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A-Y, Plan Z !

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PFont title;
int firstsizex, firstsizey, stage, stage2;
PFont myFont; 354 more words

Assignment Post

A Pro-Grade Mic Made For Console Streaming

(Source: kotaku.com)

Normally, if you want really good voice on your console game stream, you’ve got to run through a capture card to a system equipped with a nice mic. 323 more words


Processing success #autism

Photograph by Stu Allsopp

Understanding that there is a delay, is helping me somewhat. My recent diagnosis of autism means I am beginning to realise that there is sometimes a disconnect. 481 more words



No one actually needs you in their life. They just want you for what you can give them. You are not significant. Once you stop being useful, you will no longer be wanted.

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We know about EMV by now, but what is Tokenization? 

True or False? Does EMV completely protect businesses and cardholders? 



Online Payment Processing and How It Benefits Both Buyer and Seller

Consumer behavior has certainly evolved over the past decade alone. More and more people are leaning towards cashless transactions, opting instead to use credit card services either by use of in-store machine or by making the purchase online. 44 more words


I haven’t been writing. It’s not that things haven’t been changing,  but I haven’t been able to process enough to write. My emotions are volatile and it’s been hard to communicate my surprise, irritation, disappointment and gratitude in a way that makes sense; not that it ever really makes sense lol. 330 more words