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Letting the light through

The skinny cuts seems to have held together, nothing ripped or distorted too terribly much. Next step will be figuring out what color to tint the paper and the overall size/shape. 24 more words


Building a bespoke box

The Binding Studio – building a bespoke box from Joefish on Vimeo.

I love this stuff. I like the process, the repetitiveness, and the results (boxes).


The importance of the FASHION INDUSTRY in British society

So, I have finally finished lectures and seminars for my first year of uni, it amazes me how quickly time has flown by!! My last seminar ended on a high as it was useful to gain more knowledge on promotional and marketing strategies to help will my final essay submission. 559 more words

No Designer is an island...

It’s early morning, the Photographer’s music fills the room as he tests the lighting by snapping photos of his assistant… people are checking their phones for messages, the clothing hangs on a rack organized by model, a burst of laughter filters from the hair and makeup room… my cousin and sister chop fruits and cheese for the snack table, my Dad sweeps the front entrance… 504 more words


Onboarding: Hit the ground running = total farce of a concept

Love the concept of onboarding (an employee’s first days/weeks/months at a company). Love it. Went to school to learn more about it, that was a waste… 678 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Celebrations and big decisions

I turned 36 nine days ago. In four years I’ll be reaching another great milestone and I feel somewhat overwhelmed or should I say underwhelmed with where I am in my life. 167 more words


A new kind of engagement

in April approximately 900 people died off the coast of Sicily. People who were looking for a better life, people who were escaping war, famine, poverty. 179 more words