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General Updatey Goodness

Well, hi there Mr Noone McInparticular…

My updates on this blog have always been somewhat sporadic. And most of my updates for a while now have been all about weight loss and exercise. 672 more words

Get A Life

Greg's UFOs

Family friend Greg Kozak sent me this essay he wrote about his trip to Area 51.
Dutifully following our Mapquest printout and Matt’s GPS (I have a dumb phone that I use solely, well, as a phone), we turned left off of State 93, and then proceeded down the astoundingly empty road ahead of us. 8,450 more words


The Fantasy Prejudice Problem

Fantasy.  Science Fiction.  The whole Speculative Fiction umbrella.  A genre or genres that are very much apart from this lame boring realistic world were you have to get a job and not all the lasses are buxom and not all the dudes are hunky and you only get to hunt dragons a few times a year.  909 more words

General Media

Come together as a community, ministers urge

(Source: themiddleground.sg)

THE defence and home affairs ministries may have stepped up measures in response to a “clear and present” terror threat, but increasing vigilance of the community – under the national… 431 more words

Current Affairs

Boys and Girls

The interesting thing about a mid to late 20 year old males is how much of their lives are held inside. Girls talk to each other about everything. 433 more words


How Outlandish Inquiries Turn In To Impressive Success

The method of desiring a specific goal or object is sometimes very infuriating. We twisted and turned all of the angles, all of the variables, all of the equations to attend a perfect Valhalla on whatever project or thingamajig we stamped in our little heads. 224 more words


Trilogy Poem: Parenting- 'Teenager'

How dare you come into my house speaking to me like this? Hands on your hips, and just smacking your lips! Rolling your eyes and saying what you please; all I’ve done for you, you should be begging on your knees. 82 more words