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Remember my post about fixing this place up?

One of my biggest inspirations for this blog was this rental we moved into a few months ago.  This place inspired me to live life vigorously because of all the work it needed and it would take vigorous action to make it work. 419 more words

The Plumber

“There’s that drippin’ again,” the plumber murmured, shaking his head. He lightly scratched at his right cheek as he tried to comprehend what was happening. 832 more words


School Economics

The first item that always seems to be discussed when educational technology is the topic would be economics.


Binding for Freedom

Nervous feeling inside my heart causing anxiety and worry

I don’t like this sensation but I know deep down it’s helping me

Guiding my decisions and thoughts as I travel down this road… 39 more words


Lesson number 1: Take in your joy.

I’ve started talking about a problem just yesterday – anger.
It’s not easy to end a discussion in 400 words. To truly talk about something, I need to dig deeper. 468 more words


How To Report Problems

Why doesn’t FTM Mac have an item in the toolbar to report problems? Many programs do. Feedback is valuable. Finding help on Ancestry.com can be a frustrating experience. 301 more words


Hey peeps :)

Feeling a bit meh at the moment. It’s a stupid reason to feel meh, but it’s still there. I just feel very distant from my friends lately. 285 more words

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