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Procrastination; I'm so Guilty

Procrastination is something that I am frequently guilty of. I’ve seen it even today. I was supposed to work on a blog post that I had outlined last night, work on a particular section in my novel and make an outline for a script I’m writing. 271 more words

Tomorrowland's lure.

Structure and more I repeat and revise,

I’ve conditioned my brain to perform like a device.

I ramble on about work and the need,

to keep up with a schedule and not to retreat,

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Hello Ladies!

I am 4 months away from entering 26. As much as I think I have grown up, I literally find myself making the same mistakes. 252 more words

Modern Catrina

Writing About Writing: How To Be A Writer Without Being A Hermit

If you’re like me, sometimes you realize that you spend more time with a notebook and pencil or a computer than your own family and friends. 333 more words


How to Beat Procrastination

(Source: hbr.org)

Procrastination comes in many disguises. We might resolve to tackle a task, but find endless reasons to defer it. We might prioritize things we can readily tick off our to-do list—answering emails, say—while leaving the big, complex stuff untouched for another day. 1,085 more words


Escaping Procrastination: Impossibru

For me to procrastinate over something is a common thing for me. If there’s a task that needs to be done immediately, I would most likely start to laze around and do it later before I go to sleep. 181 more words



Morning Guys,

Are you coasting when you’re in the gym?

Do you pick up the same weights and do the same reps/sets as you’ve done for the last who knows how long? 471 more words