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27th of September Daily Blog

Hey Readers,

So I will start this off with a little bit of a depressing thing, I didn’t really want to do my blog today, like there’s no reason behind it, could be my depression, could be just my laziness, I don’t know. 245 more words


Every day, I regret the time wasted

At the end of every day, I regret the time I wasted doing nothing productive.

I regret the time I wasted procrastinating; watching videos, lounging around… 97 more words

Magic Button

What if there were a magic button that would streamline your insecurities, or why-ever it is you have yet to finish writing that book?

There isn’t, but what if there were? 216 more words


Reinterpreting 'Live in the present' in the context of procrastination

It so happened that I delayed a task (as it happens at times), and kept it for two days later. Dreadfully, that day came. I immediately postponed it by two more days. 262 more words

Why My One Year Old Still Has 0-3 Month Old Clothes in His Closet

There are a lot of chores around the house that I hate to do. Some of them are smelly (like scooping kitty cat poops or taking out the garbage), others are sweaty (like scrubbing the bathtub or carrying the laundry up the approximately 268 stairs in our townhouse), and many are just tedious and boring (dusting – ugh). 1,098 more words


Day Two, Week Forty-Five: Staying Focused

Today, I received my first question for my comprehensive exams. I have twelve days to write my essay, which will be 5000-7000 words. I won’t say what my question is (just in case it may be seen as looking for help), but I have considered parts of it already. 491 more words

Time Management

The First Post is the Hardest Post

Hello, friends!

I have been stuck on this post for a while, I have to admit.

Something like six months ago, I bought the domain. Maybe three months ago, I designed the pages. 415 more words

Letting Go