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Code Like A Girl

The last week has been a bit bonkers, as I’ve been trying to fit work around helping a good friend with a family crisis. I haven’t got as much done as I would have liked, but some things are just more important, and I’ve still been able to make a little progress. 152 more words


Processing Test Waveform + Image


import ddf.minim.*;

Minim minim;
AudioPlayer song;
PImage img;

void setup()
 size(1800, 450);
 minim = new Minim(this);

 // this loads mysong.wav from the data folder… 287 more words

Sin Categoría


// This Processing program creates a little animation machine
// with controls that you can customize.
// First, we need to “declare” a few variables of 3 different types. 363 more words


Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever think about the hand you have been dealt in life? What if you did this or that when you were younger perhaps the outcome would be differ? 122 more words

Mom, can you read me a story?

This is what Simon begged me to read to him tonight: The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman. Daniel Shiffman is Simon’s hero. Simon completely owns his knowledge of English, programming and trigonometry to Daniel.


2D and 3D Transformations in Processing (Java) Continued

Simon continued his lectures about transformations in Processing (Java). Processing has built-in functions that make it easy for you to have objects in a sketch move, spin, and grow or shrink: the… 306 more words


3D Earthquake Data Visualization Coding Challenge

The earthquake data visualization coding challenge by Daniel Shiffman went further than just a 2D map – it went 3D! Simon managed to complete the challenge, except for the very last bit where he was supposed to correct the skewed GPS positions of the earthquake locations on his own (this part was not included in the challenge).