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Are you providing the right training?

How many of you have a training program in place in your business?

Do you understand the benefits that having a documented training program can bring? 369 more words

Talking to Others

Did you know that you can say just about anything to just about anyone and have it well received? Absolutely true.

It is not what you say, instead of how you say it.  437 more words

Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented?

Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented?

Quite simply, yes.

But in order for a quality system to enable you to work efficiently, you need to implement a system that is effective and is tailored for your business. 338 more words

New Consulting Site: www.Abstractforward.com Is Up

My new website, updated and stylistic, is up at: https://www.abstractforward.com/
The site will serve as my corporate site going forward while the old site: https://www.jeremy-swenson.com/ 38 more words

Cyber Security

Do You Wish For More Time?

Many of you wish for more time. If you ever find a way to get more time, please write me and let me know. I believe that we only have so much time. 850 more words

Book Review: When: Perfect timing for everything?


I must admit, This is the very first book I read within 5 days. I just couldn’t keep the book down. A great book to read and refresh some of the forgotten thoughts and lessons. 709 more words


Templates save time.

Templates.  They really do save you time.  It might seem like a lot of work sometimes to put them together, but in the long run they save you time. 370 more words