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Abundance & scarcity are two sides of the same coin

Chris Anderson in his book, Free talks about how we can deal with abundance and figure out scarcity in this era of abundance.

Dealing with abundance… 661 more words


Sound recording start point.

Once I had the green light from Jamie, I then went over to Brian Nicholson to tallk with him about equipment. To make the performance crystal clear, I needed technology that would be more useful than my  personal Dictaphone. 700 more words

Keeping Up with Myself

Well, I got a little creative, while at the station, and did five more worksheets for ideas/stories. It made me think of how to solve some of the character’s problems. 121 more words


In praise of math, logic, and Latin ... say, what?

Classical educators argued that these disciplines are the building blocks of reasoning, problem-solving and critical thinking.


The courses that I teach contain a heavy dose of problem-solving skills. 305 more words

Problem Solving

The Philosophy of World Class Commercial Software Devs

What’s the difference between software developers that are great and those that are ordinary? One of the things that I have noticed and tried to emulate, as if some of these great software developers and other problem solvers were my coaches, is to have an understanding and philosophy behind the code. 646 more words

Self Esteem / Sicurezza personale

What is Self Esteem:

Self-Esteem = How much we like ourselves

The above video analyzes the fundamental process of creation and building of self-esteem. 151 more words


Bare Bones Lessons: Paper Airplane Competition

We have three weeks left and my three Algebra 1 classes and I are working on a statistics project to finish off the year. More on that later. 259 more words

Bare Bones Lessons