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Binomial Expansion Variation

Several years ago, I posed on this ‘blog a problem I learned from Natalie Jackucyn:

For some integers A, B, and n, one term of the expansion of is .  

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Production Diaries -  Week 4. 

20th March.

-supposed to start pre production, but continued research as it wasn’t finished. Should finish by this week / start of next week.

21st March. 491 more words

Problem Solving

Production Diaries - Week 3. 

14th March.

Today was a pathway day which gave me the oppertunity to speak to Graham, my main media tutor, about my primary and secondary research. 433 more words

Problem Solving

Production Diaries - Week 2. 

27th Feb.

I showed Mandy the first draft of my proposal as Jo wasn’t available and I wouldn’t have the chance to speak to Graham until the next day. 505 more words

Problem Solving

Process Mapping with Toast

Tom Wujec is famous for traveling around the world in order to fix complex business problems while relating those problems to the process of making toast. 40 more words


Grocery Shopping and TLE

When I was a young adult (and still am in the spiritful sense) a lot of things were really important.  I mean really, really important… like guys, my weight, clothes and meaningful work…(emphasis on meaningful). 757 more words


Hello there,

Years ago, when I was much younger, I would “talk to the dark”. I may have been praying, I may have been voicing concerns which I had no idea how to handle at the time, mostly I did it because I didn’t have anyone else that I could talk to about everything or even nothing in particular. 403 more words