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Looking to Create Value, then Tinker, don't Muddle EBITDA will follow.

Let me share with you a story that reflect reality of the US manufacturing sector circa…well you guess, the era.

The latest EBITDA <2%, obvious signs of  intense competition reducing this business value, as increasingly their buyers viewed  their products as commodities and looked to squeeze prices.  553 more words


Journalists are Sharing Patient Satisfaction Scores

It’s happening. We knew it would come. It’s not that the hospitals haven’t been measuring patient satisfaction for decades. It’s not that the Federal Government is just now monitoring patient satisfaction and reporting it publicly. 260 more words

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When talking to a hardened engineering or construction business owner and I say “so what’s your vision for the company?” often their eyes roll (if not actually) but I know they’re thinking about it, it’s on their mind.   298 more words

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Hidden Business Costs - inefficient business processes

The proposal to improve a process was presented to the business owner who promptly said the company couldn’t afford it. My response is, “Can you afford not to do it?”. 651 more words

Process Improvement

We Have a Black Belt and We are not Afraid to Use It...

We Have a Black Belt and We are not Afraid to Use It

Six Sigma is a scientific, systematic, fact based approach to analyzing a company’s opportunities for improvement (problems) and formulating proven solutions to: 584 more words


5 Whys, A Great Problem Solving Tool

My favorite root cause analysis tool is “5 Whys”! Its a great way to jump into problem solving and look for possible solutions.

I love this tool because anyone can use it for any problem. 110 more words

5 Whys

How to Achieve High Performance

‘ High performance isn’t, ultimately, about running faster, throwing harder, or leaping farther. It’s about something much simpler, getting better at getting better…’

{James Surowiecki, The New Yorker via Thrive}

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