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Four Ways To Successfully Surf Waves of Disruption

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabatt-Zinn

In this era of hyper-accelerating waves of technology-enabled disruption, companies and institutions need to have a well-designed surfboard. 498 more words


Working on transmission issues with a multi-stakeholder panel and a transmission business. Designing an interactive game to develop understanding of costs, impacts, skills required and other supply chain issues. 56 more words

Process Design

Implementing Resilience Engineering in IT

A Definition of Resilience Engineering

Resilience engineering requires designing systems and equipment to fit human nature. One of the classic signs something is wrong with your manufacturing processes is when the people who work there look like they work out because they are using their bodies that hard and long as part of their jobs. 1,465 more words


A Process by any other name…

…would still confuse as much.

  (with apologies to Shakespeare)


    The average person see a process as they would see a forest, essentially without the details of the trees. 797 more words


Process Thinking with Promises

  More than a decade of talking about the need for non-technical business people to take on the task of mapping out the business processes, we are still in the wrong place. 710 more words


Key Strengths of a Business Analyst.

What are your strengths and how are you going to utilize your strengths to sell yourself as a assets for a company?

Every interviewer/client is looking for an answer to – “ 449 more words

Business Analyst

Who is a Business Analyst?

In simple terms – A Business Analyst is a person who acts and works like a bridge between clients and software developers.

The profile of a BA includes works like analyzing a business or a domain and to document the business processes or the systems. 74 more words

Business Analyst