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Producer Annick Jaëgy sheds light on anorexia in award-winning film “Mackenzie”

A child’s imagination is what makes them so special. The ability to envision all new worlds while in sitting alone in a bedroom is something that tends to dissipate as we age. 1,736 more words


Up Worthy: JDilla vs the MPC

To truly call yourself a fan of Hip Hop there’s certain artists that you should have at least some knowledge about (Run DMC, KRS One, 2pac, Jay Z… etc). 118 more words

Hip Hop

Knxwledge doubles down on DJ duty.

The famed beatmaker delivered a prime performance.

By Jordan Levy

When you hear a DJ set without any scratching and sudden jarring transitions, one might presume the DJ was inexperienced or having a bad set. 585 more words

Sir George Martin Please

He is considered the fifth Beatles member because we would have not known who the Beatles were if it wasn’t for him. It is said that he signed the group because of their sense of humor and that they all sung in unison. 353 more words

Annick Jaëgy talks dressing-up, showing up, and watching her dreams come true

Some say that playing dress-up begins during childhood and never truly ends. As we age, and we experience the ups and downs that life has to offer, we do our best to look our parts and to make our way in the world. 1,160 more words


Recording Drums 3 - cymbals / overheads & Front / back mics

 Recording Drums, Percussion – & Dealing with People Who Like to Hit Things 3

Here at The Coolest Recording Studio in London Town – we cook up some sweet sweet sounds – using all kinds of interesting musicology paraphernalia. 549 more words