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Film or Digital?

Believe it or not, many photographers like myself still use film as well as digital cameras. Film photography has many quality advantages over digital. And yes, I still use a film processing service!


Lier Lier Pants on Fire

I found out today that he’s been telling everyone that he broke up with me because I was planning on moving to New York (which is where he goes to school) and that its too much too soon. 675 more words


So, you’ve started selling some nifty Credit Card terminals, eh? Whether you’re stumbling through your first couple of days, or you’re a seasoned veteran, not a single one of us knows everything. 215 more words


Sayonara or What I Have Been Processing Through

Stephen has been studying Japanese ever since we started dating. He just really loves the language. The other day we went to Anime Central (ACEN) which is the largest Japanese anime convention in the Midwest. 905 more words


What is processing?

Part one

I sometimes want to explain to people what I do for a living and end up fumbling with inadequate analogies until I finally give up and mutter something about “tech stuff… for lawyers.” 184 more words


Cataloging Architectonics inside Reaction Diffusion

Last week I got to work on creating a catalog of hundreds of possibilities of extracting architectural quality from a reaction diffusion model. The catalyst for this was a good find in the… 187 more words

Design Work


Today was the last of several days away in Cornwall. It’s been a nice few days of break; welcoming the refreshed perspective that a break brings. 417 more words