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Processing MIDI Pad Sketch

I built my first MIDI controller with Processing. It is a simple x – y area that defines the pitch (x) and velocity (y) of a note that is played when the mouse button is pressed. 149 more words

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Processing My First Love part1

How do you let go of someone who won’t let go of you?

For the past two years I have been in love with a guy who I: 1. 506 more words

Processing: A programming language for visual artists

So I’ve been into the idea of writing some controls for a projection mapping software that accepts MIDI input. The projection mapping software is called VPT 7, and it’s free software available… 189 more words

Data Visualization

MBTI Behavior vs. Mind Wiring

I am a huge fan of the Myer Briggs system. I’ve run into this issue a lot enough to the point in which I would really like to dress it-myer briggs is not as much about… 317 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

This week, Ben has asked us to turn the concrete and familiar into something new and mysterious! I chose to conceptualise scenes of London that I see and photograph a lot. 44 more words


US presidential election via Twitter using Apache NiFi, Spark, Hive and Zeppelin

This article describes a frequency and sentiment analysis based on real-time tweets streams in relation to the four main candidates in the US Presidential Election. 127 more words

Apache NiFi

Navigating the Process

Real prophets love process. They know that it is the process we engage in with God that makes us rich, not the discovery at the end.

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