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First world cat problems will make any cat owner laugh (30 photos)

Random memes that made us spit out our morning coffee this week (32 photos) AdvertisementAdvertisementblog comments powered by Disqus Show More CommentsClose Comments

theCHIVE Newsletter… 30 more words

North Korea's Tourism Industry

Yes, North Korea has a tourism industry.


All nations should ban travel to North Korea.

And all other rogue states.

If a citizen goes to a danger zone, especially rogue states;  all nations should not assist them. 62 more words



I won’t admit to most my problems,

Yet when I’m alone I hope

that someone they would just listen,

And perhaps they’d help me cope.


Cut in two.

When I walk in the biggest city I have ever lived in on a sunny day. On old streets with tiny shops selling odd and strange things. 211 more words

People And Society



Life isn’t unfair. It’s all about our choice. To choose to be good. Or to choose to be bad.

If we are chosen to be good person, then we will be a good person. 72 more words

10 Things Girls Do That Boys Don't Like

So I guess my blog post ‘10 Things Boys Do That Girls Don’t Like’ hit a nerve for some boys as they all argued “That’s not true!”…pftt so in denial. 1,073 more words


Top Problems of SEO and solutions · Storify

If you want to make sure that your web pages are well positioned on the search engines, it is essential to have basic knowledge in optimization (SEO). 10 more words