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The Sea Game. Simon's First Own Game.

Simon created his very first video game completely on his own. Everything in this game he came up with by himself – from the original idea and design to the final code. 162 more words


Monochrome Mutterings

After my last post on black and white photography, I’ve been looking at two related articles that appeared on craftandvison.com.

The first by Guy Tal looks at the ability that some photographers have in being able to see in black and white when looking for and planning their shots. 258 more words

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Lacking Information and Processing Problems

Content: This post mentions anxiety and discusses processing problems and chaos in relation to poor information about disability services.

I’ve been approved for some disability service. 456 more words


Scaling a Model in MeshLab

So far I’ve been using MeshLab for editing and measuring my photogrammetry models. The control models for measuring volume don’t have any georeferencing, so there’s no scale set when they’re exported. 365 more words


Dealing with Unwanted Thoughts

When you’ve heard someone say something really awful, like the most awful, mean, and hurtful thing that could be said in that given moment, how do you stomach it and move past it? 278 more words

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Upgrade For The Next Level Of Intelligence

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Now how many times have we heard that?  More than we can remember right?!

What about things that are not broke but still need upgrading? 422 more words