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Picking up Random Knowledge

It’s good to have skills outside of writing to draw on. I looked down on such knowledge when I was first becoming a writer. “I am creative!” I thought. 428 more words


I'm sitting here in panic

But I continue to procrastinate. And so I create this site. I hope no one that I know in real life would find this place, and even if they do, I hope they never ever speak of it. 316 more words


3 Goals A Day Keeps Procrastination Away

Does your list go out the window as soon as the first “emergency” presents itself at home or work? Are you disappointed at the end of the day and wonder what you accomplished because your list looks the same as it did this morning? 811 more words


Meaningful Monday-Deciding What's Important In Your Life, Right Now!

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” ~H. L. Hunt 642 more words


Here, Take This Round Tuit



This week, with just six business days left in the fiscal year, I wanted to expand a little bit on a phrase that our sales manager used in our Location Meeting just last Monday. 535 more words

So let's try this again.

I have this problem, I have a hard time finishing a project or idea. I start a million different projects but finishing them is a completely different story.  832 more words