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Why is it (almost) impossible to set deadlines for data science projects?

In many cases, attempts to set a deadline to a data science project result in a complete fiasco. Why is that? Why, in many software projects, managers can have a reasonable time estimate for the completion but in most data science projects they can’t? 785 more words


Short Women Woes - October Guest Post

When the amazingly talented Chelsea-Summer posts her weekly rants, I immediately stop what I’m doing, get myself some coffee, sit back and get ready for some laughs. 932 more words

Weekly Rant

You Haven't Been on a Plane?!

One student shared a fact about herself that surprised a couple of other students. What interesting fact did that student share? That fact was that she had never been on a plane. 134 more words


The Harvard Professor Who Taught Gates and Zuckerberg

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Eliza Grinell

What are the odds that one Harvard professor would teach two of the university’s most successful dropouts, and now the first and fourth richest people in the country – 26 years apart? 1,085 more words

Money Matters

Why Sexual Harassment Is More of a Problem in Venture Capital

(Source: hbr.org)

The only surprising thing about the recent furor over sexual harassment by Silicon Valley venture capitalists is that people are surprised. This has been happening for a long time. 1,260 more words

Money Matters

Last Resort?

“So, what do you want?”

Smells like sulfur. His head… horns?

“Wrong address…” “How brave.”



I may be just a tiny little bit motivated by the music im listening to at the moment that I write this (i love to listen to motivational anime music and thats basically what im listenting to it right now), but i want to write a bit about the fights that we have to participate in in life. 513 more words