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  by Jon Onyeani

Piercing the deep, a gleaming fair maiden;

Like the morning Sun, a glorious vision.

Fairest of them all, proud Queen of Eden. 92 more words


Imprisoned Survival Guide For Rich And Prodigal Online Games

Imprisoned survival guide for rich and prodigal online games

Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. 196 Neat Free Survival Downloads. 422 more words

Prodigal: New and Selected Poems, 1976 - 2014

The incomparable Dave Lucas introduced me to Linda Gregerson, and my general rule (and you should adopt it to) is if Dave recommends someone, you should follow through.   141 more words


The courage to fogive

Forgiveness Born Out Of Love

Have you ever heard someone say that they forgive you, but act like they are still angry with you? Forgiveness is much more than just words. 284 more words


A road to repentance

Grace Leads You To Repentance

God loves His children by leading them into repentance. A Father who loves His children will not let them remain sick. 324 more words



Your Satisfaction

Sin is incredibly deceptive. Sin always offers something pretty, but it ultimately gives you something ugly.

What are you really after when you engage in sinful activity? 255 more words


His Grace is sufficent...

The Grace Of Being Let Go

Sometimes people think of God’s grace as Him taking them back into His arms. But God also shows grace to people by letting them go. 274 more words