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The average business man would do pretty much anything to maximize profit at short run. Basically, this is the goal of any successful business, or enterprise, or industry. 186 more words

Make You

A close friend of mine has recently been chatting me up a lot, sending me random photos and videos and always seeking me out for a break during work. 321 more words


How To Do Nitai Vayulekhan?

Write “निताइ” in the air with your fore-finger while visualizing the shape of its each stroke one by one.


end of construction

I’m finally near the end of construction on this big, ol’, 2-foot hand.  It took about two months to get this far.  Though I’m excited about it, I am glad this phase is over.   32 more words


Things I want to keep in mind

I remember how I felt last year when I didn’t get accepted to Pitch Wars. All that hope, all the excitement, all those dreams. I watched the pre-announcement show with all the mentors, and it was the sweetest sort of torment. 616 more words