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“How Successful People Think” by John Maxwell: Part Two

  1. Miguel de Cervantes said, “The man who is prepared has his battle half fought,” Strategic thinking takes complex issues and long-term objectives, which can be very difficult to address, and breaks them down into manageable sizes.
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It is our future

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A memorable week ahead …

Powerful. It is empowering to envision your future. It is on everyone to envision the future. 299 more words


Sum of Consecutive Numbers (Part 2)

The sum of consecutive positive integers is . Find all possible values of .
Source: NCTM Mathematics Teacher, December 2005

Let be the sum of consecutive positive integers with the first term equal . 69 more words

Problem Solving

Interactive Lecture Post 1

Primordial Debt (Click for the MS Word Doc)

This is the lecture I delivered on the first day of classes during the Spring semester of 2016 at Western Kentucky University. 39 more words


The Art of Discussion

Everyone can agree that a good discussion without any major voice raising or an overdose of adrenaline that switches the ape behaviour is what a proper discussion should be. 736 more words

Perfect Picture Book Friday – What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur?

I pre-ordered the subject of today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday post because I was curious to learn how anyone could explain such a difficult concept in a way that would resonate with young listeners and because I was so pleased to see a young girl grace its cover. 445 more words

How to Tell a Woman You're Scared

Men, like women, have the right to feel safe. 

I wrote an article a few months ago where I described hearing noises in the middle of the night and expecting my husband to go check them out. 750 more words

Raising Awareness