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Place of Preparation.

We often ask God to give us clarity.

To reveal our calling and walk alongside us to complete our assignment.

But the revelation is often accompanied with frustration. 99 more words


Chapter 30- My personal hell

Something that I have been thinking about recently. What would my personal hell look like, and boy is the list long as fuck.
I just want you to know up front that some if not most of these things do not make hell but this is my imagination, let me ignore my hell in peace.  642 more words

Process by Sampha: The Heart-Breaking Diary of a Grieving Son

Sampha is one of those musicians that you may have only heard of through his work with other artists. Having previously worked with the likes of Drake, Frank Ocean and Solange Knowles, this year finally saw the rise of his solo career as he released his first album, … 256 more words

The Silent Years

I have always needed and loved to write. The process of a tiny thought ruminating, growing, and then hungering for expression. Taking up space in me until the floodgate opens and words gush like water. 678 more words


Nothing is an island. Playing with the context of something, is like remixing it’s foundation/essence/content I love doing that to things.

A love that comes from seeing what something was, compared to what it is now. 217 more words


Go here; read this

For today’s post I am going to once again point you to someone else’s post. Why would I do such a thing? Well, because the post is in part about starting the day off by avoiding the cell phone and the internet as a way to promote healthier habits. 109 more words


Making Mistakes

Investing is a humbling activity. Mistakes are inevitable. Every Warren Buffett has his Dexter Shoe Company. On top of that, there is the old saying that the market can stay irrational longer than you can remain solvent. 489 more words