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Problem: Making Anagrams

*Difficulty: Easy



Approach: To be able to make anagrams from two string, we have to find their common characters first. For example, if we have abccd and cdcc, then their common characters is c and d. 306 more words

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Playing Music: A Full Workout for the Brain

Below is a video by Anita Collins that explains how playing music lights up the entire brain, affecting the visual, auditory, and motor cortices.

The video discusses the benefits of music learning, playing music, and the advantages musicians have, the highlights of which I have paraphrased below: 137 more words



Sometimes, I have to wonder. My children—even as teens, or maybe especially as teens—tend to shed their belongings as they walk in the front door and through the house. 183 more words


exponential flavour extraction from strong herbs and spices

I’ve basically been asking as many people as possible this question for the past few months, and am slowly gaining some progress. Distillers, chefs, and experienced colleagues have given me answers that have pushed me slowly in the right direction as I continue the search.  376 more words


Problem: Arrays Left Rotation

  • Difficulty: Easy

Problem description:
Array Left Rotation pdf

All approaching ideas is inspired by Python.
Approach: The first thing come in my mind is using a for loop, using Python list slice notation. 117 more words

Problem Solving

ELIZABETH RENTER: “7 Ways To Better Listen To Your Intuition”

Have you ever been in a situation where your “gut feeling” told you one thing, but your rational mind said another? If you went with your brain rather than your intuition, there’s a good chance you ended up regretting your decision.

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Comfort zone is a bitch

I’ve always been driven by the process of problem solving; the enthusiasm of listening to a problem for the first time, the hard work whilst trying to solve it, and the sheer joy once you solve it. 74 more words