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Being a Bridge

Bridges make connections possible. Bridges facilitate the crossing of people, “from one side to the other.” Shown is the breathtaking Pennybacker Bridge, a “through-arch bridge” located on the west side of Austin in the scenic hill country. 520 more words

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TRIZ: A Powerful Methodology for Creative Problem-Solving

Projects of all kinds frequently reach a point where as much analysis as possible has been carried out, but the way forward is still unclear. Progress seems blocked, and if the project team is to move forward, it must develop creative solutions to the problems it faces. 129 more words


How to prepare your horse for the vet.

When Onix and Ramon had to be gelded, I prepared them for the vet. I know my boys well and they are not so much used to man, make that more complicated if that man is a vet who is gonna give them a shot. 436 more words


Starting My Final Piece

I have made a start on my final piece which is going to be a wall hanging. I have used a metre of fabric folded in half with wadding inside to add some depth into the piece. 272 more words

Evaluation & Reflection

The first thought counts !

What is the difference between a good software engineer and a weaker software engineer?

Answer: When you give a weak software engineer a new job the first question they ask themselves is “how am I going to design this?” where as the good software engineer asks themselves “how am I going to test the code?” 29 more words