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The Old College Try: A Look at the International School College Application

By Shayla Sandoval and Tina Nguyen

For many high school students around the world, much of the motivation to achieve top grades, participate in a variety of extracurriculars, and spend hours studying for standardized tests all amount to one goal: college. 2,240 more words


ZTD habit 2 April: process / clarify

We’ve captured all our stuff in our notepads, our minds are happier and we have less stress because we’re not keeping stuff on out minds any more. 368 more words

My Journey

Editing: A Process

Editing is a strange process.

This week I cut a story down from 9000 words to half its size.  It was almost as if I was smashing in a work of pottery still on the wheel in order to build a better vessel with the same clay. 232 more words


Keep it in front of you…

Let’s face it, we’re busy…

All of us have things to do. And if we’re going to be successful we have a lot of things to do. 950 more words

Applying to University

Listen to: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

Think of the most nerve-racking moment you’ve ever experienced, and forget it. Applying to University is by far the most stressful process I’ve ever had to endure and unfortunately for me, it’s far from over. 1,710 more words


Historical Figures Great and Small

A great challenge and joy of writing historical fiction is learning about historical figures, both great and small, and working them into my novels. Sometimes I only know them as names on a centuries-old roster, but those names represent real people who once participated in monumental events. 626 more words


Playing Fair

One of the pitfalls I have to keep swerving around is the temptation to write stories based specifically around people I know, or situations that have annoyed me – we’ll be leaving aside the Uncle Ranty blog posts a moment here, as they’re a special exception for sort of acerbically comedic effect. 346 more words

Idle Musings