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'Rubble' in Paradise


The works of Georg Nees have, from the beginning of this subject, been a source of inspiration due to their straight-edged, geometric and mathematical design. 819 more words


Grid in Abstraction

Vera Molnar’s early works, specifically her use of grids and repetition inspired the visual idea behind the conceptual work created for the digital coding assignment. 130 more words


Naturally Digital

My second coding assignment is inspired by the possibilities of the Perlin noise code.  When we were first introduced to this code in our MEDA102 tutorial, I was fascinated by the way a computer can craft something so natural and realistic through coding.   323 more words


Music Box Plays "Still Alive" Thanks to Automated Hole Puncher

Most projects have one or two significant aspects in which custom work or clever execution is showcased, but this Music Box Hole Punching Machine by and his roommate is a delight on many levels. 234 more words


Mindful Processing of Hurricanes and L.A.-yover

Only five weeks since I have come home from my journey, and it seems like five years. The last few weeks, I have watched the sun disappear and flood waters play Russian roulette with my home city. 620 more words

Waymo working with Intel on processors and connectivity for self-driving Chrysler Pacifica

(Source: 9to5google.com)

Late last year, Waymo unveiled a self-driving Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan as its main autonomous vehicle. Besides working with Fiat Chrysler on the car, Waymo also worked with Intel on various components, which was… 229 more words



Red tape

I’d had a go at getting a medical card a few weeks ago and failed. I’d done a little more research and realised that I now had all the required bits of paper to get the card. 755 more words

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