence and goodness–the two most challenged (and oft pitted against each other) divine attributes when dealing with the problem of pain/evil. 167 more words

Book Review

What's Wrong With the World?

Acts of violence and hatred have become so common we’ve become numb. Whether it’s another act of terrorism, a school shooting, or an incident of domestic violence, it has become far too easy to read the story and then move on with our lives. 978 more words

Because God is not efficient in revealing himself to us, He must not exist.

I recently was confronted with an objection to the existence of God that I hadn’t really heard of before. It’s taken me some time to put my thoughts together in a way that I feel like asses the objection well, but I think I’ve come up with a reasonable solution. 727 more words


The Problem of Pain: Why do we have to suffer?

Doctrine: Because Christ suffered, our suffering matters and gains the power to make us godly. Because Christ died and was resurrected, our deaths have power to help us progress in God’s plan. 2,072 more words


Three Recommendations for Spiritual Reading

A Christian ought to daily nourish his spirit with theology or the good example of the saints.  The Bible accomplishes both admirably; yet, it can sometimes strike one as too abstract or its familiarity blocks us from receiving new insights.   881 more words


Why BAD Things Happen to GOOD People

Day 5: Job’s Afflictions*

Marami ka nang nakilalang ganitong tao. I met a lot of them too. Sila yung tipo na kapag may nangyaring hindi maganda sa’yo, sasabihin sa’yo may balat ka o ang malas mo. 1,454 more words


Why does God allow trials?

This month, we get to study James’ letter to Jewish Christians who were living in gentile communities. He wrote his letter before A.D. 50, and he used it to expose hypocrisy and to promote right behavior in life before God. 2,715 more words