Problem and solution..

Why do we (i.e. our government) do this I don’t understand.

Once we see a problem instead of looking at it straight, finding its root first and then finding best solution available we just put bandaids on bullet would with bullet inside the body. 743 more words


Bread tag solutions

Thousands of bread were used daily, the bread tags came along as a waste.

Problems And Solutions

Goldthorpe Writers: "the old man"

The group is still very much in its infancy and we’re still finding our feet, so the library forgot that we’d changed the start time this week from 2:00pm to 2:30pm. 671 more words

Catch The Rainbow

The Law Series - Are you a chameleon? #MiniBlogRant

** A series of blogs analyzing how did I end up in a field that was so terribly wrong for my personality type.**

Are you a chameleon? 494 more words


Appreciation is an art

Appreciation is an art not everyone can master” – Gurneet Kaur

We look forward to getting an appreciation from others but wait, do we remember to appreciate them? 570 more words

Be Positive

The 'Why' power

(Image Source: http://doncrowther.com/wp-content/uploads/WhatsYourWhy.jpg)

“Where there is a will, there is a way”

Haven’t we all heard this phrase while growing up? I have read and listened to so many stories emphasizing on how ‘will power’ can lead you to success. 303 more words


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The actual meaning of life is disguised in one word - Why?