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Remote Viewing or Perception

On June 18, 1925, a Czechoslovakian psychic named BrĂȘtislav Kafka asked a group of people whom he had trained to be clairvoyant to ‘see’ what was happening to an expedition on its way to the North Pole (1). 1,276 more words

AR5710 Directed Practice- Prevent Strategy- outcomes


after the initial test image above I created two posters for st John Ambulance as my community group however part of the source material has corrupted the file. 110 more words


3D Animals - Designed by 2nd Grade!

Check out our 2nd graders going from research, to concept, to design to 3D print!

21st Century Learning


I had previously spoken to Erica about what kind of headdress she wanted me to have, and whether I was having a staff or not. We decided on a headdress and a wand. 167 more words


Lauren and I spent the afternoon trialling my makeup. We weren’t really sure what we were doing, but we had some basic ideas that we could start with. 167 more words


At the start of this session we tried on all of the costumes we had so far. I have the majority of my costumes, I have boots, body suit, coat and wings. 200 more words


Today a select group of us went to the Theatre Royal costume department to look for our costumes and costumes for the rest of the company. 1,462 more words