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Thinking outside the Box (by having the student Break IN)

Sometimes it can be hard to change the game in math class. Grooves, patterns, predictability… they all have their place, but it can make math class seem stale. 153 more words


Daily Ramblings - Complaint or Solution?

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy” – Henry Ford

It is so easy to nitpick a solution to a problem or a process. It is so easy to complain about other people or something we don’t like. 544 more words


FMP Day 14

Today I created my final logo, it didn’t take too long to create the man shape and look of it, but it took along time in little tweaks to get it perfect. 27 more words

Practical Skills

Probability Musing

Please let me know if you know the solution to the following problem:

What is the probability of me waking up at 10am?

What additional information should be supplied so as to determine the probability?

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Problem Solving

Using Leather

Today I have got a range of different leathers so that I can work with them and incorporate it into my design because it’s my whole theme of project. 112 more words

Planning And Production


RANDYGRAM – You Should Take Notes By Hand

When we are in a class or a meeting for work, school, church or a board we may sit on, our objective is always to understand.  444 more words

Acrylic Development Piece

Here I have continued to develop my acrylic pieces. I have used a few colours in this painting; Blue, Black, Green, and White. I have also scaled down and gone A3, for this piece as I had thought of a different way to create this piece. 196 more words