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The One Thing a Leader Must Be

Every leader has strengths and weaknesses. But what every leader must be able to do is effectively solve problems. That does not necessarily mean (s)he has to solve the problem but (s)he must be able to see what resources it will take to get it solved. 106 more words

Work Smarter Not Harder

The Downside of "Doing"

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that “doing” – or taking action – doesn’t always “do” it. It doesn’t always solve the problem. It doesn’t always produce the best result. 768 more words

Comfort With The Unknown

You Know That Thing That's Been Bugging You?

You know those little nagging, annoying things in life? Those issues that don’t really matter in the broader realm of life on the planet Earth, but still, they get to you every time you think about them? 449 more words


Make something that does something

[Little Bits]


LittleBits makes a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small. 67 more words


Can a Deadline Be a Lifeline?

Let’s not fool ourselves.

Deadlines help us get work done.

They add pressure, a sense of urgency, and fuel us with stress hormones so that we can rise up to the challenge. 1,192 more words


Strep Throat

I have recently been diagnosed with Strep Throat. If you have never had strep throat you have never felt pain in your life. Strep throat is the WORST thing. 223 more words