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It’s very nearly June. Already. We’ve just been enjoying ourselves too much. Barbara has been supervising operations at the Overseas Office and getting some hand-stitching done while Chris has been reconfiguring the grounds at C&B Towers – a new pond has been dug and is being planted. 222 more words


Are You A Procrastinator or A Perfectionist?

Are You A Procrastinator or A Perfectionist?

Procrastinator Defined:

Dictionary.com defines procrastinator as:

1. to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost. 288 more words


Introduction to this blog : awakening my dormant artist


This blog is something of an experiment in accountability for doing the important things in life. At its base level I am hoping the pressure of putting something out into the wide world (even if no one looks at it) will make me do things. 1,129 more words


Day One

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trying a thing. Let’s see if I can spend a year in dystopian Trumpland without the buffering and escapism of my two secret bingeables: TV and starchy comfort foods. 407 more words


Jobs half done

When I was younger (so much younger than today) I used to have easy and regular access to drugs. This is neither a confession nor a boast – simply a statement of fact. 708 more words

The Constantly Frustrated Gardener

You've lost it completely | Daily Post

Hello procrastinating little mf.

I heard there’s something you’ve had to do for a while, but no, it’s the weekend, you just have to take that much needed break. 60 more words

Daily Post

The Eleventh Hour

The clock is bonging away the hour.  Eleven.  How can it be eleven already.  Even the Cat That Isn’t Ours has toddled off out into the sunshine…. 331 more words

Creative Process