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Chapter 4

The snooze function on his phone’s alarm clock used indiscriminately, the boy woke closer to his mother returning home from work than her leaving for it. 1,438 more words

The day I found my wedding shoes

Since I’m no longer working “nights,” and sleeping half the day away, weekends are not what they used to be. I now have 48-plus hours to fill with things like family, and fun. 655 more words

Random Musings

Happy 4th to everyone who celebrates it! :)

So I am working on paperwork for my fundraiser event to send to the agency providing supplemental funds, and it involves a crazy amount of math to figure out how many hours of time were spent by everyone with any kind of involvement from beginning to end! 301 more words


Procrastination Is Fear In Five Syllables

Over and over in the rooms you hear people speak about their lives before they entered the program. A common theme were the plans they made to make changes in their lives. 173 more words

My Get Up And Go, Got Up And Left..

Do you ever get that feeling when you have a million things you could be doing but you are bored? When you there is something you really need to do but no matter how hard you try you can’t make yourself do it? 378 more words


The Making of a Resolution

When Procrastination rules, you don’t need any enemies. In one fell swoop, He has conquered all other ills waiting to make you their own. The utter simplicity of this condition is that He is there solely on YOUR invitation. 603 more words


Post 1 - a lady, a woman or a girl?

Its Saturday morning in Glasgow, and the head is sore after a night helping a pal warm her new, beautiful flat. She’s one of the most classy, educated women I know, verging on being a Lady in the most formal sense of the word. 417 more words