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Three Recommendations for Spiritual Reading

A Christian ought to daily nourish his spirit with theology or the good example of the saints.  The Bible accomplishes both admirably; yet, it can sometimes strike one as too abstract or its familiarity blocks us from receiving new insights.   881 more words


Why BAD Things Happen to GOOD People

Day 5: Job’s Afflictions*

Marami ka nang nakilalang ganitong tao. I met a lot of them too. Sila yung tipo na kapag may nangyaring hindi maganda sa’yo, sasabihin sa’yo may balat ka o ang malas mo. 1,454 more words


Why does God allow trials?

This month, we get to study James’ letter to Jewish Christians who were living in gentile communities. He wrote his letter before A.D. 50, and he used it to expose hypocrisy and to promote right behavior in life before God. 2,715 more words



Since Monday I’ve been focusing on the lessons we might learn from the Pilgrim story. I thought it fitting to save the most important one—or what I think is the most important—for Thanksgiving Day itself. 632 more words

The Pilgrims And The First Thanksgiving

Felix Culpa - Happy Fall (A Story)

Ann has been on a decades-long search for an answer to the problem of evil and suffering. Even after she struck upon a Theodicy, her challenges had only just begun. 86 more words


The First Day...

Here in good ol’ Polk County, FL the kids started public school yesterday, and for the first time I experienced this day on the parenting side of the aisle. 911 more words

Christian Experience

Here is love

So much of contemporary culture presents love as the panacea that banishes all suffering and disappointment.  Think of John Lennon, “All you need is love”, or the Hollywood rom com where guy meets girl, whereupon breakup, betrayal, even a minor tragedy will ensue, but all will be magically made better in the final few moments when the two leads embrace and the credits roll.   440 more words