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Solving Somebody's problem

somebody’s problem

why should I solve?

somebody’s problem

why should I think?

pat comes a reply

if you think and solve somebody’s problem, it is first step towards you becoming a leader. 45 more words

The unsolvable problem 

Hi :)🙏🌟 so still an intense few days more coming up. I just wanted to share something that has clicked for me that I have been struggling with for many many years… It usually manifests as “im not Good enough” but underneath that is this complex feeling of needing to just work a bit harder to do just that but more and every thing will be ok. 271 more words

My Story

Kesetaraan Dua Metrik

Sdr. Bungaran Sibarani, salah seorang pembaca setia blog Bermatematika.net, merasa aneh dengan metrik diskrit. Persisnya, ia heran mendapati fakta bahwa di R yang dilengkapi dengan metrik diskrit,  barisan seperti 1, ½, ⅓, ¼, … , 1/ 208 more words


The Problem with Rearview Mirrors

I heard a speaker* say 2 different things tonight that I cannot shake.

  1. You can only get so far looking at the problem.

    There is so much truth in this statement.

  2. 422 more words
The Mind, Soul, Body, & Emotions

Ambition or Contentness

Back when I maintained my old, former web-blog, there was a particular manner in which I responded to difficult “conflicts” and “dilemma’s”: a manner not entirely unlike me, but a faulty and lazy way in brushing off my problems in 30 minutes or so, temporary fooling myself into believing that I had solved my issues. 336 more words