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Some persons are brainless

Neural pathways are developing at 5 weeks, Caroline, but the fetus has the neural capacity of a shrimp. I do think independent function and brain activity should be the rubric for when it becomes a viable human life. 723 more words


Abortion is non-environmentally-friendly

If you were suddenly transported out of earth’s atmosphere and onto the surface of the moon in only your birthday suit, how long do you think you’d survive? 580 more words


Is there a decisive moment?

Contrary to what many believe, one can be a pro-life advocate yet not hold the position that the unborn enjoys full personhood from the moment of conception. 748 more words


My Flight, My Choice?

The state of Alabama has recently signed into law, H.B. 314, restrictive abortion laws, only allowing exceptions in cases of health risks and rape. With this broad step into an anti-abortion stance, there are side effects that are bound to follow. 422 more words


The agnostic approach to abortion

I tend to get a little bit testy when discussing or opining on the issue of abortion because most of the arguments for it are so illogical and/or self-serving and we’re talking about killing babies here. 491 more words


Avoid the argument; attack the person

It’s likely everyone who’s been engaged in the abortion debate has seen a meme or tweet with this sentiment or one similar, posted in support of abortion rights. 678 more words


Privacy, impossibility, and you can’t make me

I envision the battle over abortion this way: The pro-life movement has one offensive weapon but it’s as powerful as an atomic bomb so can’t be defended against. 811 more words