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Mistakes dentists make (part 3)

In my seminar “Master the Art of Case Acceptance” I warn against the 23 case acceptance mistakes that dentists commonly make. Over the past two weeks and this week I will give you three of the major ones. 220 more words

Dr Mark Hassed

No Problem

Any time and everywhere

when you’re thinking people stare –

you’ve got a problem

If it doesn’t matter what they say

And you think yours is the only way –

65 more words
Kait King

any girl's dream 

He looked at her in the way that every girl dreams a guy to look at her like this 👸


Emotional Suppression is Such an Annoying First World Problem

As much as I blabber on this blog with my random musings and drunk stories that don’t mean anything, I tend to have a difficult time blabbing about my feelings in real life. 1,419 more words

The Brutal Curse of Overthinking. . .

Overthinking: to think about (something) too much or for too long.

I’m a worrier, and as I looked back over the last 15 years of my life I seemed to worry about everything. 436 more words


The Type of Bigotry That's Fine in the UK

We should be intolerant of the intolerant, and always fight for freedom, equality, and the right for people to express their views. Ireland recently legalised gay marriage via a national referendum,  1,235 more words