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Processing Crit

I should slow time the speed of the large ellipse’s.

Make ellipse clickable.

Try no fill and no stroke.


A Letter to Someone I Want to Forget

Dear You,

For months after I moved from Germantown, my heartbeat quickened when I rode the bus by my old home. Just the thought that you could be working there at that moment was enough to flood me with fear. 656 more words


Processing Anger

I have read different articles on anger – including ones on PTSD forum – and have come to understand it s way in our brains. Still, I think I m missing a step and I need help with this. 71 more words

The Magic of Each Moment

The clock struck 12:00, the magic disappeared and the rags of reality hang on me; the morning dread crushing my chest with anxiety. Then the image of Cinderella dancing in her rags and a quiet whisper remind me of my power to choose to be so full of gratitude and wonder that I will dance through my day, joyfully holding the sweet memories close. 41 more words


Bullying is a major problem for those on the autism spectrum | The Art of Autism

Many autistic people don’t realize they may be being bullied. As the author, Christina MacNeal writes, she didn’t realize she was bullied until her late teens. 28 more words


Sandbox (III)

Using random attractor points to move agents around the screen. In this version there are two teams of agents: the drawers and the removers.

Usando puntos de atracción aleatorios para mover agentes en un escenario. 14 more words

Generative Art

Graph Arduino with Processing!

Having just started getting the feel for programming C/C++ with Arduino, I always wanted to give Processing a shot, being vaguely aware that Processing has the ability to catch serial from Arduino, and put it on a pretty graph. 719 more words