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Coding: Digital Landscape

Above are the pictures of my digital landscape and my drawing program that I made using coding.The various shapes in the digital landscape represent the different websites and technology that goes into creating computers and the internet. 406 more words

Non-Time Based

Filter Forge. What a great Tool.

I admit it. I am a sucker for a sale. The internet has often caught me in her grips. An email, advertising this great eBook, or programs, or presets or videos, at 70% reduced cost for this week only, and I’m  a goner. 970 more words


Interactive Authoring Digital Landscape: "Digital Escape"

A digital landscape to me is something that has no exact definition. Digital landscapes can be interpreted in various ways. However, when I envisioned a “digital landscape” the idea of this trapped world came to mind. 172 more words


Maelstrom (Autism)


Head sore.

Standing on the train , processing hurt and tiredness and confusion.

It wells up, the tears, the sore head, no clarity, just knowing ‘hurt’, just feeling empty. 326 more words