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The biggest problem of why you might be dysfunctional all the time

Many people have bad days. For me, those days tend to be the days that I don’t get as much sleep as I need. (Also when I’m on my “time of month” but we’ll leave that factor out). 215 more words

Devil In The Details: How Punctuation Cost Domino's Pizza Millions Of Dollars

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Here’s something I never imagined I’d write: My heart, if not my stomach, goes out to Domino’s Pizza.

The problem tugging at my heartstrings wasn’t pepperoni or extra cheese. 608 more words

Money Matters

Why Do I Have A Silverfish In My Bathroom

Having a silverfish problem in your bathroom may be an indication that there is some sort of water damage nearby. Silverfish love moist, dark places, so bathrooms are the number one place in your house that they want to

No time for a weekday treatment?

No time for a weekday treatment? No problem! We are open Saturdays to give you the pampering you need after a busy week.
To find out more and to book your free consultation call 0203 389 9653 or click the link. 26 more words

Guide to stop smiling

Nothing beats a smile…

Normally I’d say I agree, but I can also be a little picky sometimes. This is how I actually feel about it: Nothing beats a smile – as long as it’s a warm, genuine, non-forced one. 428 more words


Don't Forget: The Morality Of The Method

When you’re in the process of tearing down monuments that remind you of badder sadder days in the USA, Don’t Forget the Vietnam Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the CIA torture Museum. 651 more words