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Hey guys welcome back. So I wasn’t planning on a bonus blog but I need to write this.

Earlier I was talking about being sad about getting teased by my dad and blah blah blah. 313 more words


This Generation

There are a couple things floating around the internet right now about this generation and the misconceptions about us the older generations seem to have, so I figure I’ll add one more and throw my two cents out too. 934 more words

Now Bozos Sticking Up for patty and sark

Every fool blogger and columnist are lauding, praising, and defending them with any and all propaganda.

sark has a drunk for years.

Everyone is so sorry for him. 139 more words


more than you see

Someone posted something on Facebook that made me think. She degraded this article for saying that an illness is beautiful. While I don’t have the illness in question I still read the article. 546 more words



So I posted last night about how I’ve been feeling about my current situation. I’m not ashamed that I expressed myself via my blog. I need to do it somewhere after all.  572 more words

Day To Day

2015 (Almost) Final MOOP Map Released

This year, the BLM approved Burning Man’s “Leave No Trace” status a full week before the MOOP inspection could be completed. This seems a little strange – as does… 589 more words


And What of Joy?

This world may have some issues I can’t solve –
Some great enough to trigger pain or fear;
Some threatening to make my life revolve… 81 more words