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Data before Process or Process before Data?

Here is a silly question, would you put the horse before the cart or the cart before the horse? Of course, only one of these alternatives offers an effective solution. 377 more words

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Buzzword; Swim Lanes

“Have you designed your swim lanes yet?’ isn’t a good question to ask someone whose only form of exercise is swimming. My immediate thought was of a pool, with the rows of floating lane markers. 215 more words


February 2016

Skills in play

Evaluation of three strands of social research looking at food security and data science. Paying attention in a different way to when facilitating, by having to think about what I observe and how it flows from one section to another. 166 more words

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Even my 7 year old knows how to "game" the system

My daughter, who is 7, is encouraged by her school to read *a lot*.

She has a yellow reading record book where she records all the occasions that she reads, at school and at home, and each Friday her teacher has a look and awards bronze, silver and gold stars depending on how many times she has read. 271 more words



Thinking about the interaction, differences and compatibility of social research and public dialogue approaches. Are they mutually exclusive? How much work does it need to take the participative and iterative nature of dialogue, with its phenomenological aspects, and mould it into a tidy market or social research type approach, which will make clients comfortable? 86 more words

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Podcast about Robust BPM

Peter Schoof interviewed me last week on the subject of robust BPM. (Thanks Peter!)  This had been the basis of a talk I gave in Montreal at  the… 378 more words


Spirituality and service silos – Lessons from Tirupati


A visit to the Tirupati, home of one of the richest gods, Balaji, is an experience that many million people consider one of the most important spiritual experiences of their life; not once, but many times in a lifetime; they plan in advance or start hunting around for someone to help ease the way in, they pray to the lord that he is kind enough to afford a reasonable ‘darshan’……… 1,360 more words