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Reason v. Excuse

When are you getting on with our animation, dear?

“I will. Soon, Mum. Honest.”

“But my workroom is really cold.”


Friday, with Kenny Rogers

Friday morning, coffee shop.


The music until this point has mainly been classic country: Patsy Cline and familiar twangs. Now it’s Tom Petty.

A man with calves the size of elongated melons just walked in; he has tattoos on each outward-facing leg muscle, and is wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the name of a health food store in Lake Tahoe. 274 more words


The Time Waster's Guide to Time Management

Time management, a concept only truly grasped by a lucky few. Being able to manage ones time efficiently is often a task met with much difficulty. 699 more words


Life Of A PROcrastinator 🙋

Life Of A PROcrastinator

Raise your glass if you are one of them.

This is what separate us from the hard workers

We are lazy… 314 more words



Yesterday was a nice snow day for Tippy and I. There was already some snow on the ground and it continued to fall throughout the day.  369 more words

Day 209: Projects on the go

Today I realised what the likely source of my penchant for ‘starting projects before I finish the previous one’ is. My dad does it too. He’s always finding something new and exciting and rushing to add it to his sprawling repertoire of things-in-progress. 47 more words


an eye opens
no bright light
no sunshine
a dark, gray, day

deep in the cozy comfort of warm blankets
I snuggle

the mind stirs… 25 more words