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Not Sure Where To Start...

I am starting this blog to help me process things that have happened over the last few years. An excessive amount of stress and anxiety has left me with physical symptoms and poor mental health. 730 more words


Reports of credit card fraud pile up from OnePlus customers

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Android OEM OnePlus says it’s investigating claims of credit card numbers being stolen from customers who have purchased a phone from OnePlus’ site. 178 more words


LightRoom's Last Hurrah - Why Adobe Has Lost My Trust And Business

Recently I’ve been experimenting with Hipstamatic on my iPad for processing digital photos.

I’d grown tired of the overwhelming complexity and cluttered interface of LightRoom, and although I do like a lot of what it does, for me it’s like using, not so much a sledgehammer, but an entire demolition squad with wrecking balls and explosives, to crack a nut. 496 more words


Can I have your attention, please? (Can I even manage mine?)

ADHD is a really complicated thing to talk about, especially at work or with people who don’t have it. It’s funny to me that people with ADHD (or people whose kids have ADHD) pick up on the fact that… 853 more words

IRL: In Real Life

Today I learned a new acronym that is text-speak for “In real life,” as in happening in the non-virtual world: IRL.

So how is my readership here on this blog IRL? 339 more words


pulsers 17 : microsequencers

Pulsers: microsequencers interacting in a force field, controlled as a rhythm instrument. They are born free, but get enslaved to other’s tempi. Active and inactive responding to triggers. 37 more words