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I’m in math and I’m drowning in info af. This is confusing!!! What is scale factor?????? Confuzzled…  We have an Olaf(yes Olaf from frozen) project that we start today which is supposed to somehow help us out with this? 73 more words

Natural Remedies Could Help You Start Feeling Better Once More

Imbalances in someone’s body may result in a large number of difficulties. From just not feeling right to feeling fatigued all of the time or perhaps having additional problems, it’s something someone might not actually look into until it begins to genuinely affect their particular life. 274 more words


My Story: Natural Hair Probs, Customer Service and others...

Where do I begin? How did my end up this way? Is crying an option? It’s a lot of ranting…

It all began with my  natural hair -Kinky. 1,104 more words

Singapore students top global ranking in reading, maths and science

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: For the first time, Singapore took first place in all three categories – reading, mathematics and science – in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), marking its best performance yet in the global benchmarking test. 310 more words

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Could Adrenal Exhaustion Cause Everyday Troubles Like Sleepiness and Mood Swings

Precisely why do folks feel run down and also desperate? Struggling to keep upward with lifestyle and just about all its calls for? Having adrenal supplements… 286 more words


My first blog

So I finally decided to create my own blog after months of reflection. It’s very personal for me because I’ll write about my own experiences, the problems I had through life and what is happening to me now. 163 more words