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Reading aloud

I’ve finished my slash-and-burn draft of Anomalies, so it’s time for one of my favourite parts of the process: reading it to myself.

It’s not enough to simply read over your own writing. 1,197 more words

Amelia Mellor

This week, I am nervous.

  1. Not long now until the winner of the Ampersand Prize is announced! I have a date, but shan’t make it public just yet.

2. I finished  162 more words

Amelia Mellor

Drawing Update 3: Guitar in the Park

Here’s the latest state of the drawing. I’ve gotten more of the figures drawn in and started on the back wall. I very loosely scribbled in some lines on the back wall to get a random texture, and now I’m scratching away more regular lines.


Carrie Fisher, "She'll Always Be a Princess to Me" (Art Process Video)

I think you prepare yourself to lose people you’ve never met, people who don’t really even know you exist. But for you it’s still a deeply personal loss but a branch of possibilities falls from the tree of our human experiences and crashes against the cold ground. 345 more words

Page One Panel One

Helen White: Solar Wind Chime

Every Contact Leaves A Trace CDr and download

The first thing to say is that solar wind isn’t really wind at all, at least, not the kind of wind that blows off your shed roof or turns your umbrella inside out. 615 more words

Nice or Warm?

I recently had a rough day of clinical work. Feeling frustrated after several no shows, I consulted with a colleague about my fears that these missed appointments indicated one or more of my clients might be on the verge of dropping out of therapy. 1,660 more words


The Failure Illusion


Everyone likes to be a winner.  Sometimes losing gracefully is a win.

Because failure is a figment of our imagination.  There is no such thing as failure. 1,117 more words