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Regain Your Beautiful Smile With Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation can also be referred to as full mouth restoration or full mouth reconstruction. The treatment relates to the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in the mouth that is both in the upper jaw and in the lower jaw. 733 more words

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The Entourage Effect - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

For us humans, everything we do is only done after quickly referencing our social reference group. This is fantastic if you can take whatever idea you’d like others to believe in and follow, and give it plenty of social proof. 6 more words

Despite deaths, still no action on Hong Kong beauty industry

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

Despite deaths, still no action on Hong Kong beauty industry

Five years after a serious blunder at a beauty salon left one woman dead and three others seriously injured, the Hong Kong government has not cracked down on unscrupulous procedures in the medical cosmetics industry, which is still booming. 1,343 more words

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Green Chair Or The Blue One - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

How To Combine The Double Bind With Another Useful Tool

The double bind is when you give somebody two choices, both of which lead to the same outcome. 27 more words

The Anonymous Violinist Pattern - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

Famous People Can Easily Blend In With Normal People

It’s easy to do an experiment where you remove the “things” people normally associate with famous people, so they don’t notice him. 28 more words

Pediatric Airway Series: Part 3 - Time to Intubate!

Decision has been made to Intubate. What now?

  • There are “7 P’s” for Intubation to help outline a step-wise approach
  • Recall from Part 2 that we discussed the Preparation and Pre-oxygenation steps for a pediatric intubation.
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Why A Few Men Rule The Planet - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

Humans Are Self Organizing, Hierarchical, Pack Animals

Put ten guys in a room, and one guy will become the leader. Put ten leaders in a room, and you still get one leader. 39 more words