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"Free Therapy"

friends aren’t there
solve all your problems
they’re there
to make you laugh
you work through them


Working out their problems.

The older kids were playing a game. Suddenly, they were strongly disagreeing on how the came should be played. I almost handled it in a not so gentle way. 292 more words

Strep Throat

I have recently been diagnosed with Strep Throat. If you have never had strep throat you have never felt pain in your life. Strep throat is the WORST thing. 223 more words


Investment boutique Rothschild advises Co-op Group, Members Council ‘toothless’

In August some disturbing news was published in the Letters columns of the Co-operative News.

The first letter, from Robert Jones of Chelmsford, deplored a lack of co-operation leading to competition between co-operatives; the second came from John Macbeth, Stoke-on-Trent with a similar concern from Nick Palin in Leeds about the closure of smaller stores in deprived areas as almost 200 new stores are being opened in relatively affluent areas, with hundreds more planned, according to Steve Murrells, chief executive of retail for the Co-op Group. 327 more words

Co-operative Movement

Counseling...Who Needs That?

When I thought about individual counseling, my initial thought was that it was a complete waste of time and that there is nothing wrong with me; I’m good. 506 more words


Car Problems

My first car was kind of a crappy car. Back when I had it I thought it was the most amazing car ever haha. It was a 2008 Chevy Cobalt, I loved that car…it really wasn’t a crappy car but something was always wrong with it. 560 more words

Remind me.

I am sad. I am very sad again. I have found myself going back to old ways I once said I wouldn’t. The overthinking causes headaches which can only be silenced with pm medicine, I hate myself for not being strong enough to fight with the bad but I am weak. 303 more words