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Ann Lewis

In my research so far, I’m finding a mixture of artists using linework in lino and those creating pictures from block tones. Ann Lewis’ work rarely uses a graphic, white outline; instead her images are made up of areas and shapes… 350 more words


Perpetual Cycles of Self Loathing

I feel so much anger. My insides are shaking and trembling so much I feel like I can never be still.

Do you know how that feels? 457 more words


New Landscapes: Process without masks.

To create the base of our story we came up with 12 tableaux, each representing an important plot point. By using these we were able to create action in between each tableau without getting too ahead of ourselves. 610 more words

Novel 3: Act III, Chapter 1, Scene 3c

TOC page here.

A continuation of yesterday’s post. Diana and Mustapha are at the shelter, in order to break the news of Bill Knight’s death to Claire Longstreet, and also to find next of kin and any leads, which they do. 543 more words

Atlanta Crime

The Process of Repair

When life happens we often wonder will or can we recover. How can the damage we have suffered and in some instances caused be repaired? Repair as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken.  569 more words


Forgiveness (quick post)

I believe I have said this before, but I will say it again and again and again, till we all get it deep in our spirits, in our beings.

305 more words

9 Step Mortgage Process

There are nine stages to a mortgage credit and result. Some mortgages are, around 99%, flawed and have been started, packaged, securitized, and sold by your moneylender or bank. 1,304 more words

Cooperate Business