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Ryan Kashubara - The Case for Root Cause Analysis

Ryan Kashubara is an industrial engineer, mostly working with the producers of electronic components for various devices, including medical devices that doctors use all over the world. 223 more words


Ryan Kashubara - Three Tips to Become More Productive

Ryan Kashubara has become an expert on efficiency and productive in his career as an industrial engineer and quality engineer for electronic component manufacturing companies. He has worked for Epic Technologies, which has created many components for medical devices that many doctors and their patients all over the world rely on. 200 more words


Ryan Kashubara-Three Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Ryan Kashubara has been a process and industrial engineering expert for many years in several places in Ohio during his career. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Ohio State University and started working for Epic Technologies, LLC in Norwalk, Ohio. 209 more words