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On the Generations Of: Who Wrote Genesis? Part 2: The Book of the Proceedings of @Ädhäm

Continuing with presenting my hypothesis regarding who wrote Genesis.

The Second Section:  Genesis 2.4b to Genesis 5.1a

Here is the New American Standard Version’s translation of the opening and ending verses of the second section.  1,158 more words


On the Generations Of: Who Wrote Genesis? Part I: Genesis One

In my previous  November post, I presented an introduction to the my hypothesis regarding who wrote Genesis. Prior to that, in a July post… 1,340 more words


विधान सभा और परिषद में हंगामा

पटना, (विशेष संवाददाता): बिहार विधान मंडल के दोनों सदनों में मुख्य विपक्षी दल भाजपा द्वारा तल्ख तेवर एवं शोर शराबा के चलते सदन की कार्यवाही नहीं चली। जिसके कारण आमजनों का प्रश्नकाल शोर-शराबा की भेंट चढ़ गयी। विधानसभा की कार्यवाही ज्योंहि शुरू हुई कि प्रतिपक्ष के नेता डा. प्रेम कुमार ने गत दिनों सदन के […]

Table ronde internationale "La route antique et médiévale: nouvelles approches, nouveaux outils": the videos

While waiting for the proceedings of the internationale round table, if you didn’t manage to get to Bordeaux but you’re stille interested in knowing what we’ve been talking about, you can watch the videos of each presentation. 192 more words


Study and analyse of spatial distribution of waste in the southern Atlantic of Morocco

The ocean remains one of the most mysterious and diverse places on Earth. Unfortunately, nowadays our oceans are much polluted: discarded plastic, industrial waste and unwanted fishing nets. 207 more words


Pacific Radiance pursues arbitration against two Chinese yards

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

MAIN-BOARD-LISTED Pacific Radiance announced after Monday trading hours the start of arbitration proceedings against two Chinese shipyard groups over two disputed shipbuilding contracts. 159 more words

Money Matters

DiGRA-FDG 2016 Proceedings

The Full paper and Abstract Proceedings of the 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG are now available online in the DiGRA digital library: 23 more words

Game Studies