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[Psychology] Procrastination...

Article inspired by: “Procrastination is Not to Blame” by Mary C Lamia Ph.D. 

Procrastination. It is something that we all go through during school days. Even though I prefer being prepared as early as possible, it is unattainable to completely avoid procrastination. 330 more words


As a teacher, you would expect that I get 6 weeks holiday as standard…Wrong. In fact, I have to book off every time I want to go off for the day, I only teach 3 days a week so it shouldn't be that awkward to do. 142 more words


I'm Alive!

I don’t even know why I haven’t been writing. I’ve been keeping up with my resolutions, so maybe I just got bogged down with May’s challenge of writing every day and for whatever reason have been AWOL for almost 2 months. 580 more words

To do or not to do? that is procrastination.

When you’re an introvert you can often find yourself lost in your thoughts or lost in your phone at 3am going deeper into the rabbit hole obsessively researching what you are supposed to be doing with your life. 764 more words


Lazy or just terrified perfectionist?

AGMA has a very, very busy week ahead of her.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I am working all day. I have two private clients in the late morning/early afternoon, then am off to a corporate chair massage job in the late afternoon. 655 more words


Recovering Softcover #6: Procrastination, Part I

Question: Where does procrastination come from?

Conscious: Procrastination stems from being overwhelmed or disinterested. Applied to our pens, procrastination can look like no drafts or a bunch of drafts. 205 more words



One night, when the Internet was alive
I went in for a long-awaited dive
I could’ve instead gone for a walk
Or met a friend for a nice talk… 49 more words