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Average - Is That What You Want?

Statistics.  Did you just shudder when I said that word?  People are very dipolar about taking statistics classes.  Either they loved it or hated it.  Most are in the second group.   285 more words

Process Improvement

Surgical checklists work--at scale

In an article in the Annals of Surgery this week, some of Dr. Atul Gawande’s team at Ariadne Labs demonstrated that widespread implementation of his surgical checklist lowers mortality on a massive scale: the entire state of South Carolina.  353 more words

Improve Your Surfing - And More! Pt. 2

So by now you have been thinking if improving your surfing is what you want to do. After some mulling and after being cut off by a 12 year old girl on a bodyboard; you have decided that the answer is yes! 676 more words


Feedback - A River Of Ideas

Every process that you have put in place has been a finished process.  No changes needed.  Which number below best matches your answer?

  1. Right.
  2. Right?
  3. 357 more words
Process Improvement

Helping or Hindering?

Have you ever gone for a walk downtown? We have a great downtown it is alive and vibrant, and it is always changing. People shop and go to the movies and the theater. 692 more words


Tonight, I sat down at the dinner table with my guest from Holland. I observed Simone using a fork and knife to eat her pizza. That’s like a cardinal sin in a half-Italian household but the norm for Simone. 152 more words

Social Housing and Process Improvement: Is it Time for the UK to Go Lean?

Although I live in the USA, I am keenly aware of what is taking place in other countries.  When I lived in Germany I spent several weeks in the UK looking at the social housing systems, programs and challenges.   465 more words