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Analysis Time: GUI vs CLI, round 3

I did a round 1 several years ago, and I can’t remember when round 2 happened, so I played it safe by calling this round 3.   956 more words


A Process by any other name…

…would still confuse as much.

  (with apologies to Shakespeare)


    The average person see a process as they would see a forest, essentially without the details of the trees. 797 more words


Working Together

I was in a few sessions this week where I spent time with small groups from our teams. In some cases it was one department, with folks at different levels. 342 more words


Vicious Circles and Virtuous Snowballs

In my last post, I referenced vicious circles and virtuous snowballs. These can occur in lots of areas of our lives, whether with habits, relationships, strategies or tasks. 597 more words


Nor Any a Drop

Those of you outside of California are probably wondering what’s behind our ongoing and ever-changing problems with water.

Believe me, we’re wondering too.

First we don’t have enough. 461 more words


Intelligence Gathering and Process Training in Manila

Another search term that someone used and ended up on my blog… wonder what specifically there are looking for.

I love intelligence gathering work myself. When I was at Wells Fargo one of my primary duties was to gather intelligence on others money transfer companies that compete with the bank for remittance market share. 194 more words

Dan Meyer

Definition of Industrial Philosophy

For a little over a year now I’ve been thinking on industrial philosophy. In that year, what I’ve come up with is: I have yet to really define it. 279 more words