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And So It Is

Sooo my boyfriend of two years just broke up with me. And when I say just, I’m not like talking a week, month or even just a day ago… I mean like 3 hours ago. 357 more words


They Condemned the City

The fires had died off and the city stood silent.

Hermes stood at its only bridge. There were roads not meant for travel; this was one of them. 10 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

This weeks challenge is motion. I have shared these  previously. All are favorites of mine. The first one is of Jingle dancers, and the second photo is of Fancy Shawl dancers at a Pow Wow. 30 more words


Dynamic Stability (The Concept)

My concept for my design paper is based on an subsidiary of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction, namely Рreaction diffusion. If you mix certain substances together and then leave them to rest, patterns spontaneously begin to emerge. 733 more words

Design Work

We Got Broadcast

Determined to find answers, the nations raised their antennas. And as reality broke around them, they found one.


Blanket the Sun

The commander readied the troops. They had gathered the hail cannons farmers used to stop possible hail storms from destroying their crops. Hundreds such machines lined the fields, ready. 14 more words