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Pivot Tables Etc - Leslie Weems

I have spent 15 plus years working my way up the corporate ladder in many different industries and corporations i.e. General Electric, Toshiba, Dell, Xerox. Over the years there have been challenges warranting me to wear numerous hats within Sales, Marketing, Finance-Operations-Analytics, Technology-IT to name a few, the common threat, Corporate Problem Solver. 24 more words

Ramping Up a Process Using OEE to Prioritise

When starting a new process it can be problematic.  Focus the attention of the team by monitoring OEE and addressing the issues that have the biggest impact. 627 more words

Days Sales Outstanding: Get Paid Faster tips

You’ve made a sale! That’s great but the customer hasn’t paid and the invoice is now 90 days past due. This scenario is common amongst many businesses. 500 more words

Process Improvement

Roll your own Daily Scrum

Yesterday, Scrum.org released an update to the Scrum Guide, with mostly minor changes to Scrum practice. The new guide clarifies that Scrum is for delivering complex products (rather than being limited to software), refines the Scrum Master role, and clarifies that Scrum events time boxes are maximum lengths. 476 more words


How to Lower Costs and Eliminate the High-Price of Doing Nothing

By David Oeters, Corporate Communications with CIMx Software

Profitable revenue growth and increasing the bottom line is the goal of every business. Any company, especially a manufacturer, not focused on growth is dying (even if they don’t know it yet). 478 more words


When No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

On a recent flight, I had the opportunity to sit next to someone who does very similar work to myself, only within a different sector. It’s almost natural that when two software conversion/implementation specialists get together, we begin talking shop. 456 more words

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Do You Suffer from Scope or Solution Creep?

The term “scope creep” is often used in business and we all know what it is, but do we really? In my experience leading various process improvement activities or new project management initiatives, I have come across at least three different problems that are often grouped together and classified as “scope creep.” I want to discuss a different concept that I call “solution creep” as a way to rethink these distinct problems and give some insight on how your can prevent your solution from creeping. 1,059 more words

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