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Keppler's dream

Keppler’s dream is another piece of generative art. This one too was made using Processing exploring fractal theory, polar coordinates and perlin noise. The first four were generated in a symmetrical way and the other four asymmetrical. 9 more words


If I close my eyes will it all get better?

I am so sick of the world at the moment. Every time I come out of my protected little bubble of fantasy and like-minded-people and look at reality, my heart hurts. 1,063 more words

Things To Be Thankful For

Drizzle Kernel Function Note

Playing with Drizzle again.

Saw a mention on the PixInsight forums about Drizzling with factor 1. Apparently this can help reduce the noise in your stacked image? 125 more words


This is what you need math for

“Well, do you know what pi divided by four is? That’s an eighth of the full rotation!” – I hear Simon talk to himself in English from the living room. 95 more words


Early attachment exercise: Therapy afterthoughts

With my trauma therapist, I’ve been working on an early relationship attachment exercise. Today, one of the questions covered was: “Recall an event in which your parent(s) were present physically but not emotionally”. 569 more words

Rotating videos with ffmpeg

Often, a video taken with a mobile phone will be rotated in a different way than you expect. It may be taken vertically or upside-down. So you may want to correct that and get yourself a properly rotated video for viewing on computer. 24 more words


untitled - nicolas de bouville - 2016 – 0_0_3_0


Poèmes de Nicolas de Bouville

Photographie de Nicolas de Bouville

Septembre – novembre 2016


tu serais le premier regard
figeant dans la terre… 362 more words

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