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Too much thinking

The more I think, the worse I feel. The more I do, the better I feel.

It’s easier to be ignorant than to be knowledgeable, as ironic as that sounds. 120 more words

New Study Calls Into Question Social Science's Credibility

In yesterday’s New York Times, there’s an article on the mounting credibility problems for social science, particularly the field of psychology. The article explores a study done in the journal Science in which researchers tried to reproduce the results of 100 psychology studies. 116 more words



Hey thee who drinks,
beware of that silent killer,
for it will destroy all your links

once you take it in,
during sorrow or grief; 75 more words



This page provides help with some common problems Video and Audio Sessions Please run the Local Video and Audio Test to check that your local device is set up properly. 82 more words

Don't Give Up

Have you ever felt like giving up? Everyone goes through times like this. We feel like giving up on our jobs, ministries, or marriages. You’re not alone. 588 more words


Tipping Point Leadership – Discover the leader in “U”

Somebody has said it right “The leader puts fire in you

A week ago I was reading this article on “Tipping Point leadership” which tells about William Bratton (Police commissioner of NYPD) who turned around NYPD completely and made New York into the safest largest city in the nation. 585 more words

No Problem

Any time and everywhere

when you’re thinking people stare –

you’ve got a problem

If it doesn’t matter what they say

And you think yours is the only way –

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Kait King Poetry