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Using JIRA to Scale your Business

I recently spoke at the 2017 Capability Counts conference, put on by the CMMI Institute.  It’s an interesting event that isn’t focused just on CMMI maturity models — instead it’s a conference where a few hundred people get together to discuss process improvement, Agile, software engineering processes, and a variety of other related topics. 88 more words


Why Settle for Compliance?

Compliance – what is it?

Compliance means the “act of fulfilling or observing a set of official, documented requirements”. These requirements take the form of laws, regulations, standards, and policies. 247 more words


Lean Wednesday Tip

“To run an efficient accounting department opt for a chart of accounts with less than 180 accounts for improved productivity and financial planning.”


Are companies strangling innovators while wanting to be "innovative"?

For years I and (my networks) have worked with companies wanting to be “innovative”. We have applauded their quest, and even gone along for the ride (at least emotionally). 705 more words


Serendipity does it really happen?

Looking for love in all the wrong places! I have searched all corners of the World but can’t find what I’m looking for. Only when I didn’t look, did it hit me squarely in the face, something that was meant to be, it was serendipity. 251 more words

Online Travel Tax Payment

If you are frequent flyer from the Philippines, you’ll know about the hassles of falling in line at Philippine airports. The line for checking in is long enough. 485 more words


Some truths are universal, and they will never change.

One of the greatest things that we are going to have to learn soon and many smart people have already learned now is self-determination. It used to be that manufacturing, whether it be the wool industry, cotton textiles in America, early watchmaking or weapons manufacturing for settlers and the military required a vast army of workers both skilled and unskilled to build the quantities of finished products required. 485 more words