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On Kale Muffins & Confessions from Weight Watchers

I’m trying to eat healthy and lose weight however my version of a workout is peeling stickers off fruits and vegetables. Why do apples, pears and peppers come with tiny little stickers that you have to scrape off in the first place? 389 more words

Dick And Jane

Trash Food Challenge: The Trash

After all the recipes I tried last month, I did make a little trash. I am proud of this little heap. When I think back to where I was 18 months ago or even just 6 months ago, I can see a dramatic difference in just the food trash. 171 more words

Zero Waste

Just Don't Compost It

Unless you buy all your fruits and vegetables from a farmer, farm stand, or farmer’s market you likely encounter those pesky little produce stickers.  They are so ubiquitous that often I don’t even notice them (can you say onions?), that is, until I toss them in the scrap bucket.   264 more words

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GMOs and How to Read Produce Tags

It is very important to ensure you are buying non-GMO products. Period.

There are a whole lot of conflicting reports out there, I know.  However, my personal opinion is that since there is question about their safety, it is BEST to avoid GMO produce and pre-packaged foods which contain GMO ingredients that may be made from a GMO crop. 412 more words

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Valentines: An Original Folk Art Scrap Hack

By Liesl Clark

I remember having to make Valentines cards in elementary school for each of my classmates. The handmade cards tended to come from whatever scrap paper lace and paper doilies we had around our home. 693 more words

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Produce De-coded

Did you ever wonder what those little stickers on your fruits and vegetables were for? They provide price information, and carry a code which indicates how your produce has been farmed. 124 more words


I Hate Stickers!

Just a short Monday rant…
Shopping for produce is enough of a chore without the blasted stickers on every piece of fruit! Do you hate them? 44 more words