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BIM - Building Information Management

The process of managing all information relating to a building through the entire life of a building.

Thus from planning, to design, to construction, to fit out, renovation, etc. 25 more words


Property Valuation Process

The process to value the properties in a portfolio.

Typically this is done quarterly or half yearly by external valuers.


Rent review process

The process of evaluating existing tenant rents to ensure the best rent is paid.

This needs to take into account break clauses, property valuations, tenant mix and corporate strategy to ensure best value.


Logo Ideas

Initial sketches for a commerative 20th anniversary logo I’m creating at work!



This is Jenny and I’s thought process as we decipher (old) Mexico City, Rio, and Shangri-La. Complete with a wearable diagram and some vandalism.

Margo Fredericks

The Painful Process Of Getting A Wisdom Tooth Removed

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars which often comes out during the ages of 17-25. This can be an asset to an individual if it comes out properly aligned, but most of the time it is misaligned that is why it needs to be removed. 11 more words