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Journey Back to God: Origen on the Problem of Evil

Journey Back to God explores Origen of Alexandria’s creative, complex, and controversial treatment of the problem of evil. It argues that his layered cosmology functions as a theodicy that discerns deeper meaning beneath… 59 more words


Fungsi Faktorial dan Fungsi Gamma

Anda tentunya mengenal notasi n! (baca: n faktorial), yang merupakan singkatan dari bentuk perkalian n(n – 1)(n – 2) ∙∙∙ (2)(1). 176 more words


Language problem

Knowing a language doesn’t define one’s intelligence. Who cares if you are not grammatically correct or you have just a limited vocabulary. The fact that it’s not your mother tongue and as long as you can have a decent conversation, voila!


Bagahe By: Xandriane E. Loriega

Ang problema ay nasa parisukat

na nakausli sa aking kanang balikat.

Paminsan minsan ito’y nakaaba

sa aking nababaluktot na likuran, 234 more words


2017, March 20 - 2411 - insomnia 13

never enough sleep (5)
yawning and tired all day long (7)
drink too much coffee (5)


• Cowardice •

I wish I could have the strength to fight. I mean, who would want to be a fugitive, anyway, right? Who would want to succumb their lives in this never-ending quest of passion then sorrow? 150 more words