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There's something surreal going on in the market

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

There’s something surreal going on in the market.

The bond market has exploded in size, and yet market-makers — firms charged with making sure buyers and sellers can get the trades they need — are holding fewer bonds on their balance sheet, which makes life difficult for investors looking to make big trades. 346 more words

Money Matters

FB testing

My SoCS post did not automatically distribute to my Facebook page, so I am doing this post to check to see if I fixed the problem. 47 more words


Quote #118

“The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.” ~ Captain Jack Sparrow


That 2-3% With Cardiac Problems

I’m in my late twenties, healthy life-style and diet. I have no major weight issues or bad habits. Never smoked in my life, never did drugs, alcohol only on holidays and its very small amount, no soda or sugar in my diet, no bread or high fructose corn syrup in my diet, seriously a healthy young woman here or at least I thought so. 354 more words

Heart Issues

Relationship with a meat-eater

I’m writing this because I remember searching for other vegans’ stories and I didn’t find many. I was going through rough times with my meat-munching boyfriend and I felt the need to find out how others delt with the problem. 677 more words

Rent or Lease to Own Home with bad credit - no problem - YouTube

http://straighttalkreviews.com/rto4 Rent or Lease to Own Home with bad credit If you are moving, consider renting or leasing with an option to buy before you… 7 more words

Overcome That Problem Within the Personal Life

The people will have to do one thing or another everyday. They should get engaged into one type of work. They will then need to get something done, either as an undertaking or as a means of the livelihood. 279 more words

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