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I want to talk about how I gradually learned to think critically in science. ,I must say that this is not something to comprehend and do immediately, which I was searching all over the Internet, trying to understand when I was a Freshman. 532 more words


Direction Vectors

The question of the day is about the directionality of our lives.

I am 21 and getting closer to identify which path I am going to pursue in my life journey. 287 more words



When the science was advanced enough for the chimeras to grow and survive and even thrive, they said we had a choice. Just remaining human would not be enough, that was an outmoded model, and did not reflect the glories of transhumanist science. 327 more words

Horror Flash Fiction

Cash & Systems of Internal Control

   Cash can be defined as many things. Currency, Coins, Money orders and bank drafts are all considered forms of cash. Cash in banks may be in the form of checking and savings account while cash in business may be in the form of postage stamps and promissory notes. 537 more words

Garcia Plastic Surgery Post-Menopausal Cosmetic Procedures in Jacksonville, Across the Pond on the Rise

Compared to prior generations, people today are staying healthier and more active longer. They’ve skipped the rocking chair for the StairMaster. Yet, there has been no change in the way the body and face ages. 18 more words

Creating High Performance Learning Environments

Analysis of Roller Coaster Physics and lesson plan Glog

  • Academic expectations – do you think the teacher holds high performance expectations for students in each of these scenarios?
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As you all know, I supply the tennis balls for our sessions. We all pay an additional $1 on top of the $10/p.p. 2-hour court fee to pay for the balls. 140 more words