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Two hours in the life of a procrastinator packrat slob

I’ve finally given in to accepting what I am. Perhaps not fully but I’m working on it. People thought I had Rosacea 10 years ago and I denied it, to them and myself. 2,098 more words


A Digression (Or Dear Britta, It's Time to Get Your Shit Together...Again)

Hey you, yeah I’m talking to you. You’re becoming the laziest person I know. How bout you snap out of that right now?

I’m talking about myself, of course. 372 more words


How to stop procrastinating ! ;)

Dear procrastinators,

March 25 was the World Day of Procrastination, I know, I’m a bit late, I confess that I have procrastinated… Never mind, it’s never too late to react! 1,299 more words

Survival Tips

Easier Said Than Done

InĀ an interview conducted by myself, I questioned two individuals on their opinions about the term, “Easier Said Than Done.” We’ll call individual #1, Bob, and #2 will be Jim. 425 more words


Procrasti... whatever

I have 2 assignments due next week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. The one for Monday is pretty easy, I’m halfway done on it and I did that in the 3 hrs before my lectures yesterday. 421 more words


How To Manage Your Time Properly

You know, I always have trouble remembering what I just read or wrote. Sometimes I can remember what I just wrote or read, but if I’m writing down tons of new vocab or reading multiple chapters one night I barely remember anything. 855 more words


The Art of Timing

Impeccable, a fraction or fashionably late. All phrases used or tossed around to describe the something you can’t buy, replace or repeat. Time. I’ve noticed a lot of strange things over the last several years. 273 more words