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A little less procrastination, a little more action please 

So I have all these ideas about things to write on this here little piece of internet space. If you’ve been following along, you already know that my posts talk about my resolutions to declutter and lead a minimalist lifestyle. 318 more words


In praise of procrastination

Sometimes, you have to sink in order to rise.

There must be some physics law to this effect. It certainly is the case in life. You hear about it quite a bit – rising from the ashes, soaring stars after colossal failures, millionaires who were homeless. 322 more words

Human Behaviour

When you deeply desire a hard-working loneliness - but

We all of us have been there, even you, bloggers, right? :

You are busy at work, or you’re at a party, or you’re on a date. 210 more words

Cleaning the Bathroom

I, like many red-blooded Americans, hate to clean. The bathroom, being the sanitation station that it is, feels like the paradox of cleaning. To me, nothing in the world could be more detestable than cleaning the space that is for little more than cleaning. 340 more words


Sleep hygiene chaos, plus essential knowledge gained

I finished What’s the Alternative?:  Career Options for Library and Info Pros by Rachel S. Gordon, last night…at about 3 AM.  I may want to go back and reread sections of it, and I know that I will want to look back into the books referenced, in Appendix D. 490 more words


Alien babies

I’m noticing there is a dread of this moment. On second thought, of course, it is all the moments before this, when I start. All day there were things that popped into my head, and then the inner judge, who is interestingly getting kinder, says “that’s an idea, yes you want to talk about that, good”. 563 more words

Balloon Ride

This morning I heard a woman at the podium tell of her journey from an alcoholic bottom into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. An older woman with over thirty years of sobriety, she was funny and candid and radiated joy throughout her story. 729 more words