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#28daysofwriting Days 23 - 27: Gone in a flash!

So, this week has been a  blur.  How is it that some weeks we spend just chasing our tails for them always to be elusively beyond reach?   567 more words

Two by two by two

Two hours spent on job searching, two solid applications submitted, and two hours spent on consulting work related to social media presence. The rest of the time spent with my favorite person who’s been having a rough time with life. 72 more words

Person To Self


My name is Eva and I procrastinate. If I had a foreign word in my head for every five minutes I spent actively avoiding that-which-I-should-be-doing, I’m sure I could be fluent in Zulu by now. 304 more words


Put the 'pro' in procrastination

By some grace of God, I have been on a winning streak of getting good grades on poorly-planned work. I would stay up until 2 in the morning, only to wake up at 7 to finish my assignment minutes before it’s due. 631 more words


Becca Takes on Procrastination

I am a horrible procrastinator. I don’t like to get things done right away, so I haven’t posted in like a week. But I have a good reason. 198 more words


How To Beat Your Procrastination Habit

The desire to put something off for tomorrow that can be done today can be tempting. It’s easy to shrug off work, adding it to the “to do” list that is already brimming over with tasks. 324 more words