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Broken events in ownCloud calendar

Suddenly the synchronization with the ownCloud calendar stopped working. It gave me a strange message in the logs:

Read and comment here: https://tigr.net/4346/2015/09/03/broken-events-in-owncloud-calendar/
Читать и обсуждать: https://tigr.net/4346/2015/09/03/broken-events-in-owncloud-calendar/


Writing Wednesdays #10: Creativity from stillness

Whether you are having trouble with a paper or can’t find the right solution to a problem, it can help to take a moment and breathe or just walk away and come back. 283 more words


application time

Wow, so much work to do. I do not know where to start sometimes.
Should I write my personal letter, statment or search more? What is the most important part to high light? 220 more words


Primal Discontent

Some days….the world is too much for me to take. People around seem nothing but exasperating. Too intelligent, too calculative; manipulative, immature, selfish, nonchalant, evil, rude. 110 more words


A Real Prison...An Imaginary World

I am a day-dreamer.

This is my downfall. This is my time-waster. I began daydreaming over a decade ago as a way to pass time. I often had to wait, and daydreaming made the time go by as if it were nothing at all. 735 more words

National Geographic Close View of a Sign That Prohibits

Carefully slide the decal off of the backing with your tweezers or a toothpick, depending on the size of the decal. Decals are useful for very small decals, and tweezers (varying in size depending on the type of decal) work for medium and large-sized decals. 299 more words

Stumbling Block - Plascon Problems

I was hoping to reveal my biggest piece today in full glory but instead I am encountering sealer problems. The desk is beautiful, as a painted piece, and all was going well until my final coat of Plascon’s Paint Effects water-based glaze-coat. 295 more words