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The Problem With Happiness

Many of us believe that we become happier when we have no problems. Problem is; we are never out of problems! Life is full of problems. 693 more words

Personal Story

A family in Singapore part 62 (Math Question)

The blog postings are about the Singapore Math. The readers can learn from the postings about Solving Singapore Primary School Mathematics. The blog presenting the Math Concept, the Math Questions with solutions that teaches in Singapore Primary Schools. 189 more words

Singapore Math

From thinking to design thinking: a journey that starts with a cultural shift

Gone are the days when design thinking was a concept that stayed within the four walls of start-ups. With disruption affecting all sectors and businesses at all levels of maturity, organizations have realized they cannot afford to rely on traditional approaches to problem solving. 609 more words


Politicians should listen to educators and employers - standardised testing is a waste of time - » The Australian Independent Media Network

NAPLAN and PISA are not the be all and end all. In fact, slavish preoccupation with standardised test results is stultifying the attributes students need most to succeed – creativity, initiative, innovation, agility, teamwork and good communication skills. 20 more words

Informed Comment

Boards for windows

It’s 100-degrees this weekend and too hot to finish pruning. Which reminds me! For safety reasons, I’m sleeping with windows closed and ugh it’s stuffy. 82 more words


The Weeks of Making Progress

Not published much in a while but LOTS of new haiku and similar things needing to be uploaded.

Here are three in my LEGO Square Wheels… 105 more words


FMP Evaluation

For this final major project, I have decided to create a 2.5D animation. I felt like I really wanted to push my limits since this is the final project and I wanted to feel proud of myself, as well as learn new animating skills. 560 more words