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Frame of reference

The light in my bedroom is green. A colour which heals the soul. I know this is true because I googled “what is the most healing colour?” and Google told me that green is healing. 344 more words


6 Real Reasons People Delay on Achieving their Goals

We all have dreams; aspirations that we only wished could happen now! We have visions of where we would want to be or get to in life. 953 more words

People Development

Happy Tuesday to the Tuckered Out!

I’m gonna write my article… but maybe I’ll just take one little minute to lie down.

-What’s on Hallmark channel anyway? Let’s take a look at this magazine. 215 more words

Monday Moods

This Is Why You Are Unhappy

Pretty bold of me, huh? Writing this as if I know why you are unhappy.

Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.  Let’s see.

  1. Do you have a juicy, can’t-wait-for-it goal?
  2. 237 more words

Freelancers: The Productivity Trap

As of writing this, so far today, I have gone for a run(!), signed up for a writing course, submitted a form with details of a workshop I’ll be running at the Globe in a couple of weeks, run admin on the blog and Facebook page comments, started writing this post, answered several work emails and put in a good hour for the church event I’m helping to organise. 679 more words


Perfectionism and procrastination

Me (K): “We got to start studying for this assessment center test now.”

My mind (M): “I know.”

K: “Let’s do it then.”

M: “Why don’t we google, why I always procrastinate so much?” 338 more words


The Best Solution for Interior Designers

Dear Interior Designer,

We feel the pain of ordering around different crews all over Metro Atlanta. Coordinating can be cumbersome! Here’s how TWO MEN Tucker can help you stay sane during busy season: 135 more words