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My name is Kelsey and I am here to help! Running a small business is tough! Often the creative details get overlooked because day to day operations take up so much time! 103 more words


Stretch the boundaries of your creativity

Often, creativity is associated with something dysfunctional – a problem needs to be solved, something that works badly could be improved. Rarely, we devote our creative ability to something that works well: “ 345 more words

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Tänj gränserna för din kreativitet

Ofta associerar man kreativitet med något dysfunktionellt – ett problem behöver lösas, något som fungerar dåligt kan kanske förbättras. Mer sällan ägnar vi vår kreativa förmåga åt något som fungerar bra: ” 405 more words

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Better Brainstorming - article review and new rule

Initially my reaction when I started reading Hal Gregersen’s article from HBR on Better Brainstorming was must tweet this.  Reading deeper into Gregersen’s ‘Question Burst’ 372 more words

An Article And Then Some

Teaching Through Problem Solving

In our 7-12 Math Methods class, we’re talking about problem solving, so I decided to read an article about using problem solving techniques to teach. The article was “Teaching Through Problem Solving” by Cos D. 395 more words

Ground Bound Dogs with Tracy Custer

Recently there was a post on the Disc Dog Discussions Facebook Group about a dog who would only lift her front paws off the ground instead of leaping for a catch.  677 more words

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