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A Game Plan for Writing Workshop Transitions

Have you ever visited a colleague’s classroom or watched a video of a lesson and wondered, “How are those kids so perfect? How do they seem to know exactly what to do, the moment the teacher suggests it?” 894 more words


Weekend Poll: Have You Created a Procedures Manual for Your Role?

In last weekend’s poll, we looked at your orientation and induction experiences. While some of you had the benefit of effective onboarding systems, that wasn’t the case for all.  82 more words


Substitution Model for Procedure Application

Expressions that are formed by delimiting a list of expressions within parenthesis to denote procedure application, are called Combinations. The leftmost element in the list is called… 283 more words


Storage considerations

  • Have a reliable refrigerator, preferably purpose-built to store vaccine, which has the capacity to accommodate the facility’s vaccine storage needs (including during influenza season).
  • Depending on the quality and design of your purpose-built vaccine refrigerator, it may warm quickly during a power failure.
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Cold Chain

Power source reliability

  • When installing your vaccine fridge:
    Consider using a back-up generator if there are regular power cuts or interruptions to the power supply.
  • Consider alarming the refrigerator.
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Cold Chain

Placement of vaccine refridgerator

Placement considerations

  • Ensure the refrigerator is placed out of direct sunlight.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for air circulation around the back and sides of the unit.
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Miss Conroy STEAM Lab Rules and Procedures

Shooting for STAR Behavior 

In the STEAM Lab we will be reinforcing the STAR school-wide positive behavior support system.  STAR stands for Safe, Trustworthy, Accountable and Respectful. 42 more words