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The College Recruitment Process for Student Athletes

As a college solutions specialist with College Funding and Planning in Overland Park, Kansas, Michael Berlau develops individualized strategies for college applicants. Michael Berlau draws on an in-depth knowledge of athletic scholarships and other resources that help to make college affordable. 287 more words

College Recruitment

Doing: Life Drawing

Some older drawings from life that I still like!

Step by Step To Purchasing A Home in Colorado

One of the best places in the country to purchase a home is Colorado. This is a beautiful place to live work and play. For those that are considering this it is important to know the tips to purchasing a home. 563 more words


Silver Satori

A Victorian flower frog from around 1890, an old lamp reflector, and a differential gear are framed by the base of an old musical box. All that survived from the musical mechanism was the “on/off” lever on the bottom edge but this added such a little touch of whimsy. 101 more words


How CEOs Can Work with an Active Board

(Source: hbr.org)

At companies of almost all sizes, across all sectors, boards are undergoing a profound transformation. Largely as a result of intensifying shareholder intolerance of mediocre or poor corporate performance, the ceremonial boards of the past are being replaced by active boards that are more demanding of managers and more intrusive in their affairs. 1,316 more words

Money Matters


At the beginning of this year I joined the Art Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.  For me it has been a significant step in defining myself as having a place among the people in this province who seek to express themselves in artistic ways.  566 more words



Thumbnails are like baby artworks; they aren’t even sketches yet. This is my latest tiny, adorable thumbnail that will one day grow up to become a full-sized majestic artwork.