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Slugs and snails.. (or the sacrificial aubergine)

..in which I devise a technique to prevent molluscs from eating all of my plants..

I have been battling slugs and snails in my garden for years. 333 more words

4 ways to not be afraid of death

Death. It’s a scary term for most as it’s the final stage of life as society tells us. For some it is a tragic moment and for some it comes as a sweet relief from a hard life. 692 more words

The Shift

Fix Behavior Problems with Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an important habit for parents to develop because it is so easy to ignore kids when they’re behaving appropriately. It is the disruptive and irritating behavior we tend to notice and respond to. 399 more words


The Issue Issue

I can’t pinpoint when issue reared its euphemistic head and took the place of problem or difficulty in the general parlance, but the usage is now of epidemic proportion.  657 more words

Voce del verbo "Snapchattare"

“Ciao sono una ragazza di 25 anni ed ho appena installato Snapchat, e adesso?”

Proprio così la nuova chat del fantasmino non solo ha invaso l’Italia nell’ ultimo anno, ma ha fatto sentire terribilmente inadeguato ogni over 20 che provasse ad usarlo. 220 more words



How big it is

depends on how large you think

you think the problem is small,

so you let it be

571: Maybe it IS you...

There is a huge culture now of “accept me as I am.” It is the “be yourself, and don’t change who you are for anyone or anything.” Yeah, well….I get that idea, but I see the problems this healthy self-acceptance beginning eventually leads to – and it isn’t pretty. 162 more words