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Problems and Solutions

The rain hasn’t let up for over a week. I’ve been living in this overcast fog of uncertainty. Everyone feels it. You can see it in their faces – they’re tired and glum. 323 more words


The real Plague of the 21st Century

Who knew, Myself out of all people, a fan of texting/technology and one who grew up in the generation where it was invented, now here about to bash it. 954 more words

No Problem

Any time and everywhere

when you’re thinking people stare –

you’ve got a problem

If it doesn’t matter what they say

And you think yours is the only way –

65 more words
Kait King Poetry

Costuming Problems

I have been doing costume and makeup for several years, but recently I have taken a break. I ended up starting a new costume, Owen Grady from Jurassic World, which absolutely drew me back into the hobby. 811 more words


Kitchens, a brief rant

I am normally not the kind of person that obsesses over materialistic things, but there are certain things I do put enormous value in. For me, a nice kitchen can make or break a home. 126 more words

Thought Rants And More

Why is it always so complicated?

So here’s yet another post…I’m on fire today!

Young and new to the dating pool as I may be I’m already experiencing the amazing as well as the incredibly sucky side. 713 more words