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[Concept] 2D Tangent Effect with Processing

Cover by VladmirF (deviantart)

Today , a splendid , high-standard article on graphics programming ! (yay)

Just kidding.

In this short, concept article, i will show you the basics i ‘ve found to do some “tangent effect” with the Processing language. 336 more words

Non Classé

Making Movies with Processing IV

Last week, we saw how using linear interpolation allowed us to create animations of fractals.  This week, we’ll explore how to create another special effect by using linear interpolation in a different way.   945 more words

Digital Art

extroverts & "quiet time" // a double discipline

I’ve been wrestling with this topic for years.

My thoughts are based on the following foundational truths.

1. I am an extrovert. A raging extrovert! I know a few 3 year olds who are as extroverted as me, but other than that I am almost in a league of my own. 713 more words




IT’S TRICKY TRYING TO TRACK THE HISTORIC ORIGINS OF PHOTOMONTAGE, or to even isolate great early practitioners of the technique. Suffice it to say that, ever since the development of the glass negative, people have wondered what it would look like if you stacked one of them on top of the other and printed the result. 372 more words


My way of processing what happend

Sometimes it’s easier to act as if I don’t have feelings and on other days I just wish I felt something, anything. Today is one of those days when I’m submerged in a hollow abyss of no emotion. 1,686 more words


Have you ever met someone who sometimes seems like a mirror image of you. You have to look deeper than what you see at face value. 363 more words

A Shot of the Sun

Here’s a picture of the sun I used to practise processing.

I took it on the way to work roughly a week-and-a-half ago.

I’m not too sure if I’m happy with how these turned out. 32 more words