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Is There a Quick Fix to Business Process Improvement?

When a process does not work, you may hope it will get better on its own or the problem will simply go away. Can you put out the fire and move on to the next problem? 135 more words


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt projects prove value in industries beyond manufacturing

With roots as a process improvement program designed to revolutionize a uniform manufacturing system, Paritosh Bhondele wasn’t sure if Lean Six Sigma Black Belt was a good fit for his role as a director at a global learning and performance software company. 607 more words


Unit Testing

I was writing a Java application in order to predict the future.

The future I was interested in was the prices of stocks – so I could become rich Rich RICH! 681 more words

Process Improvement

Connecting the DOTS!

Do you ever feel like you are working with no end in sight or all over the place without making any progress that can be either seen or felt? 246 more words

Crucial to create WIN’s for the TEAM!

How would you feel if you play in a baseball game and they removed home plate preventing either team from scoring any runs? Most would not tolerate that for very long and would feel uninspired to continue to play. 210 more words

How do OUTCOME metrics affect us?

Get a box of tissues… most outcome metrics are tear jerkers for “Goodness” or “Badness” sake!

In healthcare or finance for that matter, every time we look at a dashboard report, we are looking at nothing but OUTCOME metrics. 206 more words

Leveraging Innovation to Fuel Frustration and Drive Improvement

In my previous post, I talked about how frustration can be harnessed to drive and sustain high-performance. Often, however, we don’t even realize how frustrating and convoluted our work has become. 904 more words

Process Improvement