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Re: How to Procrastinate

This post is in response to/inspired by my best friend’s original post on the subject: https://platypodesblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/17/how-to-procrastinate/

She has some really solid advice within that post, and if you follow it, I can personally guarantee a rise in academic performance. 273 more words


Perfection as the Enemy

I don’t recall when I started striving for perfection in my life.Ā  I remember being young, probably in fourth grade, and getting mad because I didn’t get as good of grades as some of the other kids in class on the math homework. 870 more words

10.11.17 TI - Tomorrow, tomorrow

Greetings, Ramblers!


When productivity is highest priority, I often regrettably succumb to the curse of procrastination. From loss of focus to sheer laziness, an unknown, unidentifiable force takes over and opens the floodgates to watching videos or anime online for hours, lounging around in bed after coming home and on days off, and staring at the ceiling while daydreaming. 694 more words


Learning stuff

If I were to describe (with brevity) the time between my last post and now, I would call it bat-shit crazy. But since Iā€™m woefully behind on posting, this week I just have a few pieces of advice based on some things I experienced: 626 more words

Time Management

I fear I am failing at this. Oh yes, I make my lists and religiously cross things off but I tend to

do the easy ones first. 233 more words


A new beginning or a fond farewell?

Welcome back to The Music Grapevine!! *blows off dust.*

It’s been…a while. A very, very long while. In fact I just took a little peak back over the handful of posts that exist on here and was shocked to see the last entry was in 2015. 293 more words


The less shiny side of my Asperger's

The word shiny is being used, in this instance, in the Firefly sense, by the way.

I have some Aspie qualities I would not trade for anything, but others that can be quite disabling. 616 more words


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I nodded knowingly and giggled compassionately with this post!  It expresses in clear thought what I could previously only sense as a vague, wordless phenomenon.  Thank you so much for this šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ˜˜ā¤ļø