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How to edit your writing, part 1

All writing is rewriting, and self-editing is integral to that process.

There are books available, and really good editors as well. I learned a lot from… 667 more words


To Beet... Or Not To Beet

Today is the day of red-ness… or pink-ness…

Red beets are the most color intense vegetable that I have ever worked with. Once you start processing them, your hands, countertops, floor, and sometimes your dishes will be stained a shade of red for a little while. 158 more words


Faith and Art in Real Time

I often write very theoretically and philosophically about art and faith. It’s easier than being very vulnerable. But today I’d like to take a detour from that path, if that’s alright, and tell you all what the intersection of faith and art looks like in my life right now. 1,133 more words


Splish Splash by Toby Bluth

I finally finished this puzzle. It only took a Comcast outage to do it. We didn’t have internet or tv for several hours this week and so during that time I just worked on the puzzle. 213 more words


other threads

There were seemingly invisible glistening strands running from plant to plant and stem to stem in this morning’s light. With the sun’s reflection the “stitches” appeared and disappeared – another reflection of the season. 155 more words



Have you ever produced any Podcast? If not, why don’t you  spend sometimes exploring this useful app? Technically, Podcast is all about sound, so you have to ensure that the sound quality is good when it comes to recording. 65 more words

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