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Lessons Learned in Designing and Managing People-Centered Processes

We standardize things in business for many valid reasons: innovation, quality and costs, to name a few. Developing and designing processes involving people is a very interesting activity. 1,891 more words



  1. General Considerations for Process Validation: – In all stages of the product lifecycle, good project management and good archiving that capture scientific knowledge will make the process validation program more effective and efficient.
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Pharma Industry Guidelines

Approach to chemical engineering education at the undergraduate level

The chemical engineering science approach that focuses on molecular understanding of various processes important to chemical engineering remains the most popular approach by which chemical engineering departments around the world teach the subject. 623 more words

Chemical Engineering

Applying Customer Journey Map for capturing As Is experience across a suite of products


I am a software analyst and in this and a few other posts I will be sharing my thoughts about systemworkflows I am revisiting at work, how I approach their redesign and what difficulties I encounter. 2,778 more words

User Stories And Requirements

Learned the Hard Way: Landscape Process Design

My previous employer, the Center for Collaborative Policy, required its practitioners to possess five cardinal qualities and skills, known as “the five P’s”:  presence, political acumen, policy development, project management, and process design.  1,135 more words

Smart Processes to Smart Businesses

Why append the adjective “smart” to a process? Interestingly in the UK “smart” would suggest a very stylish process! Whereas in the US to speak of a “smart” process is to speak of an intelligent process. 508 more words


Four Ways To Successfully Surf Waves of Disruption

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabatt-Zinn

In this era of hyper-accelerating waves of technology-enabled disruption, companies and institutions need to have a well-designed surfboard. 498 more words