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Do You Have The Meta Skill? - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

There are skills and meta skills Individual skills are virtually infinite. For example, if you wanted to be a skilled computer programmer, you would never be finished. 18 more words

How To Thrive In Chaos - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

The world is in a strange place. Only a hundred years or so ago, it was perfectly fine to just show up. You did what you were told, and you’d have a job and family. 23 more words

How To Make Everything Easy - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

Imagine a high school sports team, any sport, that never practiced. Maybe they had try-outs, and the coach chose all the players. The next time they got together was on game day. 22 more words

How To Do Mental Pushups - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

Controlling your own thoughts is a very useful skill. But its not something most people believe is a skill. Most people recognize that their thoughts are prone to drift on their own, sometimes creating unwanted emotions feelings.Click to read more. 6 more words

The Belly Of The Whale - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

Many mythological stories have common elements. Joseph Campbell called the basic mythological structure, The Heros Journey. Not all myths fit it, or have all of the elements, but plenty of them do. 12 more words

The Third Path - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

When I was a kid I broke my arm on a backpacking trip. We were two days in, so I had to walk all the way back out. 43 more words

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Burglar Alarm System

Burglars, it is the term used for persons who have an intention of breaking and entering another persons’ house. It is a crime interrelated to theft. 475 more words