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A quick caffeine-fueled note between things

Tonight’s procrastination is brought to you by a caffeine-fueled whip through specific scenes of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, as I’ve taken it into my head to make my first-ever fan vid. 213 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything

Finals Week: Procrastination Blog

Hello all,

Sorry I have not posted anything for quite a while. This week is kind of strange because I do not have clinic hours or clients to see, and, outside of finals, all I really have to do is study or work on my thesis. 472 more words

Public Diary

Music and Lyrics

I’m supposed to be writing an essay about my song #NoFilter which I submitted for an assessment at university (so naturally I’m procrastinating), and I’m supposed to write about what influenced me and what I sound like. 342 more words


The dutch Philosophy - follow up-experiment 2

Hi, quick post.

SO, if you look along in this category you will find one post before.

This is a continuation of that experiment. More like a place3 to gather the observations. 397 more words


Preliminary Sketches

In my art class a few days ago, I was planning my final piece for my art a-level coursework. I was doing a sketch of my idea when the girl I was sat at the table with, Kate, said something a long the lines of ‘You’re good at those, planning sketches’. 198 more words

April 2015

My 2 Cents on Mel Abraham's "Entrepreneurial Mind Traps"

Mel Abraham’s book and online course, “The Entrepreneur’s Solution,” are full of excellent insights and I highly recommend them both.  This blog will primarily focus on my 2 cents on week two of his online course.   1,227 more words


This guy has been asleep in what definitely is the best spot in the house for more than an hour and a half. Should I wake him up? 19 more words