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That's how I will start.

Here is my garage. Ordinary, tight, cold and mouldy english house garage.

That sounds ridiculous. I know. I’m laughing now. But I’m serious. Really.

I want to create a performance in my own garage. 157 more words


As Sleep Eludes Me

In my world, there is no sense of normalcy when it comes to sleep.  I can go from sleeping for eight hours without moving, to sleeping for just a few hours completely restlessly in a matter of days (usually, it’s the latter).  679 more words

When is service NOT service?

Sitting in a Road and Maritime Services (RMS) office yesterday I watched a young man take a number and wait patiently to see one of the staff. 358 more words


Meat and Potatoes

What’s good, it’s ya boy hood financial the king of frugality and what not wit my second little diatribe for you niggas out there tryin to learn. 754 more words



As a group, we have so far just tried to do very basic concepts and nail them before trying to get too difficult and fancy with anything. 203 more words


UX Designers: Why are we Wasting Time?

UX designers, we need to change the way we work. We need to stop wasting so much time. We have a well-deserved reputation for retreating to creative studios for lengthy design phases – only choosing to resurface once we have perfected solutions that are pretty, but not necessarily practical. 1,447 more words