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Week 6 Review

Over the last week for FMP I have been continuing with the development of my Organic Alphabet. I have been tieing up most loose ends in reflection to my research and development stages, my main priority for going into this week was to be at a comfortable stage of starting to choose a running style and producing 26 A4 sized letters for the beginning of going into my final week on FMP. 325 more words


Week 6 Review

This week I continued to develop my designs and began the realisation stage of my project. I developed a hand drawn typeface to use for my greetings cards and party invitations which I thought was simplistic and engaging, but also easy to read. 923 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

FMP - Week 8

This week wasn’t as successful as last week, as a lot of things didn’t go to plan. Once again I started in the print room, I did my 3 tea towels, using the tote bags I bought yesterday, they really didn’t turn out how I had hoped. 1,780 more words

Evaluation And Reflection



I couldn’t sleep last night properly as I was thinking about my piece. I really needed to start hanging wood, but I preferred to make a bit more texture on the bottom of canvas. 1,097 more words


Four Reasons Boredom is Good For Your Child

It’s the phrase that makes nearly every mom cringe, and with summer approaching, it’s one most of us will hear a lot of soon:

“I’m bored.” 769 more words


Padiham // Finalised

After having taken photographs of relevant places in my life, I decided this photo should probably be included and used for my ‘Padiham’ photo.   This photo is relevant due to what it over looks, where I took the picture is my bus stop that I use mostly everyday in order to get to college.   100 more words


Fashion Illustration - Final Piece 3

Finally I had got round to getting some new coloured pencils which were a lot softer than the other ones I had been using which weren’t giving me the desired effect. 91 more words

Practical Skills